Save The Hospital Final <EVENT>

As each group proceeds down their respective path, you all find yourselves in an open area, and each of your groups walks into a large open area with the others. In the middle of the whole opening of decrepit and rundown buildings is an even more broken looking hospital, it's easy to see that the building has been in bare, if ANY use at all. There is a good 30 yards between you and the building, and you can each see one another now.

<(Once everyone posts, this begins, if there are any healers, they may expend one charge shot to cure a player)>
CrushMan heard the Master's voice as her neared the dilapadated building. "It would appear that our job has finally come to an end. Lucky us, we can get this completed and get going. Let's simply drop the packages off in the hospital and..." There was a slight pause. "Ah, but it would appear that we are not the only ones present. The others have arrived as well? How convienient. And yet I only see a few. Didn't our requesting grandmother say that there were quite a few packages to be dealt with?"

"It's probably nothing. The others, if there are others, have simply been held up." Or eliminated, Crush thought. He was surprised the Master didn't say the same. "No use socializing with the others, let's just drop this off and go. Oh, but I do hope we're not the only group to have met some failure. That would simply be embarassing. A shame we could not recover the data lost with Rui's destruction... or prevent Rui's destruction itself," the Master hastily added.

The Navi was ready to be rid of the item as well. He marched towards the devastated hospital at a quick march. "Do hurry along, DNR," he heard the Master call. "Best not to keep our gracious host waiting, eh?"
The white haired navi starts running in, panting like he ran a marrathon. This was a complete fluke as he was charged like a electric plant, full of life and vigor. He reached Crushman's location and looks around the area. He suddenly shifts his facade when he sees the Hospital and says: " Hey! Polly! Spated DNR, that kinda looks like that one hospital you worked at one summer except it looks Wahahahahahahay more cleaner, said DNR in stupidity!" He glomps to Crushman's right leg as he said " Do we have to go in there mommy? I have a bad feeling about this place . . . " Even though that statement seemed odd it did provide an interesting question to the med student. He stutterllingly says " D-d-d-do you think w-w-w-were too late to help them, Crushman's N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-netop?" He especially stuttered at the mention of Crushman's netop, "He seems like an alright person but it seems like he's being sorta forceful, he never even became saddened by Rui . . . . . " He thought as he looked in his PET. . .
"Hey guys, we made it, we made it, see, there's the hospital, see, you're not even looking, see, the hospital, and there are other people there, you think they're bringing packages too, do ya, do ya?!"

Raiden didn't even try to catch his breath after his montrous run-on sentence; he simply put the hammer down and sped along the road that converged outside of the hospital. He was an odd sort of apparition that sped toward DNR and Crushman. He looked like an entirely serious god of thunder, armed with a rather large sword, but he was laughing like a six-year-old kid.


Raiden leapt into the air and crashed down on DNR, giving the white-haired Navi an extremely enthusiastic noogie.

"Did you come with presents too, did you, did you?!"

He delved into one of the deeper regions of his control deck and gave the packet of data that resided there permission to materialize. A flurry of data burst into being around his hand, and when it solidified in his grasp, it formed the gift-wrapped package that he had retrieved from the pickup point in another part of the network. He waggled the delivery under DNR's nose, grinning like a madman.
His left eye twitches after that question that the almost equally insane navi said "You want a present? I got a present for ya" He says when he balls up a fist and shows it to his face. " I have a special present for you in this hand, you want it?"
The blithely happy look remained on Raiden's face, despite the threat that he was being presented with. He watched the fist eagerly, chancing a glance from DNR's face to his hand.

" it candy? Huh? Is it, is it, is it?!"
DNR pulls back the "Present" and suddenly lets go as he glomped raiden as as quick as thunder " Yay! New friend!" he says as he swings him left and right. He then sets him down and smacks him on the right cheek " Loving Slap of Friendship!" He says like a traditional Anime hero. "Hows that for a present?" he says as he laughs maniacally.
For a second, Raiden actually looked let down. He took the tackling and smacking quietly, but brightened up again in under a second. Grinning again, he returned the smack across DNR's face.

