Quick Bust

Freya, jacking into the network in a blue beam of light, began to walk around the network in search of viruses to delete.

(battle 1, 120 HP)
Carried along by her strings, the wooden puppet tinkers along before jumping back from a fiery blow.

It seems a Champu almost hit her in the face, but the virus itself was a coward, teleporting back to the safety behind two CanoGuards.... or at least in the middle of them. This one wasn't very clever...

CanoGuardA: 60 HP
Champu: 60 HP
CanoGuardB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 120 HP

What are these viruses, Jack? Freya asked as she considered her options, what with her new signature attacks. The cannon looking viruses are Canoguards, they are simmilar to to Cannodumbs, but they can block attacks and lock onto you, they each have 60 HP. The other virus that almost managed to clock you upside the head is known as a Champu, it's a fire elemental and it teleports when it attacks, it also has 60 HP. Jack analized, looking at each virus' data closely, looking for any potential weak spots the individuals may have.

ElemWood. Thats all. I'll try and delete them with just that single chip. Freya whispered to her netop, reciving the chip as requested within seconds.

Wordlessly plunging her hands into the panel in front of her. Freya quietly meditated as a barrier appeared around her form.

Quietly focusing her power into the ground and panels, a pulse of energy erupted undernieth, a quiet rumble folowing seconds later as soil began to pop up from the ground, slowly encompassing the field in it's beauty, compared to the blandness of the normal panels she had just been standing on, her feet rested under the softness of the soil she had willed, unfortunately, her arms were kinda stuck in it. With a firm tug, they came out with an audiable "pop", causing her to step back a few paces.

Quickly regaining her balance, Freya quickly bolted from her position, runing towards the side of the cannons and Champu with blazing speed, thinking to herself, she figured the soil increased the speed of wood navis without fail. She shook her head as she accessed the chip data from within as she brought her arms out and aimed at the viruses carefully. Her aiming done, Freya unleashed a cloud of gas at the viruses, grass panels popping up from the soil she had crated, attempting to choke the viruses to death with her battlechip as a splinter few out from her body, in an attempt to cut into a virus, if one still survived.

-Wooden Exterior (passive 20 HP barrier)
Planet Magic: Earth (Soil Stage, 1 action recovery, 2TCD)
Tactical Movement to the side of the Canoguards
-Target Boost (passive Take aim1)
ElemWood--->CannoguardA&B, Champu (40X2(soil Terrain)+5(same element boost)=85 total damage to targets, ground, line attack, creates grass pannels)
-Splinter Dart--->anything left (passive 10(X2 with soil?) wood damage)
As the puppet changed the flooring into lush, fertile soil, the CanoGuards lifted their shields in preparation of being attacked. Freya was smarter, however, as she moved off to the side. The Champu teleported up to her for a couple of punches, but only managed to land one before she blasted off her attack. Deletion was swift for all three viruses as they disappeared into junk data fragments.


Terrain: 70% Soil, 30% Grass

Freya.EXE: 120 HP (Barrier Shatter)


Rewards: 330z
Majinman appeared on the net and looked around. Where was this navi he was supposed to meet? She couldn't be that far in, "Hey, Wes, where's this chick at?"

"According to the sensors, your ally should be a few yards ahead," Wes answered.

"Okay, so right over there," Majinman peered forward, spotting a form up ahead, "Wow, weird. The only thing I see is some creepy brown virus with detachable limbs. Haven't seen something like that before. Wonder what kind of chip it drops." Whoever he was supposed to meet was probably fighting this thing, though where she was hiding was beyond him.
I wonder where this "majinman" is at... Freya thought as she looked around, spotting...a blue skinned, horned, and wierd creature walking up towards her. Who...or what the hell is that? she thought, attempting to analize the creature in front of her.
((Majinman's purple-skinned with blue blood, and he's not bleeding))

"That thing's looking at me... Wes, where's this navi that its supposed to be fighting, cause if they don't show up soon, I might have to kill steal," Majinman said.

Wes looked at his screen carefully, "I think that weird looking thing is a navi. Its not marked as a virus on my moniter."

"Um... wow, that's a weird design. Of course... that's not the girl I'm supposed to meet, is it?" Majinman asked.

"Probably," Wes replied, hoping that his navi wouldn't do something socially damaging upon hearing of this revelation.

"Damn..... IT!" Majinman yelled, clenching his fists. Why couldn't he get some normal fan-service?

Quote (MajinBooger)

"Damn..... IT!" Majinman yelled, clenching his fists.

