Supercomputer investigation

In a flash of ones and zeroes, Binary appeared. "JACK-IN SUCCESSFUL. INITIATING SEARCH OF AREA!"

"Remember, Binary. If things get too hairy in there, I'll jack you out and send in the virus army. Remember that email Grandpa sent us a while ago? Well, we have all the chips he managed to collect, plus all the upgrades and stuff," Chris said, opening a window into the Internet.

"AFFIRMATIVE. CONTINUING SEARCH," Binary replied. His lower body writhed and contorted until it had transformed into the body of a snake. Binary began to glide along silently, ones and zeroes floating around inside him.

<(BATTLE 1)>
Virus Attack!

StarfishA: 60
StarfishB: 60
Elecogre: 120

Binary: 120

Battle 1 Start!
<(Okay, now that A. its summer vacation, and B. I've broken in Binary, I have no reason not to post. Go go go! Oh, and since its a lot easier, I'll be referring to Binary as him as of now.)>

"VIRUSES FOUND, INITIATING BATTLE ROUTINES!" Binary shouted, loading his battle experiences ... wait a sec, even though Binary had never battled before, h has memories of previous battles. How odd.

"Hmm, only three viruses, pretty simple for a first fight. I'll give you a Cactball, a Cornshot, and just in case something survives, a Heatshot. Try to take 'em down in one shot!" Chris explained. "Oh, and before I forget, you can do two extra things: streamline the data flow in your body, and release your excess energy into it as well. Both should power you up considerably," he added.


First, Binary checked their viral signatures. Out of the three, the strongest seemed to be the ElecOgre. So, he decided to take it down first, and the Cactball seemed to be the best option for that. He loaded the desired chip, feeling his body morph. At the end of his arm, a large spiky ball appeared, white like the rest of him, but with no digits inside it. Binary lengthened his own arm, making it look a lot like a flail. Swinging it a bit to test it out, he unexpectedly cracked his arm like a whip, releasing the white Cactball so it went flying at the ElecOgre.

Retracting his arm and growing fingers so he looked semi-humanoid again, Binary then loaded the Cornshot. His hands morphed into ears of corn, but as they were totally white, they pretty much looked like creasy blobs. Either way, they were dangerous. Before Binary fired, however, he knew that just attacking plainly wouldn't delete the two Starfish. So, he powered up ... twice.

First, Binary activated his Streamline ability, letting the data in his body move more fluidly and easily through him. A nanosecond later, he used the Untapped power, making his data go double-time. All the excess energy moved to his hands, into the Cornshot. Then, he fired, unleashing a hailstorm of white pellets upon the two Starfish viruses.

Binary dispelled the blobby corns on his hands, turning them back into hands. He waited to see the results of his first virus encounter. Then he remembered the emergency Heatshot Chris had sent him. He loaded that, morphing his right hand once more into a blocky rectangle with a short barrel at the end. He waited for the slightest flicker of movement to fire it off...

*Untapped Power - +10 on one Cornshot blast
*Streamline - +10 on all chips used this turn

1. Cactball1 to ElecOgre (20x3x2+10=130)

2. Untapped Power'd Cornshot1 to Starfishes (60 to both)

3. Heatshot to anything that survives (40+splash)
The cactiball takes out the Elecogre, and the Cornshot blasts one of the Starfish to kingdom-come. The last one fires off a bubble, which the Heatshot quickly pops, splashing onto the unfortunate (and now severely damaged) virus.

StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: 20 HP
Elecogre: DELETED

Binary: 120 HP

"Ehh, whatever. Take all three Cannons," Chris said, slotting all three Cannons in.

"ILLOGICAL! ONE WOULD SUFFICE!" Binary shouted in confusion. Defeated in reasoning, he loaded the first one, creating a blocky white cannon on his right arm. Once...twice...three times he fired at the VERY unfortunate Starfish.

Meanwhile, Chris was saying to the crowd of confused scientists, "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what they call overkill."

