Minor Operator change, a Navi change and a GMO.

OK, a small minor change to my Operator Illyana Darkholme. I just want to remove the fact she's wearing glasses, OK? No more glasses.

Silver's emblem is mostly the problem here. "An emblem is visible on her chest with the print of a silver crescent." I would like to change it to "A round emblem is visible on her chest with the image of a silver crescent on a black background." Mostly just to make it correct.

As for the GMO...

Name: Crescent.GMO
Description: Silver's skin start to shift slowly as the silver moves completely away from her body, besides her arms. The silver skin remains on her arms, covering everything from her fingertips to just below her shoulders but seems seemingly molten to her armor. This enables her to still use the various abilities she possesses. The rest of her body, however, becomes visible. Her face looks human, including her silver hair in the same style as her regular outfit, and has a silver visor with obsidian as glass in it. She wears a normal white bodysuit on her body, as seen on most Navis, and wears a silver 'Normal Navi' design armor. On the chest of the armor is an emblem of a black crescent with a silver background. On her feet she wears silver/gray standard boots of a 'Normal Navi' design, but a little smaller as she's female and fits her more.


Ya'll good.