Surprise Djinni!

A fierce meteor appeared in the sky that immediately took its course towards the ground, accompanied by a feminine yell, with great speed. A thick cloud was created as the meteor hit the ground and Djinni helplessly fell out of it, having once again a rough landing. She slid to a halt on the floor, face to the ground and staff in her two hands above her head. With wobbly arms, she managed to get her staff with its end on the ground and pulled herself upwards. "Why does this always happen to me...?" Djinni whined, although she was happy with having a staff to get up again.

"Looks like Efreet didn't run a setup on everything. Maybe he should have added a spring," Na'im jokingly said, still going over the things Efreet had edited on Djinni, "But this is quite a setup program. I'm hoping it's not all just spam."

With her legs still wobbly from the crash, Djinni smiled behind her veil and moved forwards while using her staff as support. "I'm sure it's all fine, I feel great. Except that the landing was a bit bumpy," she said, glancing at her ample chest whilst knowing what made the landing bumpy. Once she could stand on her own legs, she drew a circle in the air with her staff which generated a circular ruby. The ruby grew out to become Fhyre, which then silently began to follow Djinni on her path.
The smooth metal of the SciLab network felt cold and unforgiving on Djinni's feet as she trekked through the desolate area with her support program. She was not uninterrupted for long, as suddenly, a small flicker of fire appeared in front of her, which ignited furiously as she identified it as a Champy-class virus. It seemed a lot more powerful than the average, though, as it lifted its fist in Djinni's direction, perhaps challenging her.

However, it seemed that the virus did not intend to refrain from playing dirty, as two other viruses appeared to flank Djinni from both sides, leaving only her back open. The viruses appeared to be Billy viruses, yet their energy outputs were far more powerful than any normal Billy, evident by the enormous bolts of lightning they suddenly fired into the air. It was a demonstration that basically said, "Not one more step."

Chumpu: 150HP (Dead ahead)
Silly A: 160HP (Left)
Silly B: 160HP (Right)

Djinni.EXE: 180HP
Fhyre.SP: 70HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

-- BATTLE 01, START!! --
Djinni's eyes swiveled from side to side as she realized she had become surrounded by the enemies. While the numbers are little, they were still around her and this had become quite a bother. They all seemed to be eager to be fighting which Djinni noticed from their movements and a sly grin spread across her face. While facing the Chumpu virus at first, she turned around so the virus would be facing her back. She playfully glanced over her right shoulder at the Chumpu while turning her upper body a bit to the right so both her eyes would be visible. While leaning forwards slightly and holding her staff in her left hand, she raised her right hand and playfully patted her butt a couple of times. "Come and get me yourself, big boy!" Djinni shouted at the Chumpu and winked at him.

Using the distraction Djinni had created, although it was only aimed at one virus, Fhyre took this time to mess about for herself. The panels didn't seem fortunate for her self propelled movements, but it worked in a different way just as good. Putting two of her hands on the floor as feet and keeping the third ahead of herself she 'ran' towards the second Silly and slammed the third hand down to propel herself over the virus.

Back in the middle, Djinni had spun her upper body the other way around while pressing the top of the staff on the ground. Taking the momentum of turning her body, she continued in a spin while drawing a large circle of flames with her staff. The flames flickered for a moment before vanishing and creating a field of sand in which anyone would get sucked by its hidden force. Spreading the flames that came from the rings at her shoulder blades, she took to the air with a gust of sand accompanying her. She smiled as she felt the air flow against her skin and the flames dancing behind her path.

Fhyre appeared behind the Silly virus, landing on all three of her hands, she had been looking at before. In a swift moment, she gathered her balance together and got a steady position while spinning her attention to the other Silly virus and, more precisely, its attack. Fhyre raised two of her hands in a stance where she could jump forwards and push the Silly virus into the other's attack.

