Various mini-announcements.

Nope, I'm not done adding new chips. We now have the Asteroid chip line! The final meteor-type chip series, it hits the area in and around a designated target. Yep, you can probably make a whole folder out of meteors now. Try to avoid going inside if you do.

Also, on a totally unrelated note that obviously has nothing to do with this addition, MettFire now has non-ancient stats, a non-ancient attack pattern, and just generally acts like a RERN virus. Enjoy.

And with that massive effort, we now have every chip from Mega Man Battle Network 5! Nearly there!
Apparently I'm behind an announcement, so let's just group it and the new one together, shall we?

First off, we now have BreakKnife, BreakSword, and BreakBlade. As their names suggest, they're swords with the Break attribute, for all your defense smashing needs. Dropping it is the MonoSword series, from Star Force.

The DrillArm series now has SuperDrill, an Omega tier version. It's a stronger DrillArm.

We now have the Squall series, which repeatedly attacks and knocks back enemies with wind. It has an Omega tier chip, MegaHurricane. Dropping it is the Storm series, from Star Force 2.

Do you enjoy jumping and squashing your enemies like you're Mario? Then good news, FootStomp is now a full series! There's a weaker version in JumpStomp, and an even stronger version in BigStomp. Dropping these are the original stomper in Mega Man, BigEye! Fortunately, this one takes damage in areas that aren't its eye.

It's not a mechanical change, but PiercingStrength is now called FullPowerArm.

With that, we have every chip from Rockman.EXE: Legend of Network! Obscurity doesn't stop us!

But wait, there's more! We now have ColonelForce, which operates similarly to Snake here. Less slithering, more shooting, what's not to love?

And with that single addition, we've got everything from Battle Network 6. Aw yeah.

AND NOW, aside from a couple things from BN 3 that need revisiting at some point, we now have every single non-summoning chip from the Battle Network series. Chips, chips as far as the eye can see! Hope you enjoy them.
We've clarified some NaviCustomizer behavior as well as added a new mechanic: Custom Advances! Similar to Omnishoes, combining certain programs will allow you to access new features. Check it out here.
We now have Nullify Shot as a Buster Upgrade in Suitachi's for 1000z, because apparently we needed that. Disarm people's traps with impunity!
For all...two? of you who didn't know, we have improved the chip selection in the chip shop has increased to the power of TERRAIN! By which I mean every Seed and Line (Poison excluded you degenerates >:() is now obtainable without trying to shoot yourself farming for them. Also -all- Set Programs at registration are now obtainable because we don't know why we only had a select few obtainable for rebirths/new navis/etc. HOWEVER. The prices for a couple chips in the shop have had an increase to unify the prices. Changes are as follows.

Panel Return: 2000--->3000
Sand Ring: 1000--->2000
Coming Road: 1500--->2000
Going Road: 1500--->2000

Not HUGE, but figured people would need to know anyways.
Due to the difficulty of its inhabitants, ElecTown has been upgraded from a 2 Star Difficulty to a 3 Star Difficulty. Rewards have also been updated to reflect that.
Some balance changes for StoneBody and IronBody.
- StoneBody's cost has been raised to 80 points.
- IronBody has been removed as a Sig Attack effect, as well as a battlechip.

We're fairly sure that nobody has IronBody as a battlechip, so that's not really an issue. Anyone with StoneBody or IronBody in their sigs receive a free Process Edit as per usual.
The Rush virus has been rebalanced!

Quote (Old Rush)

Effect: Removes value "fun" from battles, from navis in battles, from operators watching the battles, and even from moderators modding the battles, because this virus is not fun.

Quote (New Rush)

HP: 50
Attack Damage/Effect: None
Attack Accuracy: N/A
Attack Description: N/A
Element: None
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Popup, Any RARE chip for current network tier, Zenny (10x normal)
Special: Only ONE Rush may appear in any given battle. This virus is rare.
Special: Immune to terrain effects besides damage multiplication.
Special: One free dodge per turn.
Special: Will always survive with 1 HP no matter how much damage is done to it. If it has more than 1 HP at the end of a turn, it will automatically escape. After it checks for escape, it will be restored to full HP if still present in battle. When it is the last virus remaining in a battle, it will leave its rewards behind and flee the battle.
Go forth and enjoy beating up cartoon dogs for money and prizes.
We've decided to nix StoneBody as a signature effect entirely as well, and replace it with... something better!

Quote ()

SteelBody: 80 (Per Round) [Reduces all Non-Break damage to zero. In exchange, your actions become sluggish, reducing all attack accuracy by 10% and base evasion rate by 20%, to a minimum of 5%. You also become grounded for the duration. Break damage bypasses this effect and adds 100% to Source damage.]

Free signature attack changes to anyone with the old StoneBody, as per usual.
Balance changes to Shadow and Invis, to follow up the Body rework.

Quote (OLD Shadow)

Shadow: 80 (per round) [Your Navi turns into a shadow. Increases Base Evasion Rate by 50% while active. Slashing attacks ignore this effect, and negate it if they connect.]

Quote (OLD Invisibility)

Invisibility: 80 (per round) [Your Navi becomes invisible, but you can still be detected with other senses. Increases Base Evasion Rate by 50% while active. Seeking attacks ignore this effect, and negate it if they connect.]

To be replaced with:

Quote (NEW Shadow)

Shadow: 80 (Per Round) [Generates an intangibility effect on the user, causing all attacks against the user to pass through and deal 0 damage. The intangibility makes it more difficult to attack at a distance, adding a 20% accuracy penalty to all ranged attacks. Slashing attacks against the user rend through this intangibility, bypassing the effect and immediately negating it.]

Quote (NEW Invisibility)

Invisibility: 80 (per round) [Generates an invisibility effect around the user, causing the accuracy of all attacks that would target you to be reduced by 50%. Seeking attacks ignore this effect, and negate it if they connect. Position-based AoE effects can also ignore this effect, provided the Invis user is in range of the AoE.]
Pro-Tip: A position-based AoE attack is any AoE attack that can hit additional targets that are not included in the original targeting, due to their position. This includes, but is not limited to: Cone Attack, Wide Attack, Long Attack, Group Attack, Fighter Range, LifeSword Range, Line Attack, Beam Attack, Piercing, Spin Attack, X-Range Attack, To-All (Indiscriminate), Blast, Nova, and any forms of Spread and Splash that denote a direction, instead of a nearby target. This means that it does not include Trick-Shot Spread, Chain, or Line-Chain.

This change also comes with some changes to virus behavior that use Shadow as an intrinsic effect (Shadow series, Nightmare series, GrabBandit V7): they will now drop their defense upon attacking, in order to provide a small window of opportunity to attack.

As usual, anyone who had Shadow or Invis as a signature effect prior to this change get a free signature change.
We're holding a SECRET SANTA event! Get your entries in before December 16 for a FREE chip and some goodwill-spreading!