One scientist whispered to another, "How the hell could he be one of out Directors?"

"I heard that," Chris said, looking at the insulting scientist.

1-2-3: Three Cannons to StarfishB (40x3)
(Be vewy vewy glad, for I am feeling generous.)

L0lz, leik, teh Fishstar gawt tewtally 0WN3D.

StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: DELETED
Elecogre: DELETED

Binary: 120 HP

Prize: Elecreel1
<(...You made my day, P.A. Hey, that rhymes!)>

"LEFTOVER DATA FOUND! NOW ANALYZING!" Binary called, scanning the data, which appeared to spark from time to time. "CONFIRMED AS ELECREEL CHIP DATA! PREPARE BLANK CHIP!" he added.

"Hot diggety DAYMN, an ElecReel?" Chris asked, slotting in a blank chip. Sure enough, the smirking visage of an ElecOgre appeared on the chip when it came out. "Sweet! Let's wait around, though. I posted a message on the Internet City BBS, asking for some assistance. You okay with that, Binary?" he asked.


<(No viruses yet, waiting around until someone else comes)>
After about an hour of searching with no luck, Chris said, "Alright, I'm pretty sure nobody wants to help. I'll be sure to include that on my Public Relations paper. Either way, this computer's not gonna delete the viruses by itself, so we may as well try and get them to come to us. Think you can attract some virii?"

"AFFIRMATIVE!" Binary shouted. He then began to make the infamed mettalic screech that drove everyone crazy.

"GET IT TO STOP!" one lab rat shouted at Chris.

"Relax. He'll stop once viruses find him," Chris replied casually.

<(BATTLE 2, anyone can drop in if they want.)>
In a standard flash of light, SplashMan found himself once more in SciLab's portion of the Net! "Okay, I'm in, Sabrina! ....AHHHHHHHHH!!!" He placed his hands where his ears would've been had he actually had ears. "What is that noise?!?!"

"Ugh, I can hear it through my PET!" Sabrina nearly dropped said PET as she covered her ears, which, unlike her Navi, actually existed. She then glared angrily towards the person she was assisting. "I didn't sign onto this to get a headache!"

"Ahhh...wait, there!" The Aqua Navi noticed a highly ambiguous Navi, and more importantly, made the noise get louder by getting near him/her/it. There was only one thing to do..."...KNOCK IT OFF!! ALL YOU'RE DOING IS GIVING EVERYONE A BIG HEADACHE!!!"

(incidentally, this would be a dandy time to get battle #2 rolling)
((And the addition of people make the battle count reset..Fun))

Some Viruses don't look to happy.

ElecOgre: 120
MarkcannonA: 60
MarkcannonB: 60
BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60

Binary: 120
Splashman: 140

Battle 1
Ready Steady GO!!
"Well, Binary, are you gonna splatter around all day, or are you gonna introduce yourself to your partner?"

Binary gave a small nod. In his loud, robotic-sounding voice, he said, "OFFICIAL MONIKER IS BINARY.EXE! GRATEFUL FOR ASSISTANCE IN COMBAT!"

"That's better. Now, we attracted some viruses with that screech of yours, which means its annoying enough to get them to come at you. Here, take the new Elecreel chip we got last battle and the Cornshot for good measure," he said, slotting in the two chips. "Now get your battle routines going and fight!"

"AFFIRMATIVE!" Binary called.

Binary opened the battle in his usual fashion: upgrading himself to increase his attack power. First he used his Untapped Power, making the black 3d digits inside him multiply until they were a bit cramped for space, but still managing to move without bumping into one another somehow. Then, he streamlined his code flow, making all the digits hustle and make a rapid increase in speed, but still not bumping into one another. How they did it noone knew, but either way, his next attack was gonna do some damage.