While Fhyre remained in her stance to make sure she could push as soon as she could do what she wanted to achieve, Djinni continued to fly and ended near Fhyre's location but still in the air. She spun around, the staff making small flames in the air, and faced the Silly viruses while keeping an eye on the Chumpu as well.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Cursor] [AirShoes/FloatShoes]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield]

D1. Provoke Chumpu.
F1. Jump over Silly B. [Dodge]
D2. SandRing [5% Quicksand Panels; Ground; S Accuracy; Ranged] @Djinni's location.
D3. Fly into the air. [Dodge]
F2. Attempt to push Silly B into Silly A's attack if its' attack is nearby.
D4. Fly to behind Silly B. [Dodge]
The Chumpu was easily angered by Djinni's simple taunt, teleporting in front of the navi in a blink of an eye and raising its fist up in the air. However, it paused as it felt something out of place and looked below to find itself sinking into the ground. It struggled to get itself out, but only made things worse. With only one of its arms free, it was still hellbent on attacking Djinni and swung its arms wildly...Too bad the navi was no where near it.

Fhyre was all over the place distracting the Sillys with its antics. The virus was fed up by the game and charged up their lightning coils, both Sillys preparing two different attacks. However, with one push, one of the virus was thrown right into a thunderbolt and was zapped by its own comrade's attack. It was humiliating, but the unfortunate Silly saw the two targets together and discharged a quick lightning bolt in revenge, striking both Fhyre and Djinni with the first taste of Rogue net- the Support Program more than usual, the attack's power amplified by the metal terrain.

Chumpu: 150HP [Hold (2 Turn)]

Silly A: 160HP [Front]
Silly B: 115HP [Front] [Stun]

Djinni.EXE: 150HP [In air]
Fhyre.SP: 10HP

Terrain: 95% Metal, 5% Quicksand

After her moves and the opponents' attacks, Djinni had noticed her clothing had barely gotten scorched due to the lightning. "Hahahaha!" she laughed happily and crossed her arms, "If that is all you can do down here then we're in for an easy ride!" She continued to laugh, but eventually got interrupted by her Operator.

His voice was calm and one could sense an amused note in the way he spoke to Djinni. "Your hair looks great, Djinni," were his only words.

Djinni, at first confused by the words, reached with her hands towards her hair as she spoke back to him, "What are you talking about at thi-" This was all she could utter before she had her hands on her hair, which instead of drooping downwards in a high ponytail was now more similar to an 'exploded' hairstyle. She gently caressed her hair while little sad sounds came from her lips and then the realization of who caused this fell like a coin in the well that was Djinni's mind. She puffed up her cheeks menacingly and put her fists in her sides as she stared at the Silly viruses. In the grasp of one of her fists was her staff of which the end immediately caught a strong fire around its ruby. She lifted the staff to above her head and started to spin it around in a wheel of flames while the staff's ruby gained more and more flames. "Take this!" Djinni exclaimed after having stopped the staff's circulation with the end to the back and swung it vertically like a sword, unleashing the flames of her anger at the Silly viruses.

Fhyre, having minded her own business as usual, was busy poking her core in a rather bored manner as she awaited orders from Operator or Navi. But then Djinni's flames dragged little Fhyre out of her own world as she saw the stream going over her. Figuring this was the moment to attack, not to play, she slammed her three wrists together. Fhyre's hands started to make a combined circular motion, faster and faster, while a ball of fire appeared in the middle of the three of them. Once the ball had been completed, Fhyre launched the ball but didn't stop the circulations. Shortly after that another ball was fired, following the first one that had been roaring through the air to hit one of the Silly viruses.

As Fhyre performed her attacks in one direction, Djinni shifted her attention to another direction. The staff had not lost its flame, but was starting to accumulate lava as well as Djinni loaded the LavaCannon chip Na'im had inserted. With a great swing to the left she launched a strong force of lava at the Chumpu virus amongst the sand with the momentum of the staff, she then spun her body to the right with the staff and launched another attack with the momentum of her body although this one was pure flames. Smoke became visible from the ruby of Djinni's staff, which had immediately loaded its cooldown system in order to prevent damage to Djinni's weapon system.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips: +15 FIRE; +10 FIRE If 1 Target]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips: +10 FIRE; +15 FIRE If 1 Target]