"You're cool, yeah! My name's Ra--Thundervoice, call me Thundervoice, that's right, that's totally my name, yep! Who's the other guy, huh, the big one, he looks like he could knock down a house, or an apartment building, or a cliff, or an airplane!" Raiden or Thundervoice or whatever leaned around DNR and waved energetically at Crushman.

He rubs his cheek spewing deliberate nonsense "muagahafrakamalkma." "Okay Thunderlass, that big hunk of a ogre navi is Shre--- I mean Crushman. He's . . . . . stauesque guy. I'm sure you guys can be good friends" He smiles like a fiendish insane clown prince of crime as he gives out a hand for a handshake
Phoenix glided for the last stretch of the path, then found himself in an open area. "Hmm, good spot for a fight," he said in approval, noting the lack of obstacles in the skies and lack of everything else that might hinder his flight. He touched down near a group of Custom Navis. One was Thundervoice, one looked insane, as he had just yelled, "Loving Slap of Friendship!", and the last one, well, Phoenix was hesitant to go near him. He looked like he would clip Phoenix's wings without a second thought.

"Looks a little run-down for a hospital, huh?" Silas piped in.

"Yup, but I'm pretty indifferent. We did our job. Let's dump these things in the hospital, jack out, and collect our reward. I could use a clean-up," Phoenix replied. He gave himself a quick touch-up as he walked towards the broken-down hospital.
Splitman arrived shortly after Pheonix, running at a brisk pace. He sighed almost immediately "Thought this was suspicious. God knows what we have been lured here to have happen, however, I am not taking any chances"

His body pulsed slightly light blue as random damage about his body was healed.
"Chad, one of those bombs you got. I think I will need it now." He said outloud
Energy coalesced into a blue orb in his left hand, as though something grand was about to happen. Instead, he merely placed his package onto the ground and grimaced.

"They begin doing anything I say we annihilate them"
"Yes, yes, hello everyone," the Master said. "I take it you're all contracted as well? Again, let's not waste any time standing around. Still..." Again the Master paused. "I question your use of words, DNR. Help them? This could very well just be a sort of alternate hospital. You are aware of the real world, yes my little Navi friend? Not all hospitals in the land of men are sparkling white, sterile environments. Some are for the less... well, for those with a less than incredible budget. I would assume that this is the real world equivalent to a slum hospital."

The Master continued as CrushMan noticed the abundance of Navis about. And yet he said that he expected more? Curious. Just how many other Navis were out there? And were they all capable fighters as well? "So," the Master continued, "we're all done here then? All introduced? Yes, my apologies. My name is Charles and this is my Navi CrushMan. A pleasure working with you Thundervoice. A joy continuing our alliance DNR. Now let's finish this little ordeal up, eh? There may very well be needy Navis inside the facility." At that, CrushMan started moving forward once again, his massive and lumbering frame stomping forward step-by-step. He was briefly disturbed by the thought that he might not actually be able to even fit through the doorway, but he quickly banished the thought.

"No," the Master whispered quietly, "my concern is why such an impoverished hospital might have access to such powerful chips such as what we carry..."
- Finally...

The group reached its destination. And they were still in one piece, more or less. That couldn't be said about the hospital though. Saying that it was rundown almost sounds like a compliment.

- I wonder if recovery chips can be used on buildings....

Valkyrie saw another (bigger) group of navis, already engaging themselves in something reminiscent of a conversation. While punching someone screaming "Loving Slap of Friendship!" is not the usual way to socialize, Val felt obligated to try it... later. She waved her and as greeting, and advanced towards them, while speaking, probably only to herself.

- What a bunch... Lets get this over with. I feel that I have had just enough of the net society for today.

Now the only thing that matters is to get the job done. And get the rewards. She couldn't wait to get her hands on that chip. It should boost her performance quite a lot, and thats all what matters to her. Well, it'd be good to get into a friendly brawl, just for the heck of it, but that can wait till after she got the prize...
After a while, Teethman had caught up to the others. He'd let his jetpack start to propel his journey part of the way through because his feet had grown very tired from the walking, but he now let the flames die down and landed on his whole feet. He drove on trudgingly, but brightened up when he saw other Navis had arrived. "Proceed you view, Hal? It appears that the unincluded teams created it here so fine," the Navi commented cheerily. "I may never halt to view the expression on these children's visages whilst we deliver them their packages."