Binary started with the ElecReel, applying the extra damage from his Streamline ability to it. A small, barely visible crackle of blue-white electricity appeared inside his head. It started to spread, filling all the gaps that weren't filled with ones and zeroes. Soon his entire body looked like it was made of digits and electricity, with his flexible skin keeping it all inside. Now all he needed was a target.

"Just a hint, Binary," Chris said. "Our partner's an Aqua-type, if you haven't already scanned him. Therefore, it would be a good idea to kill off that Electric-Ogre for them, because if we know them, they could do some pretty serious damage if they had a type advantage on their side.

"AFFIRMATIVE!" Binary said, adjusting his primary target to be the grinning ElecOgre. His skin was starting to ripple; it wouldn't last long against the tide of electricity he was about to unleash.

Eventually Binary's skin gave, and the electricity tore through it, taking most of his digits and most of his body with it. The veritable thunderstorm tore through the viruses, going so fast that Binary had no idea of what it hit and what it didn't. All he knew was that he looked a mess, with more than his entire front half torn away by the storm he'd unleashed.

"Holy Einstein, you're a mess!" Chris exclaimed, almost swearing at one point but changing it to a more appropriate word. Most of the scientists, particularly the older ones exchanged looks.

Either way, Binary was furiously trying to repair his body, but to no avail.

"Hey, Binary. I have an idea of what you could do. Remember how I made you that Navi Model Override program, just in case something like this happened?" Chris asked.

"A-A-A-A-FIRM-IRM-IRM-IRMATIVEEEEEE!" Binary screeched, rather louder and more robotic than usual.

"Well, let's see how it works," Chris shrugged, than did a few rapid-fire taps on the plasma-screen TV-sized holographic screen his PET had projected, X-ing out all the WARNING messages, and activating the 1001.NMO.

Binary stopped trying to repair his body, and accepted the data that he was given. For the first time, his body actually changed color, from blank white to a splendid royal purple. Then his body morphed, forming two more arms on either side of his body, poofy white pants, tied at the ankles and waist with golden rope and thread, a very muscular upper torso, a great increase in height, actual features on his face, except for eyes, and one thousand-one tiny creases all over his body, with the largest one appearing right on his forehead. He had gone from being a Navi-sized blankness to a majestic djinn of Arabian lore.

"I have a passion for mythology, any kind," Chris explained to Sabrina.

Meanwhile, 1001 had opened the one large eye on his forehead, and was looking his new body up and down. "Splendid work, Chris," he said in a deep, booming voice. Then his eye focused on Splashman, and all the creases facing him opened to look at him. Then, he gave a brief smile, a thumbs-up from one of his six hands, and he returned to the battle.

It appeared that instead of making numerous more digits in his default form, the Untapped Power manifested itself by creating a slight aura around 1001. Either way, he loaded his Cornshot, hoping for a result that didn't have him torn in half.

All 1001 of 1001's eyes opened, the irises glowing bright yellow. All at once, yellow lasers shot from the eyes, gaining bright purple tails as they passed through 1001's aura, which promptly disappeared. The lasers all banked, to avoid crashing into the ground, Splashman, or him, and ended up grouping into two groups of 500, with one laser that happened to have shot out his left armpit just whizzing around aimlessly. Sucks to be it.

Either way, 1000 out of 1001 shot off in two groups, while the last hit the ground and died off. One group of 500 attacked the likely-weakened ElecOgre, hoping to overkill/finish it off. The other group shot towards the strange red and blue cube that was just floating there. They assaulted with no mercy, trying their best to pepper their targets with 500 little holes each.

"Since I was the one that called the viruses here in the first place, they'll probably be after me. I'll distract them in the air while you launch your attack," 1001 said to Splashman, before soaring up. He floated in a high arc, then began his descent, preferably somewhere behind the viruses.