D1. Magnum Charge.
D2. Magnum1 [120 FIRE; Breaking; Panel Breaking; 1/2 Charge For 1/2 Extra Targets; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ SillyA & SillyB
F1. Attack [20 DMG] @ SillyA
F2. Attack [20 DMG] @ SillyA
D3. LavaCannon1 [90 FIRE; +40 FIRE If On Lava Panel; B Accuracy; Ranged] @ Chumpu
D4. Heatshot [40 FIRE; Splash; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ Chumpu
With the Chumpu incapacitated for the time being, the Sillies were the only viruses in the field for now. One of them was incapable of attacking as well, so it didn't. Its comrade released a thunderball towards Djinni, but missed by a few. The ball didn't let up, though, homing in towards Djinni's position. In the meantime, Djinni was charging up her Magnum, subsequently blasting the stunned Silly to pieces, and heavily damaging its friend. The remaining one decided some self-preservation was in order, and prepared itself to dodge attacks. Just in time, too, as Fhyre launched a couple of fireballs at it, which it dodged handily. After that, the Chumpu was next up on the slaughter line, with Djinni's staff pointed in its direction. Incineration came shortly after.

Silly A: 25HP [Front]

Djinni.EXE: 105HP [In air] [Thunderball Incoming]
Fhyre.SP: 10HP

Terrain: 95% Metal, 5% Quicksand
"Fhyre!" Djinni exclaimed as she edged backwards with the thunderball approaching her. Quickly she took a dive downwards to her trusted SP and held out one leg. Prompted by the motion and without other moves, Fhyre jumped and grabbed Djinni's leg by her ankle. "Time to evade stuff with a sweep!" Djinni exclaimed and kicked at the air wildly which in turn launched Fhyre away from the Silly's vision. Djinni raised a hand and showed a thumbs up at the direction she launched Fhyre, but then noticed the thunderball again.

"Let's just attack the thing," Na'im said, understanding the threat of the thunderball but not caring as he could just heal Djinni afterwards. He then inserted two chips for Djinni to attack with and sat back to enjoy the show.

Going back to a higher altitude again, Djinni began spinning around her staff to her right with a single hand. A ring of flame appeared along the ruby's trajectory but had not achieved the same intensity of the previous attack. Shortly after this Djinni brought the staff, still spinning above her head and this time used both of her hands to keep the staff in motion. Calmly Djinni breathed in and out, then smiled playfully as she went to the final phase for her attack. The fire ring started sending around flames in its center as Djinni brought the weapon in front of herself, the ring's center aimed at the Silly virus, and continued spinning it. Within an instant bullets came pouring out of the circle, speeding at the Silly virus and anywhere around it.

Fhyre had just landed with his three hands on the ground again, quite a distance from Djinni and the Silly virus, and started to make a run for a location where she could be safe of any incoming dangers although there was only one virus to worry about.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. Dodge.
F1. Dodge.
D2. Machinegun1 [30 DMG; 9 Shots; D Accuracy; Ranged] @ SillyA
D3. Machinegun1 [30 DMG; 9 Shots; D Accuracy; Ranged] @ SillyA
F2. Dodge.
D4. ---
Brakka brakka brakka brakka


Djinni.EXE: 105HP [In air]
Fhyre.SP: 10HP

Terrain: 95% Metal, 5% Sand

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[FireHit2] Battlechip
780 Zenny
24 Bugfrags
Djinni fell down to the ground, landed perfectly on the ground and tossed her staff to the ground to free her right hand. Reaching into the air, she activated a maintenance program to create a comb in her hand and proceeded to groom her ponytail. "So what are we going to do now?" Djinni asked as she beckoned Fhyre towards her with the comb and then looked up at Na'im.

"We have heard no news from Jared and I have had no luck with searching for a job. I suppose in the end I could just become a henchman at the local mob," the Operator said, followed with a tired sigh.

"We can't let you do that!" Djinni shouted while spreading her legs and standing over Fhyre. With one of Fhyre's hand to the back, Djinni sat down on it and bent forward to comb Fhyre's flames. As she combed the SP's flames that were around her core, she continued to talk to Na'im. "We are going to be with the forces of good, alright? We cannot let my or Efreet's powers be used for evil," she told him while focusing mostly on the flames before her, "And while I know villains get a lot of coverage in the media..." At this point Djinni raised her comb and pointed at Na'im. "The hero gets twice as much coverage! Imagine the headers! Djinni.EXE saves an orphanage of total destruction!"

