Science Busting!

A thin beam of light shot down to the netscape, expanding to form ViralMan. He made a quick visual sweep of the area and didn't see anything too interesting. "I don't see why you insist on doing this so late at night. Don't humans normally sleep at night?" He began to stretch various parts of his body.

"Normally, yeah. But what's wrong with being abnormal?" joked Zeo.

"Not really what I meant," said ViralMan.

Finally, he cracked his gloved knuckles and thought about which way to go. Zeo interrupted him. "While we are looking for chips, some money would be nice too, considering we're near the store. So don't get disappointed when we find zenny." ViralMan started walking. "I get it. Watch out for vampires, or whatever is supposed to come out at night," he said, wiggling his fingers.

"Oh, grow up," replied Zeo.

((Battle 1.))
Viralman encountered a simple group of a single Billy followed closely by two Rattys. Normal terrain. No obstacles. Final Destination.

Billy: 50 HP
RattyA: 60 HP
RattyB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 120 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"Heh, is that it?" ViralMan laughed

"No overconfidence," objected Zeo. "You can gloat when we're done."

"Yeah, yeah," replied ViralMan dismissively. "Since we have the opportunity, how about CactBall?" Taking the chip out, Zeo slid it into the PET and gave his navi a thumbs up. The ball came into existence in ViralMan's hand. He charged the Billy and hurled the Cactball. It bounced and rolled along, but by this time ViralMan was already looking at the mouse viruses. Undoubtedly these would be harder targets.

"What to use next..." ViralMan said to himself. "I'm better off hitting them from up close."

Zeo heard and dug through his pocket full of chips, dropping one and pulling out another. "FireHit, coming your way." He proceeded to search for the chip he dropped.

Soon ViralMan was sprinting at the Rattys. He bent low to the ground as he approached them and sweeped his burning fist at one of the viruses. Finishing in an uppercut like stance, he hopped back from the next virus and waited for another chip. Zeo had found his dropped chip at this point and slotted it in. The Sword morphed onto ViralMan's left arm. "Screw subtlety," he said, jumping up in the air. On the way down, he pointed the Sword straight down at the Ratty. He landed on the ground with the blade stuck in the panel. Rather than pull it out carefully, he instead abandoned it, his arm returning to normal. ViralMan ended his assault by dashing back to his starting point and watching the battlefield.

"Now is it time to gloat?" he asked hopefully.

1. CactBall1 at Billy (20x2-4, Wood)
2. FireHit1 to RattyA (60)
3. Sword to RattyB (80)
4. Dodge
While the Billy was mowed down by the Cactball, one Ratty was destoyed by a Firehit. The other couldn't seem to escape the Sword being swung down at it and was also deleted in an instant. A quick decisive victory was awarded to Viralman and his prize was only a few zennys. How disheartening.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 120 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 330z
"Yes!" cheered ViralMan. He moved to collect his reward.

A little bit of zenny. He sighed, indeed disheartened. "Well, what do you expect when it's that easy?" he said to himself. Zeo smiled apologetically. "Don't worry, ViralMan. We'll get more next time if you keep doing what you're doing, no doubt. Now let's go find more viruses to own." His smile widened.

ViralMan perked up a little bit and smiled back through his helmet. "Alright. Thanks Zeo." He continued on, determined to find better rewards.

((Battle 2.))
Rather than a better reward, ViralMan faced with a stronger enemies! Two statue like Hardheads was standing in front of the navi and two more MagTects was hiding behind the virus for a defensive purpose. I don't attacking with everything you got won't work here!

HardheadA: 60 HP [IronBody]
HardheadB: 60 HP [IronBody]

-Behind Hardheads-
MagTectA: 90 HP
MagTectB: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 120 HP

"Hey! Those metal things again!" shouted ViralMan.

He took a step back before realizing that the Hardheads were currently immobile. Even more immobile than usual. Behind them, two odd looking flying viruses were taking cover. "Usually the viruses don't bother with strategy. I guess these ones do." He chuckled. "But that won't help them." Mentally listing his options, he decided on what seemed like the best one.

ViralMan sighed. "Alright, Zeo. Send me a Shotgun."

"That's really getting repetitive," Zeo commented, sliding in the chip.