Hal seemed choked up as well... however, his excitement seemed to be for a different reason. "Good lord, Teethman! Look at this! This isn't a hospital in a minor understock, this is a Net-humanitarian crisis! If there really are Navis in there," Hal said, rising from his seat and beginning to storm around the floor of his kitchen, "they must have sustained serious injury to not have recovered from simple jack-out procedure. Why on earth isn't there more funding going into this place? The thing's a pigsty, it looks like it could fall apart at any time! I'm calling-" Hal said, already flipping out his cell phone and punching in numbers, before Teethman interrupted him.

"Hal! You proceed never possess allowance to industry proceeds, recall?" Teethman reminded him. "... Proceeding after you invested the industry's capital into an aspiring Guide-craft operation that plummeted sprawled onto its visage on beginning?"

"B-but..." Hal whined, "We can't just let it sit here!"

"We shall conjure some such nightly... into the meanwhile, we shall complete this postage."

"Right..." Hal admitted, sitting down and feeling defeated. "Well, I guess this adventure's about up then, eh?"
Raiden grinned at Crushman, who had turned out to be exactly the sort of big, scary, stoic dude that DNR had made him out to be. Ignoring him, though, Raiden dove at the proferred hand and shook it until it seemed as though it was going to fall right off the end of DNR's arm.

"What's your name, huh, you never told me, no you didn't!"

"Raiden!" Anti snapped over the private channel that she opened up between herself and her Navi. "It's him!"

"Him, him, who's him, who are you talking--"

"That big guy! Teethman!"

Raiden whirled around on the spot to grin at the large, tooth-themed Navi that had appeared on the scene. He recognized Teethman from the busting run that he, the newcomer, an assassin and a split-personality Navi had done before Raiden had signed up for this delivery mission.

"What's the matter with him, huh, is there a problem, he's a friend, he's a nice guy, he's not gonna do anything wrong--"

"He knows you! He might recognize you, dammit!"

"What's the matter with that, it's not like he's going to try and kill me or anything, huh, is he, is he--"

A distant thump came over the audio link as Anti slammed her fist down on the surface of her desk. "The whole reason I made you use this fake name is to keep anyone from figuring out who you were! I didn't even want to be here in the first place!"


"Just make sure that he doesn't see you and put you together with the guy called Raiden."

"Er...okay, yeah, I can do that, yes I can, you got it, ma'am!" He grinned winningly up at her, and Anti simply slapped her forehead in reply, closing the private link.

Quote (Heat Sonata)

"Hal! You proceed never possess allowance to industry proceeds, recall?" Teethman reminded him. "... Proceeding after you invested the industry's capital into an aspiring Guide-craft operation that plummeted sprawled onto its visage on beginning?"

"B-but..." Hal whined, "We can't just let it sit here!"

"We shall conjure some such nightly... into the meanwhile, we shall complete this postage."

"Right..." Hal admitted, sitting down and feeling defeated. "Well, I guess this adventure's about up then, eh?"

- This is golden!

The snicker of Sieg made chills run on her back. This was it. He is going to do that. Metaphoring. Why, oh why do humans have to be so complicated? Maybe... she could try and stall him.

- Wha? You understand what that son of a molar says?
- Well... It is more like I understand what he "means"... so, this Belfast guy...

Valkyrie embraced her brain for the shock that the metaphor is about to cause. The one thing that she was not ready for is metaphors. For some reason, it always felt like... red alarming sounds were screaming in her ears "DOES NOT COMPUTE", whenever he heard one. In the beginning, she was certain that she'd get accustomed, but nooo...