She then stood up, excited by her own words, and let Fhyre brush her own flames for restoration. While the Navi continued to talk enthusiastically with her Operator, Fhyre continued to mind her own business and enjoyed the fact she could dedicate some attention to herself instead of bodyguarding the simple minded one. But before she could relax, she had already been taken by one of her hands by Djinni and got dragged forth.

"Let's continue now, Fhyre!" Djinni exclaimed happily, "Time to get some bad guys!"

[Mini Energy [50 Heal] @ Fhyre]
Djinni proceeded to drag her mute, yet slightly rejuvenated, SP along with her and they continued down the SciLab netscape. As they continued on, they noticed some objects placed around the area, and they seemed to be storage containers of some sort. They were neatly stacked, but were placed rather randomly around the field. One of the containers appeared to be open, but the door to the rectangular container was open towards Djinni and obscured its opening.

A loud boom rumbled over the area, and the sound bounced against the containers to make a rather interesting, almost disorienting echo. Djinni managed to catch the smoke trail of an incoming projectile out of the corner of her eye and dragged her SP out of the way before it exploded almost exactly where she was standing. The vapor trail from the projectile made it quite easy to trace where the attack came from, and it appeared to have originated somewhere behind the stack of containers (where the open one was located as well).

Viruses Identified!

--Obscured by StackA--
???: ???HP
???: ???HP
???: ???HP
???: ???HP
???: ???HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

StackA: 200HP [1 movement directly ahead]
--Open Container: 50HP [Part of StackA]
StackB: 150HP [1 movement directly NE of Djinni]
ContainerA-F: 50HP Each [Located randomly around the field, at least 3 within 1 movement of Djinni's position]

Djinni.EXE: 105HP
Fhyre.SP: 60HP

-(Battle #2! Ready, Fight!)-
"I can't see them..." Djinni said as she looked at the stack of containers the attack came from, "But at least they gave a hint." Djinni took a few steps towards the stack as small flames emerged from Djinni's skin and clothing. She stopped again and held one hand against her hip and the other held her staff. Flames kept on flowing off of Djinni's being although small and easily to vanish, but Djinni herself didn't even understand it. Closing her eyes and tilting her head backwards she heard Efreet whisper about the flames. "Oh," Djinni went and moved her head back, immediately looking at her abdomen and raising her staff. While giggling a bit she playfully moved the staff through her body as if it had become butter, flames flowing around the staff and immediately rebuilding Djinni's body, and eventually put it back with its end on the ground. "Well, this is certainly fun... But we have enemies to attack."

"I know a perfect song for the fight, but Fhyre should get out of sight. This tune is an awe-inspiring one, return when it has been done," Na'im said, the later words meant for Fhyre, and inserted three chips into the PET.

The fiery SP immediately took flight towards the other stack of containers as she slammed her hands against the ground for a boost into the air. Flailing her hands around, she eventually took hold of one of the containers that formed the stack and put herself back on the ground.

Djinni spun her staff around first in front of her, then above her and her movements continued until the staff had been swung around her sides and back as well. Fire started to collect around the staff's top until three distinguishable balls of fire were formed in a perfect triangle around Djinni. She could see two of them in front of herself and sensed the third one to be behind her. With another last spin of her staff she slammed the top of the staff onto the ground and the three balls of fire followed suit as the plummeted into the ground and dug themselves in. A moment later, three wands with an illuminated ruby on the top surfaced from the ground and shone their light into the sky. The once dark sky started to show little red lights, first a few and eventually twelve of them, which grew bigger and bigger as time passed by.

Curiously touching the containers as she passed them by, Fhyre decided to sit on the side of the containers that was most away from the direction the attack came. At that point, she just lazily set her core down on the ground and waited through the apocalypse Djinni had summoned.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. Evasive Flames [Shadow; 2 TCD]
F1. Jump at StackB.
D2. Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30+15 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
D3. Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30+15 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
D4. Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30+15 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
F2. Hide behind StackB.
As Djinni's SP retreated to the safety of the containers, the Navi herself underwent a peculiar transformation, and became a nearly impervious flame. She then summoned a barrage of meteors that streaked through the sky before they showered down on the field in a fantastic display of literal firepower. Though many of the meteors missed their marks, only 1 virus came out unscathed. Djinni managed to catch a peek at the viruses as they tried to scatter for cover under the downpour of meteors, and saw one Billy-series virus get pelted twice in rapid succession (70) while the three slow-moving tank viruses all took a meteor themselves (45).