*Untapped Power to Cornshot1 (+10)
*Streamline to ElecReel1 (+10 at ElecOgre)

1. ElecReel1 (100 to a group, +10 at ElecOgre)

2. Cornshot1 (50 to 2, +10 to someone random, maybe x2 to DBLCube, can't remember whether its Elec-type or not)

3. Jump/Float/Fly-type thing (not Wind-type, just 1001's equivilant of jumping)
Ahh, nothing like a nice introduction before beating the tar out of viruses. "I'm SplashMan! Nice to meet you!" Around this time, the digits on Binary's began to increase, causing the Aqua Navi to look at him oddly. "Er, are you okay?"

The use of ElecReel heightened this look into one of panic. "Ahhh!! Sweet Shrimpy, what happened to you?! You're-" It was around this time his partner's body began changing into something more...intimidating, to say the least. "Wow, what just happened?"

At least a thumbs up let him know all was well. SplashMan watched as Binary attacked once more, before actually an ordinary Navi. "Wow, that transformation thing looks like fun! I wish I could do something..."

"Yeah..." Sabrina looked over at Chris, who probably didn't completely understand that last remark by her Navi. "SplashMan's based off pretty old Navi technology. So he can't use stuff like model overrides." She shifted her attention back to her Navi. "Alright, we've done enough watching! Let's show that we can take viruses out, too!"

"Okay! I'm all set!"

"You know what's coming up first!" A chip of a ray-like virus made its way into the operator's PET. "Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

The water gun took form on SplashMan's arm, who wasted no time in aiming at a trio of viruses and letting the Aqua attack sail in the direction of the Boomer and one of the CannonGuards. He then beamed, confident that he did an acceptable job with the attack.

This caused a reaction from Sabrina; one of much annoyance. "Hey, don't get overconfident on me! We've still got viruses to take out!"

Without a word, the Aqua Navi leaned over, and faced the other CannonGuard. After a few moment, a noise could be heard coming from the cannons on his back, followed with a burst of water aimed at the other cannon virus. "Actually, I wasn't just being proud! I was also trying to get a good aim for that!"

"Really? Sorry about what I said a second ago! Here, let's work on that, uh...weird looking thing!" A second chip was placed into the PET. "Battlechip, Hi-Cannon! Slot in!"

SplashMan's arm became a blue cannon, which became trained on DBLBeam. After a few moments of trying to get a good shot, the powerful blast was fired towards the unusual virus. Which begged the question...what did they do now? "What do we do now?"

"I've got faith in Chris and Binary. No Guard this time, let's take that thing out!" The final chip of the turn was inserted. "Battlechip, MarkCannon! Slot in!"

"Roger!" The blue cannon became green, and more oddly shaped on the Aqua Navi's arm. He did his best to get the cursor locked onto the virus, then let the blast fly. "There! Get ready, Binary! Gotta be careful in case one of us missed! Or at least that's what Sabrina always tells me..."

"Dang right!"

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot chip attack on MarkCannonB, BoomerA, and BoomerB (80, Aqua)
2-Water Splash sig attack on MarkCannonA (70, Aqua)
3-Hi-Cannon chip attack on DBLBeam (80)
4-MarkCannon1 chip attack on DBLBeam (70, can lock on)]

Splashman: 300 zenny
Binary: 300 zenny
"Nice shots, Binary and Splashman!" Chris exclaimed. "Oh, and since Binary's actions might have been a bit confusing, I'll try to explain."

"As I've already stated before, Binary's not primarily a combat Navi. So, while he can handle near-infinite amounts of inert types of data, such as memory, raw data, variables, etcetera, he can't handle that much combat data like electricity at once. As you saw, using the ElecReel, which is quite a powerful chip, completely tore Binary apart. There was too much damage for him to repair himself without getting back into the PET and using the healing system, so I did the only thing I could: I took his memory, personality, emotions, combat programs, everything Binary had except his actual body out of the destroyed shell, and placed it all into a completely different Navi shell. Its kind of like a .GMO file, except I'm not switching one Navi's appearance, I'm literally swapping to different Navis. Unfortunately, my PET can only handle having one of these things out at once, or else Binary's programs themselves could be torn apart," he explained. He took a deep breath.