- He is like this candy I'm eating- There was rattling sound in the background. Valkyrie grit her teeth and prepared for the mental pain that was about to ensue. - You see, the paper is all shiny on the inside, and the sugar is all yummy on the inside, but...- There was the rattling sound again, accompanied by some munching. The first waves of pain reached Valkyrie's nervous center. -...buf*munch*, when it heafs up, fhe wlapping*munch*... you can'f separafe if flom fhe fillin'*munch*... in fhe enf, you hafe fo spif ouf both- To give weight to his words (or simply because the candy was molten), there was some spitting involved in this pause. Valkyrie was on the verge of screaming. However, she pulled herself together. She won't give up. She'll understand her operator if it costs her sanity.

- What.. does that mean?
- Hmm... he is like... you don't know where the bow-tie ends and Hal Belfast starts. Metaphorically speaking.
Valkyrie felt her legs trembling. Only one step from fainting, she answered:
- Oh yeah... THAT clears up everything.

Quote ()

Raiden grinned at Crushman, who had turned out to be exactly the sort of big, scary, stoic dude that DNR had made him out to be. Ignoring him, though, Raiden dove at the proferred hand and shook it until it seemed as though it was going to fall right off the end of DNR's arm.

"What's your name, huh, you never told me, no you didn't!" 

".....The........names.........D..N..Rrrrrrrrrgh!" The white flashing doctor grudgingly responed to his childish companion. The boy lets go of his hand and he starts dazing out for a bit. He then hears fire up above for some reason and looks up at the sky. "It's a bird! No its a plane! It's ....... It's A TOOTH!?" He jaw-droppingly exclaimed. He then looks down on his feet, "He.................................LOOKS SO COOL!" is what he says suddenly as he jumps for joy at the Tooth-themed superhero
As the navis walk around, chatting and conversing with the large group that had now appeared and was left from the prior battles. They all are rather ignorant of the large building they're supposed to be heading to, and seem to be more interested in one another.

But their presence has not gone unnoticed.

In the basement of the Hospital, a decrepit room filled with advanced monitors is stirring as they make their way in. A dark navi in a black suit is shaken at their advance, and slams on a communicator.

"We've got problems! The unidentified schmos have all made their way into the headquarters main area! They broke through our viral defenses and are coming this way, and they're each armed with deadly data!" Another navi on the other side of the line chokes and says back,

"Wh, how can this be?! How do they know the location of our base of operations?! Thsi is no good, it can only be his doing... Well then! We're going to take out this threat, nyeah, see? Send out the boys! Don't let a single one of them outta here alive!" As he said this the dark navi nodded and hung up the phone, slamming another button and causing an alarm through the hospital. The blaring siren inside is dulled by the crumbling walls, but each navi can hear it nonetheless. As if that weren't enough to get them worried, large electrical wires close off all the alleyways that had led them there! The entire group watches an army of navis begin to pour out of the door of the hospital. Each one is wearing a large prim suit and has varied weapons in their hands, ranging from knives, to machineguns, to chains and bats. As the huge group of navis comes forwards, they stop and stare at the team, snickering and chuckling as they move to the sides, a much larger, and fatter navi coming forwards. He walks with a large black and ruby cane in his hand, a heavy coat hanging from his shoulders, and a large white fedorah on his greasy hair. He speaks in a loud voice,

"We know what youse all are doing here, we know youse guys came to destroy us, hell we even know who youse guys is working for, bomb carriers!" as he put the cane before him defiantly, "But the Netmafia will not soon be torn down! I, Don Datarelleicho, will poisonally see to that! Youse may think youse will kill us, but our guysez gona kill yahs foist! Getum boys!" he shouts, the navis rushing your group!


MafiaNaviA 100HP
MafiaNaviB 100HP
MafiaNaviC 100HP
MafiaNaviD 100HP
MafiaNaviE 100HP
MafiaNaviF 100HP
MafiaNaviG 100HP
MafiaNaviH 100HP
MafiaNaviI 100HP
MafiaNaviJ 100HP
MafiaNaviK 100HP
MafiaNaviL 100HP
Don Datarelleicho 700HP

Valkyrie 100HP
Teethman 100HP
Phoenix 120HP
Raiden 130HP
Splitman 80HP
Crushman 120HP

CrushMan fell back into a defensive position the very moment the others stepped outside the building. He had not been told much of what to expect on arrival, but he sincerely doubted that these individuals were the damaged Navis he'd been sent to aid. Especially so when he saw the weapons they carried. But then again, these new Navis that were on the same mission as he also seemed capable of defending themselves, even if their weapons were not quite as apparent. And yet there was a feeling that something was not quite right.