All three tank viruses retaliated with a salvo of projectiles that came hurtling towards the fiery Navi. Djinni didn't have time to move out of the way, but she really didn't have to, since the bombs simply passed through her body like it wasn't there, and the resulting explosions became a mere light show as the shrapnel and concussive force passed through her with no effect (0). However, the ruby-crested wands used to summon the meteors weren't impervious to the blasts, and all received significant damage (50). The two billy viruses fired orbs of lightning towards Djinni, but they struck the containers directly in front of her and fizzled out.


--Behind StackA--
SillyA: 70HP (hit twice)
SillyB: 160HP
Kabutank2A: 95HP
Kabutank2B: 95HP
Beetank2: 125HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

StackA: 170HP [1 movement directly ahead]
--Open Container: 50HP [Part of StackA]
StackB: 150HP [1 movement directly NE of Djinni]
ContainerA-F: 50HP Each [Located randomly around the field, at least 3 within 1 movement of Djinni's position]

Djinni.EXE: 105HP [Shadow, deactivates this turn]
Fhyre.SP: 60HP [Next to StackB]

WandA: 50HP [2 turns remaining]
WandB: 50HP [2 turns remaining]
WandC: 50HP [2 turns remaining]
"I managed to spot them, Na'im!" Djinni exclaimed happily as the flames of her outfit died away, her body becoming entirely solid again. "I'm going for the attack!" she continued to yell and summoned a flame to her staff as she started the activation of a Signature Program. Na'im had been looking upon Djinni, figuring it was best to let her do what she wanted and intervene if what she wanted didn't work. Bringing the staff's head to her lips, she inhaled the flames through her veil and enjoyed its hot touch to her tongue as it rested there for the attack and rejuvenated her reserves. However with Djinni being herself, it didn't go as planned. As she wanted to take a dash forwards for the attack, she forgot the positioning of her own weaponry and stubbed her toe massively against one of her wands. Wanting to yell out in pain, she instinctively swallowed whatever was in her mouth and yelled out in pain. "Oooooooow! This isn't fun!" she exclaimed as she hopped up and down on one leg, with one of her hands embracing the bruised toe. It must have been quite a sight for the viral opponents, which only became more interesting as black smoke surfaced from Djinni's mouth. "This is not fun at aaaaaaall!" Djinni continued to whine, as small flames started to emerge from her body again.

"I think it's some sort of defensive measure against pain," Na'im said as he looked upon the antics of his Navi, "And supposedly you won't have to use your brain." But with Djinni's attempt to attack being foiled, Na'im had better take some sort of action. "I'll send you some chips after all. Otherwise this'll just turn into a silly brawl. These chips will be more of the same. But no doubt it'll do good for your flame." He then shifted his attention to Fhyre who he had commanded to do basically nothing. "Why not check what's in those boxes?" he asked Fhyre, "Just ignore those with the locks, yes."

Happy that her body had become basically impervious again, she kneeled down while still rubbing her injured toe and raised her staff towards the meteor wand that had caused her to mess up. Angrily she bopped it on the top with the staff's head, which activated a system that rejuvenated the wand within a second. "Say whaaat?" Djinni asked herself and the system, but was too busy with her own toe to care much about her healing her dreaded foe.

Fhyre showed a confident and obedient thumbs up at Na'im from behind the stack of containers and started to climb over the side she had been hiding at for attacks. Curiously she attempted to open a few of them, but ignored those that had locks swiftly as she was ordered. Once she had checked all of them, to her idea, she dropped herself onto the floor again and stared dreamily in front of herself while swaying her core from side to side as if she was thinking of a song.