"I actually have emotions in my true form, you know. I just can't express them, as my body isn't advanced enough. I can hold about 10 yottabytes of memory, though," 1001 said in his deep booming voice, looking down at Splashman.

"Well, meaningless technobabble isn't going to attract viruses. Well, maybe it would, I dunno, but I think its better if we go looking for them instead of them looking for us," Chris returned.

"Affirmative," 1001 teased, floating off a little ways, but stopped so Splashman could be level with him. "Oh, and I'd like to thank you once again for coming, Splashman. Its pretty obvious that you have a lot more experience in battle than me. I'd give you our email address, only Chris' homemade computer exploded again, taking most of our data with it," he said. "Now, we must go onwards!" he boomed, pointing in totally random directions with all six arms.

<(BATTLE 2)>
Both operator and Navi listened intently to the explanation behind what had first. But while Sabrina paid attention to the whole thing, SplashMan was spinning around pointlessly by the end. "Whee! Call me TornadoMan!"

However, even spinning couldn't stop him from listening to Binary's own comments. "Never heard of a yottabyte! Sounds pretty big!" At this point, all the twirling caught up with the Aqua Navi, causing him to fall over face up. "Oh yeah, spinning makes you dizzy, doesn't it? ...Ahh, so dizzy..."

"...Yeah, my Navi's just a spaz..." The young woman facepalmed and sighed. "Come on SplashMan, get up! We've got more viruses to fight!"

"Okay!" He leaped up onto his feet as if nothing had happened, and listened to what else the djinn-like Navi had to say. "Aww, it's nothing! I've never done virus busting with another Navi before, and I thought it'd be fun!"

"Yeah, but you're leaving out the part about this being my idea!"

"Uh, yeah...let's go get more viruses!" In what could only be called a blatant attempt to change the subject, SplashMan picked a direction his partner was pointing in, and raced in that direction...or as close to racing as he could get. "Come on, Binary! Those viruses won't find themselves!"

(yes, let there be Battle #2)
<(BUMP #1)>
((Sorry, don't know how this got missed.))

It appears you walked into a trap...


Binary: 120
Splashman: 140


Foes on both sides

Ready Steady GO!!!
"There! Viruses!" SplashMan pointed in the direction of the cannons and boxers, almost excited at putting himself in harm's way again. It was around this point he heard something behind him. "Let's go! No need to get behind me, we'll take 'em out toge...wait a sec..." He looked to his side, only to notice Binary there. "If you're there, and the viruses are there, then what's behind me...?"

The Aqua Navi spun around, only to notice more viruses behind him. "Oh, heck! There's more of them here! I can handle these guys, you take the ones in front, okay, Binary?" A thought then occured in his mind. " that a good plan, Sabrina?"

"Eh, sounds like what I would've made you do anyway!" She looked over at Chris. "You should be able handle that side, right? Yeah, I bet you can! SplashMan, get ready!"

"But I am already! See? I even have my arm extended for WideShot and everything!" A glance at the PET screen confirmed this to be the case. "And we all know you're leading with it! You always do!"

"Oh, for crying out's our best chip! And it's Aqua! Why shouldn't we use it?" As if to spite her Navi, Sabrina pulled out her self-proclaimed 'best chip', and displayed it right next to her PET's screen, to make sure SplashMan saw it. "See this chip? Yeah, it's a WideShot. And you're going to use it, right..." She slammed it into the insertion slot. "...Now!"

And so, the Aqua Navi's right arm became the wide water gun it was accustomed to transforming into. He aimed it at a trio of the viruses he was facing...but at the last minute, changed his angle a little bit before firing. "There! Made things a little different this time!"

"Wait, you did do something weird..." The young woman froze, her hand in the middle of her folder. "What'd you do?!"