These suspicions were soon confirmed as the wide Navi spoke. "So does that mean..." the Master whispered to himself. He spoke again not much later, this time much louder. "Gentlemen," he said, his voice oozing confidence, "there appears to be some sort of misunderstanding here." CrushMan agreed. They'd come to aid the needy inside the hospital, not to destroy these people. And they most certainly weren't carrying bombs. "Yes, it would seem that you mistake our identities. We are not the common Navi/Op pairs that you're used to dealing with, I'm afraid. Oh no, I assure you, you will not find us so easy to contend with."

"What I say now is this; it is demanded that all of you surrender or begin jack-out procedures, as well as cease any further interference with our mission. Otherwise..." The Master brought his voice to a low whisper. "CrushMan, engage the enemy." While not specified, Crush was still fully capable of guessing who the enemy was. And yet he'd never attacked a Navi before. Not that it mattered. It would be done as the Master willed. "Otherwise we shall be forced to defend ourselves." CrushMan took a step towards the charging Navis and, after feeling a familiar feeling rush trough him, raised his arm. Pointing his arm at one of the oncoming foes, he waited for the still forming data to make itself manifest. "Let this constitute your one and only warning," the Master said.

A great steel box with waving red tendrils appeared in front of CrushMan. It hovered a moment before the strands stabbed into CrushMan's arm, then dragged the box itself to him. A thick red tube shot out from the back and burrowed itself into CrushMan's shoulder and finally his vision was jolted, going from normal, to black, to an altered state of normal. Rather than his normal sight, everything looked as if it had been covered in a pale green. Overlapping grids lie wherever he looked. The cannon targeting system. A moment later he had his target picked out. The Master's voice sounded out as soon as CrushMan readied to fire. "Surrender or be deleted!"

A heavy ball of solid dark gray matter shot out from the open end of the box and hurtled towards the enemy. It dipped down, lower and lower, dragged to the ground by it's own weight. It struck the earth hard, creating a shower of dust and debris as it hit. "It doesn't matter if the attack landed or not, the warning has been given. Crush, defensive maneuvers for now. We'll probe the enemy a bit more, I highly doubt that was enough to discourage them. But our point has been made. And besides," the Master whispered, almost too quiet to hear, "I believe we've followed the proper protocols. A warning has been given, from here it's a matter of self-defense! We'll be able to delete freely! So when that happens..."

Cannon to MafiaNaviH - 40 Damage -
[Benchmark Passbreak roll: 16
This round's Passbreak roll: 10
Result: Passbreak not activated]

"Bomb data...?" Anti hissed, leaning all the way back in her seat with her feet propped up against the edge of the desk. "What the heck...Raiden, open up a channel with everybody else."

"Yep, yeah, I got it, I can do that, no problem!"

Even as he prattled in reply, Raiden had crouched down and put one hand on the ground. The panels underneath his fingers rumbled and convulsed as he hijacked the segment of programming that controlled his immediate area. Once he had managed to crack open the file, he served the big block of coding up to Anti, who started making edits right away. It only took her a few seconds to finish the job and copy-paste the afflicted section back into the main body of programming.

Raiden straightened back up. In his hand was a megaphone made of the very panels that had comprised the network's floor, attached to a long neck made of tiles that rose out of the ground like some kind of weird plant. Raiden pulled the megaphone up until the speaker-plant was about as tall as he was, and then let go. The long neck that grew out of the floor swayed perilously, but remained upright. The Navi grinned, and then leapt back with a maniacal laugh as Anti's voice blasted out of the megaphone, causing the entire contraption to bend over backwards as if jet-propelled.

"Bomb data, huh? I say he's bluffing. I'm all for taking him and his goons out right now. If you guys feel like helping, then follow the kid on drugs."

"Hey!" Raiden pulled a face in the direction of the sky, knowing that his Operator was looking down from above. Even as he stuck his tongue out, a trio of BattleChips arrived on his systems deck.