Once again two fireballs emerged from the staff as Djinni turned away from the enemies and swung her staff around. Once they dug themselves into the ground, emerged from the floor as smaller wands and shone their light into the air one could see what was going on. "Haaaaaaaa!" Djinni exclaimed as she swung her staff around with the five lights as connection points. From point one to point three to point five to point two to point four and back to point one. Once the image was done a star drawn with flames was visible between the lights of the meteor-summoning wands. Djinni grinned wide as she raised her empty hand and swung it out towards the enemies once she turned that way again. "Release your meteors, my minions. It's time for an apocalypse!" she exclaimed, but shortly afterwards gritted her teeth as she realized she was putting most of her weight on the stubbed toe.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D1. Flame Eating Performance - Bad Luck [2 Sig Chill; Self Slow; 1 TCD] @ Sig: 'Evasive Flames'
D2. Evasive Flames [Shadow; 2 TCD]
D. Masterwork [Max HP Of Object + 20 + LEVEL(20)] @ WandA
F1. Check the contents of the containers that can be opened of StackB.
F2. Stick behind StackB.
D3. Meteor9 [100 HP Object; 30 FIRE x 3; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
D4. Meteor9 [100 HP Object; 30 FIRE x 3; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
Djinni again transformed her body into a near intangible flame before she repaired some of the damage that was inflicted on one of the meteor summoning wands. While she was busy, the Viruses started to advance, and the Sillys finally moved into a position to actually attack the fiery Navi. The tank viruses started to spread out before the opened fire with another salvo, all centered on Djinni. Another downpour of meteors started to fall, but the trio of explosive rounds caused two of her original three wands to shatter (50). The remaining wand brought meteors down on to the field, and all but one struck a virus, including the one unharmed Silly with a double strike. (45 to Kabutank2, 70 to SillyB)

Fyre inspected the stack of containers near her, and unfortunately nearly all of them had locks. However, one of the locks was missing, and Fyre noticed some sort of scratches on the front of the container's door. She opened the container carefully, but there wasn't anything inside other than the occasional scratch mark and some dust.

In the meantime, Djinni summoned an additional pair of wands, who brought more meteors down to the battlefield. The Sillys counterattacked in a panic, and one of the orbs of electricity hit one of the newly summoned wands(15), while the other sailed through Djinni's body. The meteors rained in front of Djinni, and somehow she had much more luck with this particular barrage. Several hits were scored, and not one virus managed to escape the deluge of fire and rock. One of the Sillies was destroyed by one of the meteors, while the rest of the viruses were left standing, but were significantly damaged. The ball lightning fired by the lone Silly slowly stopped before it reversed direction and started a slow collision course with Djinni.


--Behind StackA--
SillyB: 25HP [Attack Incoming]
Kabutank2A: 5HP
Kabutank2B: 95HP
Beetank2: 80HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

StackA: 170HP [1 movement directly ahead]
--Open Container: 50HP [Part of StackA]
StackB: 150HP [1 movement directly NE of Djinni]
ContainerA-F: 50HP Each [Located randomly around the field, at least 3 within 1 movement of Djinni's position]

Djinni.EXE: 105HP [Shadow, deactivates this turn]
Fhyre.SP: 60HP [Next to StackB]

WandA: 40HP [1 turn remaining]
WandB: Destroyed
WandC: Destroyed
WandD: 85HP [2 turns remaining]
WandE: 100HP [2 turns remaining]
"You've done fine, fallen ones," Djinni said as she slammed the head of the staff onto the ground while looking around at the remnants of the meteor wands, "Time to charge into the fight now." The ruby generated a strong flame around it that easily swallowed the silver ring it was floating inside. Djinni put her bare foot onto the ring and pointed at the general direction of the enemies. "Fhyre, join the fight from there! The meteors aren't that plentiful anymore!" she exclaimed and made a jump into the air while putting her other foot onto the staff as well. Still in the air, the flame ignited and Djinni blasted in an arc towards the stack of containers the enemies were hiding behind. Once she felt she had enough momentum, she pulled the staff from underneath her and spun it around in a circle to create even more flames. "Justice has come!" she yelled before landing on the stack, which went without problems.