Freya just stared at the navi, she quickly sent a message to her netop. Please don't tell me that little demon is who I'm meeting up with. He quickly responded, with a resounding "maybe". Fuck you fate. Seriously. Fuck you. Freya thought as she approached the teenage demon spawn in front of her. Hello, my name is Freya.EXE, unfortunately, I can only assume you to be Majinman.exe. She said, reluctantly holding out her wooden hand for a handshake, expecting the little demon to not return it.
"If its unfortunate that your name is Freya, it probably wouldn't be that hard to change," Majinman said, ignoring the obvious cut against him. Afterall, he was the super-powered navi taking time out of his day to help some poor, female navi... made of wood. Even if she showed gratitude, he wasn't sure he would want it.

"Hey, you two, you should probably get a move on. You teamed up to bust, not talk. And Majinman," Wes added, "try to show some class. You're supposed to be the representative of our group. Remember what we stand for."

"Yeah, guess you're right," Majinman sighed, "I've been sealed away so long, I guess I've been a bit too focused on enjoying myself. Oh well, anyway, Freya, you ready to go?"
Clenching her fingers into what were considered a fist, her fist shaking with what could be considered rage. If only I had my original body back...I'll teach this little bastard to not... Freya began, only to be snapped out of her train of thought by her netop.

Freya...don't start anything. He's a much higher level than you, not to mention he's a fire elemental. He reminded his puppet, she just turned her body towards the net and began to march on silently towards some viruses.

(battle 1 if majin is ready, 120 HP)
((Indeed I am. Battle 1 Go))
MajinMan and Freya are interrupted in their exchange before Freya is able to lose her temper by a sonicboom as something passes high overhead at trans-sonic speed. Looking up at the object reveals little, as whatever it is is too small to pick out details and moving too fast besides. However, it left something in it's wake... Several mini-bomb sized spheres rain from the sky and explode upon impact with the ground, leaving viruses for the Navis to deal with.

---Allies--- (on Normal Terrain)
MajinMan.EXE: 200
Freya.EXE: 120

---Enemies--- (on Solar Terrain)
WindBox: 100 (Wind Effect, Northwind Effect)
YortEX: 120 (Flying, unaffected by Terrain)
CannonGuardA: 60 (Guard)
CannonGuardB: 60 (Guard)
DynamiteA: 100
DynamiteB: 100

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Solar

((Battle 1: Begin!))
Viruses sighted. I can only recognize one type though. The others aren't familiar to me. Freya stated, a barrier forming around her wooden body, only to be blown away from her from the fan's wind power. What...just happened to my barrier Jack? Freya asked.

The WindBox can nullify barriers with what is known as Northwind. They also have 100 HP. The floating yo-yo over there is an EX version of it's normal self, having 120 HP. And those...camo wearing enemies have 100 HP and are known as Dynamites. Jack rambled, listing off the viruses and their HP values. I've got an idea to take out the WindBox, but Majinman needs to agree. Jack continued, slotting in the Rageclaw1 battlechip he had between his fingers.

As the data was absorbed into Freya's body, her arms turned into the equivalent of bear claws, large jagged "claws" jutted out of the tops of Freya's hands. Clenching her fists several times, knowing what to do. Ok Majin, the main idea of this, and I'm completely sure that even you'll get the gist of it, is that I throw you onto the WindBox and you destroy it with whatever high powered signature attacks you have. Freya explained, insaulting the demon spawn to boot. So, want to do this the easy way? Or will it be the hard way? Freya asked, ready to scoup the demon up in her hands and throw him at the box of wind...to which blows hard.

*Wooden Exterior (passive 20 HP barrier, blown away because of the windbox)
(no actions used yet)
Wes stared at the other navi and blinked, "Uh... while that's an interesting plan and all... I do have an Areagrab in my chip folder. I can just teleport him behind it and he can shoot it in the back."

"I guess that would be the easy way," Majinman remarked, crossing his arms and smirking, "Wes, I want to use all chips this round. No special abilities. And Freya, after I'm done hammering them, I'm going to fly, so you can attack without worrying about hitting me. Well, seeya." Wes then clicked in a chip, teleporting Majinman accross the field, behind the enemies. Glancing at the back of the Windbox, he asked, "Okay, how about we try out that Lavacannon? With my own power backing it, it should be more than enough to take out this annoying thing."

"You got it," Wes replied, complying with the request.

Majinman smiled as he recieved the data. He extended one arm and pointed a finger at the Windbox. The tip of his finger began to expand, turning brown and rocky in the process. When it reached the size of an orange, an opening appeared, glowing red, "Burn, fool, and cease your irritating interferance," Majinman said, firing a stream of lava from his abnormal growth before returning his hand to normal, "That should take care of that. Now for the rest... Hey Wes, can I get Airstorm, Mistconv, and an Energybomb?"