Flameline1—0%. Loading.
Bubblestar1—25%. Loading..
Areagrab—100%. LOADED.

Raiden mentally reached through his control deck to his BattleChip Platform, opened up his Downloaded Chips folder, and ran the Areagrab. A crash of thunder exploded through the air as Raiden switched forms from a Net Navigator to a single streak of lightning. The bolt cut a yellow gash through the air as it lit up the sky above the pack of Mafia goons. It twisted across the network for a tenth of a second and then vanished. Raiden dropped it the ground on the opposite side of the Navi gang from his comrades and twisted around, beaming. His system automatically discarded the spent Areagrab.

Flameline1—50%. Loading...
Bubblestar1—100%. LOADED.

He felt the very air around him going dry as the humidity was sucked out of it. Something rumbled warningly from above. Raiden looked up to see a tiny black stormcloud forming above his head, made of the moisture that the chip had extracted from the network. The first raindrops wiggled their way out of the underside of the cloud, and Raiden hurriedly brought his cupped hands up to catch them. In a moment, a deluge of water was falling into the bowl of his hands. Rather than splattering on his skin and trickling out between the gaps, though, the rainwater stopped an inch short to hover just above his hands, moulded together in a transparent sphere the size of his head. Its duty done, the stormcloud imploded upon itself and disappeared, leaving Raiden with a double handful of moulded water.

"Hahahaha, this is cool, did you change it, huh, huh, did you?!"

Anti's chair, reclining back on two legs, nearly skittered out from underneath her. Only hooking her feet around her desk lap saved her from being deposited on the floor.

"Yeah, I changed it a little, so shut up and use it."

Raiden grinned and took his folded hands out from underneath the watery sphere. It did not fall, but remained in its spot in midair. He carefully pulled his arms away from one another, and as if by magic, the giant water droplet expanded into three. He took a deep breath that made the bubbles shiver dangerously, and then expelled the contents of his lungs in a long, steady stream. The exhalation sent the spheres of water drifting off toward the huge group of Navis.

Off the Bubblestar1 went to the discarded folder.

Flameline1—90%. Loading...

"DNR, that's your name, huh, is it?!" Raiden called back to the white-haired Navi that he had so quickly made friends with. "I bet I can delete more of these guys than you, yep, I know I can, it's the truth, know why, it's 'cause my chips are better than yours, yes they are!"

Flameline1—100%. LOADED.

"I have an idea, wanna hear it? You, me, yeah, us, let's race to that guy, first one to delete him wins!" Raiden's arm shot out, and his pointing finger indicated the Navi who seemed to be in charge of the entire enemy army. His other hand went to the grip of the sword over his shoulder, the broad blade of which was already going a molten orange.

Like a river of colour, the red values that augmented the other primary colours to create the palette of tiles underfoot was forcefully set to flowing toward the pack of Navis. Raiden turned his scarlet eyes on a particular three, almost all the way across the group from the ones he had thrown the bubbles at. The chip responded to his choice of targets by pulling together a circle of red underneath each Navi, heating their feet from underneath. Raiden swung his sword, which had now advanced to a bright yellow, up to point unnecessarily at the enemy Navis, his sharp teeth glittering in the glow that emanated from the weapon's edge.

Suddenly he was just a blur that leapt into the air, spun around twice and brought the blade scything down to just touch the ground as he landed. With a hollow, angry roar, three towers of fire exploded up from underneath the panels, sending bits of broken floor flying everywhere. The flame and magma sucked in the air around it with a burning hiss, sending a wave of heat rolling over the group of deliverymen set on getting their packages to the hospital. Raiden twisted his sword around as if he were turning a switch, and the fire suddenly winked out, leaving only bits of ash floating down into the craters left behind.

"You'd better beat that, yup, or you'll have no chance of winning, yep, DNR, you're in trouble, I'm gonna beat ya!"

[1. Areagrab behind group of MafiaNavis, as an initial dodge and to get in better position for next attacks
2. Bubblestar1 (3 bubbles, 20 damage each + trap) HeelNaviA, B, C
3. Flameline1 (70 damage to each target) HeelNavi G, H, I]