"You think I don't know that?" retorted ViralMan. Bending down like a sprinter, his hands touched the ground just as one became a buster, which nearly unbalanced him. He righted himself and charged the Magtects' makeshift defenses. Right in front of the Hardheads, he jumped straight up, cried out and fired the Shotgun at the back viruses. He landed on a Hardhead and immediately pushed off at the MagTects.

In the air, he demanded more chips. "Heatshots!"

"Both?" replied Zeo. This was no time to question his navi, so he inserted them both. ViralMan landed between the MagTects on one knee, arms outstretched to either side. His arms morphed into Heatshots, and as soon as he was able to, he fired both chips at the viruses in flaming bursts. The navi straightened up and dashed forward, away from the Hardheads. He was now opposite his starting position.

"Very nice. You didn't have to waste both our Heatshots, though," chided Zeo.

"You loved it," replied ViralMan. He proceeded to stare intently at the remaining viruses.

1. Shotgun to MagTectA (50, spread)
2. Heatshot to MagTectA (40, spread)
3. Heatshot to MagTectB (40, spread)
4. Dodge
The navi attempted to leap over the HardHeads and fire his chips at once, but underestimated the viruses as the MagTects simply moved away and let the shots hit the Hardhead instead. None of the attacks made it through and left the navi completely open for the virus' attack. The MagTect used its magnetism to draw ViralMan straight towards the Hardheads, which turned back to its vulnerable form to fire a powerful cannonball right on the navi's stomach! OUCH!

HardheadA: 57 HP
HardheadB: 57 HP

-Behind Hardheads-
MagTectA: 90 HP
MagTectB: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 100 HP
Zeo winced as the cannonball made contact. "ViralMan! Are you okay?" he called, concern evident in his voice.

At this point, ViralMan rose from the ground and gripped his chest. "That's it, I am going to murder these things!"

"Last time I checked, that was the plan," quipped Zeo. "But you don't have to tell me twice." He slotted in his Sword chip.

Obviously, taking a cannonball in the chest isn't going to make anyone happy, and ViralMan was no exception. He dashed forward with the Sword held high above his head and cleaved downward at one of the Hardheads. He made a quick hop to the right, landing near the next virus. "Feel lucky that I don't have anything that would cause more pain than this does!" He yanked his Sword arm back as far as he could and thrust it at the Hardhead's mouth with every bit of strength he had.

"Time to deal with those magnet things," said Zeo, trying to keep from laughing.

ViralMan had already decided on a plan of action for the MagTects. He sprinted for a few steps, then launched into the air, landing near one of them. He hoped that with less range, it'd be easier to hit, but since it didn't work last time, who knew? On his knees, he punched out his free arm, which transformed into a multi-barreled gun. A spray of bullets shot out towards a MagTect, and as its ammo depleted, ViralMan jumped back, turned in the air and made for a safe distance.

"Isn't it wonderful what rage can do?" commented Zeo.

"Mmph," responded ViralMan.

1. Sword to HardheadA (80)
2. Sword to HardheadB (80)
3. Viral Vulcan to MagTectB (20x3)
4. Dodge
Viralman manages to sword the HardHeads to death with just a rage induced slash for each before turning to the MagTects and firing off several shots his signature attack...missing horribly as it just moved to the side while the other tried to pull Viral in with it's attack, but Viralman manages to resist the pull of the attack and it's damage.

HardheadA: DELETED
HardheadB: DELETED

-Behind Hardheads-
MagTectA: 90 HP
MagTectB: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 100 HP
"Damn!" swore ViralMan as his vulcan missed.

"These things are really annoying to hit," said Zeo, stating the obvious.

ViralMan considered his options. "My other signature would take too long to delete one, even if it hit." The MagTects continued to fly around. "Well, I guess it's time to fight electricity with electricity." Guessing what his navi had in mind, Zeo grabbed a chip and placed it in the PET. A second later, a small bomb dropped into ViralMan's other hand. He ran at one of the viruses, poised to throw the MagBomb. Instead, he faked and chucked the ball at the other MagTect. The bomb's explosion would hopefully hit, even if the virus dodged.

To follow it up, Zeo inserted another chip, and another ball fell into ViralMan's hand. Wasting no time, the navi took a step forward and threw the CactBall at the same MagTect, shotput-style. "That takes care of that one, I hope," he said, turning to the other enemy. Zeo frowned. "A little more confidence, please. Now, a fast hit is just what you need, so here comes FireHit." Before he even found the chip, ViralMan was running at the final virus. He jumped up a few yards from it and punched his arm out just as it burst into flame, sending it at the MagTect.