With a nod, Wes selected the three chips and slotted them into the PET. He then asked, "Say, couldn't you just use the GrassZone and then wipe them all out with wide-spread fire damage?"

"I could, but I don't really want to go all out first battle. I'll save that for when things start getting hard. Besides, it'd feel rude to take everything out and leave my ally with nothing to do," Majinman replied.

"Right... how thoughtful. Just as long as you're not getting overconfident."

"Not yet, anyway," as Majinman finished his conversation, he jumped immediately into his attack. Sweeping a hand forward, he summoned three small whirlwinds and moved them towards the Yort. The trio rotated in a tight circle, trying to draw in the Yort and take it out. If it obtained optimal results, the virus would be pulled in and tossed about the three tornadoes, getting battered to dust. He then moved on to the Dynamites. A blue fist rose from the panel adjacent the first virus and took a swing at the enemy. Majinman then pulled a sphere out of thin air and chucked it at the other target. As it hit the ground, it exploded in a shower of sparks that would hopefully catch the dynamite and destroy it before it could do any damage.

His immediate objectives complete, Majinman called out to Freya, "Okay, that's it for my assault. I'll leave the rest to you," He then leapt into the air and flew up a few yards, hopefully out of the range of whatever the Wood navi was about to unleash. He hoped that she would be able to finish off whatever was left over, but if need be, he would provide additional support in a moment.

((1.) Areagrab behind enemies
2.) Lavacannon1, 90+25 Fire, Windbox
3.) Airstorm, 50x3, YortEX
4.) Mistconv, 100 Aqua, DynamiteA
5.) Energybomb, 40x3, DynamiteB
6.) Get airborne
*Will O'Wisp Entourage: not active))
(God I suck with Melee/Sword only posts...ah well, it should be enough...)

Jack Blinked, watching his navi's demonic partner unlease hell upon the viruses, overhearing Majinman's comment about leaving some viruses to Freya. Though, all he really left for her was the pair of Markcannons that had kept themselves shielded from frontal assault. Well...there went our plan of attack... Freya mumbled. May as well use this Rageclaw since you sent it to me, Jack. Freya said as she rushed headlong at the pair of viruses.

In her haste at the viruses, Freya fiented to the right, circling the pair in an attempt to get right behind them, in a futile attempt to avoid being hit by them, or locked on by them.

Rageclaw in "hand", Freya stabbed at the virus with her Rageclaw, attempting to pierce the virus's exterior to get deep within it's body as she thrust her other hand at it's body. She then tried to lift it above her head, her body supporting her fairly well as she tossed it at the other. attempting to bash the two together with as much force as possible. She quickly finished her assault by rushing over to the back of the other Canoguard and attempted to thrust her arms into it's body and rend it's core data apart.

1:Tactical Movement behind CanoguardB
2:Rageclaw1 at CanoguardB (40 slashing)
3:Rageclaw1 throw CanoguardB into CanoguardA (20 impact to each)
4:Rageclaw1 at CanoguardA (40 slashing)
-Target Boost Rageclaw Throw (passive Take Aim1)
-Splinter Dart at whatever that isn't Majinman or Freya (passive 10 wood damage)
As Majinman teleported away, a Dynamite reached out to place a laser trip bomb. The Bomb was caught by the Wind just before Majinman blew away the WindBox, and the bomb went rolling forward with the trip beams shining to either side. Freya walked right into the rolling trap, broke the beam, and was blasted as the entire line of panels and the air above exploded. [Freya: -50]

Majinman's follow up AirStorm attack pulls the YortEX towards him as it winds up. The YortEX spins around to face him, and the virus and Navi launch their attacks at each other. The first tornado hits the yo-yo, and is dissipated on-contact. The yo-yo strikes the Navi as it passes, and Majinman retaliates with the remaining tornado shots before the yo-yo returns to strike him a second time. [Majinman: -60] The YortEX had been pulled in too close to hit him a third time, and found itself unable to avoid the tornados.

Majinman proceeded to make short work of both of the Dynamite viruses, and dodged a quick shot from one of the CannonGuards with a leap into the air. Freya took advantage of the opening, and slashed the distracted virus, then picked it up and threw it at the second CannonGuard. The second virus responded by opening it's blast shield and blasting it's comrade out of the air while unsuccessfully attempting to shoot Freya. The Navi dashed in towards the remaining CannonGuard and delivered a claw slash to it before it closed its armored shutter once again. Freya's splinter attack bounced harmlessly off of the virus' iron armor immediately after.

The YortEX vengefully pursued Majinman into the sky, already unsheathing the yo-yo's blades for it's next attack....