Fhyre, having examined the containers already, climbed to the top of the stack she was hiding behind. Triumphantly Fhyre raised her fists into the air, but then looked upon the carnage the meteors had caused. Bits and pieces of crashed meteors, small craters here and there but nothing too serious and of course the enemies that had been pelted repeatedly. In the distance she could see Djinni just land on the containers and held the palms of her three hands against each other to prepare for an attack.

With a fierce swing Djinni sent forth a beam of fire guided by an enormous fist of flames. The fist was heading straight for one of the tank viruses, but as she was already nearby at this point it didn't last long. The light of the flames was clearly visible in Djinni's charcoal eyes although her grin was hidden by her veil. She made a quick spin of her body and sent forth another fist of flames at another tank virus. The fire from before had dwindled to a mediocre size as Djinni loaded the third chip for this assault.

The strong circulation of Fhyre's hands continued as a ball of fire became visible in her hands. Small sparks of fire flew off of Fhyre's hands, showing her she didn't have time left to wait and made a quick thrust at the Silly virus which caused the ball to be shot at the virus. Once the attack had been performed, she turned away and flapped her hands around to cool them down even though they were literally made of fire.

"Perish!" Djinni exclaimed as she swung her arms from one side of the stack of containers to the other side, unleashing a wave of flames at the foes. Even though she seemed to have two left feet at times, she didn't have trouble balancing on the stack of containers.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Summon] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]
F = Fhyre.SP [Fire/Shield] [2 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +15 FIRE; Multiple Targets +10 FIRE]

D. Masterwork [Max HP Of Object + 20 + LEVEL(20)] @ WandD
D1. Flare Burst [40 Strengthen; Imbue Fire; Movement; 2 TCD]
D. Jump onto StackA.
F1. Jump onto StackB.
D2. Firehit2 [90+25 FIRE; Impact; Double Attack; A Accuracy; Ranged] + [20 Strengthen] @ Kabutank2B
D3. Firehit2 [90+25 FIRE; Impact; Double Attack; A Accuracy; Ranged] + [20 Strengthen] @ Beetank2
F2. Attack [20] @ SillyB
D4. FireBurn1 [50+15 FIRE; Strikes Up To Three Enemies; A Accuracy; Ranged] @Kabutank2A/SillyB
After Djinni recovered some of the damage to one of her wands, she leaped on top of the stack before her attack commenced. She lead with a pair of fists that crashed into the tanks, which caused them to nearly explode from the heat and flames(105). Fyre followed suit and blasted the Silly that started to line up Djinni (20). Djinni then unleashed a wave of flames that brought down the tank quite easily. The Silly was next on the menu, but the ball of electricity previously sent towards her homed in and struck the containers. A pulse of electricity coursed through the metallic containers and caused a very odd sensation in her feet. They nearly instantly went numb, and caused her to partially lose her balance and miss the Billy.

She managed to keep herself from falling off, and glared towards the Billy before it was shortly reduced to a black scorch mark, thanks to a surprisingly well-placed meteor (45).


--Behind StackA--
Kabutank2A: DELETED
Kabutank2B: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Metal

StackA: 125HP [1 movement directly ahead]
--Open Container: 50HP [Part of StackA]
StackB: 150HP [1 movement directly NE of Djinni]
ContainerA-F: 50HP Each [Located randomly around the field, at least 3 within 1 movement of Djinni's position]

Djinni.EXE: 105HP [On StackA]
Fhyre.SP: 60HP [On StackB]
Rewards: 900z, Thunder2, 35 BugFrags
Djinni jumped off of the containers and walked to the chip data that had come from the remains of the viruses. At this time Fhyre had gone off to collect the bugfrags. "What will we do now?" Djinni asked to Na'im as she sent the chip data to the PET.

It remained silent on the other side for a while as the Operator loaded the data onto an empty chip. "I might have found a temporary job," Na'im eventually said, rubbing the back of his bare head, "It's at the house of some snob. I think it's worth a shot. So continue we will not."

"Alright," Djinni said calmly and beckoned Fhyre to herself. Once the fiery SP had come to her side, she simply tapped the end of the staff onto the ground and engulfed both of them by a tornado of fire. A moment later, they had vanished.

[Jack Out]