After his punch, ViralMan landed and ran back a bit. He brandished his neglected Sword and waited for the virus to draw him in.

"Once again, I hope this works," said ViralMan quietly.

"If you're doing what I think you're doing, good luck," said Zeo encouragingly.

1. MagBomb1 to MagTectB (30, Blast 2)
2. CactBall1 to hopefully stunned MagTectB (20x2-4)
3. FireHit1 to MagTectA (60)
4. Prepare to counter MagTectA's attraction attack with Sword (80)
As the Magtects dart about, Viralman chucks a bomb at them. Both move out of the way and the weapon falls in between them, though the following explosion still manages to catch the pair. Viralman is able to take this oppotunity to send a Cactball at one, which rolls into the virus twice to take it out. He sends a punch the other Magtect's way, taking the last virus out.

HardheadA: DELETED
HardheadB: DELETED

-Behind Hardheads-

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 100 HP

Rewards: 475z
"Take that, you stupid insects!" ViralMan shouted, punching a fist into the air.

He walked over to the rewards and retrieved the small amount of zenny yet again. He sighed. "I hope we start getting some chips soon." Turning back to the way he was facing before, he started walking again. "Money is nice and all, but nothing beats the thrill of a new chip."

"Don't worry, ViralMan. I'm sure we'll get some eventually. Just gotta keep trying," said Zeo happily. "And you have to remember, money is good too."

ViralMan sighed again. "I know, didn't you hear me before? I get it." He sped up, ever vigilant for more viruses to win chips off of.
((I'm assuming you want another battle. If so, don't forget to list the battle number at the end of your post. If not, I apologize and shall delete this post with all due speed.))

A line of Canoguards lay in front of Viralman, effectively blocking his path. Behind them float two blue cubes, but they immediately turn red as Viralman gets within range.

CanoguardA: 60
CanoguardB: 60
CanoguardC: 60
CanoguardD: 60
DBLCubeA: 100 (red)
DBLCubeB: 100 (red)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 100

Battle 3 Go
((Ah, sorry, I forgot.))

"New viruses, dead ahead," ViralMan called.

Zeo looked at his PET. "Any big threats?"

Some fancier Cannon things and...cubes? They didn't look too threatening to ViralMan, but he wasn't going to let his guard down. He replied, "Not sure, but we'll see in a minute."

The line of Canoguards had to go first-they were both visually armed and in front. ViralMan picked a target at random. "Send me a chip, Zeo." What he got was a large, round shield. Since he was expecting a weapon, it surprised him, and he stumbled a bit as it appeared. "Why?" he asked his operator. The youth tapped his forehead with a finger. "They're fortified guns. Best to have protection charging them. As for a weapon..." He slotted in a chip. ViralMan's right hand disappeared, replaced by his buster. "This will shock them," he finished, snickering.

"And you told me to grow up." The navi jogged forward, his Guard held in from of him. Once he reached the enemy line, he whipped his buster out and fired a crackling energy ball at a virus from nearly point blank range. Taking the opportunity to get close, he dashed to the right, running for the last Canoguard in the line. As he ran, his buster made a mechanical sound and a Sword now extended from it. ViralMan passed the Canoguard and spun around, swinging his Sword at the virus' flank. He got a better look at the DBLCubes from there, and they still didn't seem dangerous. Managing a shrug while backing up, he stopped a fair distance away and looked at the Canoguards again. If they tried to fire at him, he'd be ready.

"Keep an eye on those cubes, looks can be deceiving," cautioned Zeo.

ViralMan scoffed. "No, I'm just going to ignore them so they can shoot lasers at me."

1. Guard1, cover to get closer
2. Thunder1 to CanoguardB (40, stun)
3. Sword to CanoguardD (80)
4. Dodge
As ViralMan approached the Canoguards, one of them open fired, only to see its own bullet being reflected back at it. The thunder shocked one of the Canoguards in place, stunning it from even swiveling an inch, and the Sword made a clear cut on the other virus. The Cube glowed with blood red shine as it fired a laser straight towards ViralMan, but thankfully, the navi was prepared for such attack and dodged the attack.

CanoguardA: 60
CanoguardB: 20 [Stun]
CanoguardC: 40
CanoguardD: DELETED
DBLCubeA: 100 (Red)
DBLCubeB: 100 (Red)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Viralman: 100 [Guard Destroyed]