MajinMan.EXE: 140 (Flying)
Freya.EXE: 70 (on Solar Terrain)

WindBox: Deleted
YortEX: 20 (Flying)
CannonGuardA: 20 (Guard) (On Normal Terrain)
CannonGuardB: Friendly Fire'd
DynamiteA: Deleted
DynamiteB: Deleted

Terrain: 55% Normal, 45% Solar
"EEEEEEEEE-YOWWWWWW!" Majinman yelled as the blade tore into him, "Son of a bitch, you wanna go? You really think you can take me on? A pissant like you doesn't even require me to use my special techniques. Freya, I'm leaving the virus on the ground up to you. I'm taking this bastard down. Wes, two markcannons and a Recvoery80. Its too early for me to be taking damage."

"Language please," Wes sighed.

Majinman continued traveling upwards, trying to stay a few yards ahead of the Yort. As the chip data reached him, both his feet transformed into retangular guns, each with a targetting system resting just above the barrel. With a quick flip, he fired both weapons at his persuing target, figuring one of them would take it out. He then paused a brief moment to let the third healing chip repair the damage he just recieved. He then made one more request, "Okay, just in case, Aquasword."

While Wes thought the order seemed a bit much, he complied nonetheless.

Majinman stopped his upwards retreat and materializing a long, glowing blue blade, dashed back towards his enemy. He took a large slash at where the Yort should be, hoping to thwart his opponent once and for all. He then moved off to the side, trying to avoid any immediate retaliation. Freya really had better of taken out her target.

((1.) Get distance
2.) Markcannon1, 70 w/lock on, YortEX
3.) Markcannon1, 70 w/lock on, YortEX
4.) Recovery80, self
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua+slashing
6.) Dodge))
Oh fuck that hurt... Freya moaned, her body taking severe damage from the viruses. Calm down Freya. And, please, no harsh language. Don't want your partner to pick up that kind of language... Jack replied to Freya's swearing, slotting in their Recover30 chip.

Freya, recovering her HP as the chip took effect, recovering the more savere wounds on her body as she summoned a bundle of strings in her hand, each string fluttering into her body and fully recovering her hit points as a small barrier surrounded Freya's body, ready to protect her.

Summoning another barrier around her, Freya quickly rushed behind the virus that he had failed to delete before hand, she quickly attempted to plunge her claws into it's core once more, attempting to rend it apart and delete the virus as she thew a small splinter out into the air, attempting to hit whatever wasn't Majinman...or her.

-Wooden Exterior (passive 20 HP barrier)
1: Recover30 (30 heal to self)
2: StringWork (recover 30 to self)
3: Tactical Movement behind CanoguardA
4: Rageclaw1 at Canoguard1 (40 slashing)
-Splinter Dart at whatever isn't Freya or Majinman (10 wood damage, passive)
Indeed the YortEX did wanna go at Majinman, as the virus pursued the Navi into the sky. Majinman picked up the pace, and retreated from the virus faster than it was advancing, opening the distance a bit. The YortEX's yo-yo parted down the middle and the deadly ring of blades revealed themselves as the demonic Navi locked on with not one, but two MarkCannons. Majinman opened fire as the yo-yo separated from the virus, and watched as both shots struck the giant projectile dead-on, and exploded. However, the yo-yo emerged from the other side of the blast, apparently immune to the cannon attacks just as it was immune to the tornado from before, and ripped its way towards the Navi to strike home in spite of everything. [Majinman: -90 HP] Majinman uses his recover 80 to heal himself while the YortEX followed its weapon through the smoke cloud, and is greeted by an AquaSword slash soon after. [Majinman: +80 HP] As the virus disintegrated, the yo-yo, still separated from the virus, transformed into chip data and began to fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, Freya busied herself repairing the damage she'd received from the SensorBomb. The remaining CannonGuard opened its armored shutter, locked on, and fired, only to have its shot impact upon a renewed defense barrier. Freya finished tha virus off with a slash from her RageClaw soon after.


MajinMan.EXE: 130 (Flying)
-- Get: Yo-yo1 & 450 Zenny

Freya.EXE: 120
-- Get: 220 Zenny

FXP: +2

WindBox: Deleted
YortEX: Deleted
CannonGuardA: Deleted
CannonGuardB: Deleted
DynamiteA: Deleted
DynamiteB: Deleted

Terrain: 55% Normal, 45% Solar
Freya, mumbling under her breath about her partner, as she collected her meager rewards from the Canoguards she had deleted, transferring the zenny to her netop's account. Mind letting me delete some more of those viruses? Freya called out to her comrade, walking over towards him.