"I changed it so I only fired at the Champys! It's not like we're in a rush, and I figure I'm more likely to nail 2 than 3! They didn't seem even with the CannonGuards anyway!" SplashMan beamed, proud at himself for his actions.

"......Well......fine, whatever..." Sabrina removed her hand, and removed another chip from a different part of her folder than before. "Well, we might as well take advantage of the fact you took out the viruses that can actually move in a battle. Here, use this!" Another chip made its way into her PET. "Battlechip, Sword! Slot in!"

The Aqua blasting form made way for a sharper version of an arm. "Right! Take advantage of their immobility, and cut them down to size!" The Navi rushed the cannons, and slashed at each of them exactly once. "There! That should do it here!" He turned around, ready to assist his ally if needed.

"Okay, now for some defense!" The operator used up one more chip for the turn. "Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!" The yellow shield appeared in front of the Aqua Navi, who ducked behind it without hesitation. "By the way..." She looked over at her SciLab counterpart. "If something happens and you don't think you can take that side, get behind SplashMan! He'll take anything they throw at him! Even if that Guard's gone! Right, SplashMan?"


[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot chip attack on ChampuA and ChampuB (80, Aqua)
2-Sword chip attack on MarkCannonA (80)
3-Sword chip attack on MarkCannonB (80)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflects damage)]
"Aye aye aye. Binary, you've been surroun-," Chris began, but heard Splashman strategizing for Binary in Chris' place. "Just do what Splashman says. I'll send you the Cornshot and the Sword. Use 'em well," he said, slotting in the two chips.

Splashman and Sabrina's conversation about using the Wideshot amused 1001 to the point where he was chuckling, which is pretty much the limit for expressing humor with 1001. Either way, he decided that the Champys would make better targets for a chip like the Cornshot, as its blast radius could usually be quite large. Either way, he prepared the Wood chip.

Before he attacked, however, 1001 used his Streamline ability, creating a noticible white aura around him. Then, he used his Untapped Power, making a royal purple aura around that. 1001 Was ready to open fire.

Then, all 1001 of the djinn Navi's eyes opened, the irises a bright yellow. From each eye shot a laser the same color, only this time, he didn't bother organizing the 1001 lasers into equal banks. This attack was all about attacking the viruses before they tried to attack him. As the yellow bolts flew through the two auras, they grew a white tail, and a purple tail from that tail. In fact, the lasers all flying around 1001 looked like a very flashy, but very deadly, lightshow. At once, they scattered away from 1001, making sure to not hit him. The lightshow of superpowered corn lasers impacted the two Champys, peppering the ground with small craters and blast marks. It was unknown whether or not the boxer viruses had survived the onslaught, but 1001 wasn't interested in them anymore. The MarkCannons needed some attention, and he was gonna give them attention.

1001 loaded the Sword Data. Expecting something simple, he was rather surprised when a massive sword about as tall as a couple Splashmans appeared, hovering in the air. Knowing that he would need all six hands for this baby, he grabbed its massive handle. It actually wasn't all that heavy, just overcompensatingly long. "You know, Chris, I would've preferred a simple scimitar or something," 1001 said, all six arms gripping the massive sword.

"What? I like big swords. Wait, that came out wrong," Chris said, facepalming himself really hard. He came out from behind his hand with a bloody nose. "Whoops. Anyway, just attack already, will you, so I won't have to worry about making any accidental sick comments," he exclaimed, holding a hanky he hand drawn from his pocket to his nose.

Sighing, 1001 let out a beastial battle cry, and charged into the MarkCannons, swinging the massive blade in every direction. Normally he would try and be a little more precise, but he just wanted to end the battle quickly.

*Untapped Power - +10 to Cornshot1
*Streamline - +10 to Cornshot1

1. Cornshot1 to Champys A and B (50+10=60 to both)

2. Sword to MarkCannonA (80)

3. Sword to MarkCannonB (80)
<(BUMP #1)>