We Demand a Mission!

Greetings, Global Network Administration Mission Coordinator,

I am Hideyoshi Serioroshi, operator of Kabuki.EXE. The two of us are skilled professionals in the world of kabuki. We have also been known, at times, as emissaries of justice and love, but just as importantly, entertainment and culture. With us comes Divina, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Happiness, and a new associate, Pirouette, who is a ballerina, and I am certain is also quite familiar with her craft.

We present you with a unique opportunity, Global Network Administration. You must now be marveling to have three navis so unique at your disposal, to assign missions as you choose: outstanding navis with world-views and talents unlike any you have previously delegated responsibilities to. We ask, then, that you offer a mission befitting associates of our caliber.

Keeping in mind that two out of three of our navis are dancers more so than fighters and that the third is really not a goddess in the omnipotent, all-powerful sense... Please choose the mission accordingly. Cash will satisfy as payment for Kabuki. I will allow the others to choose as they see fit.

I will be awaiting your prompt reply.


Hideyoshi Serioroshi
Hello, this is Hikari Takahashi, Divina's high priestess, and, for lack of a more accurate term, operator. While more money would be nice, I believe she would prefer to expand her selection of BattleChips now. Ideally, they would exclusively heal or defend. Anything that would otherwise qualify but can harm, such as Guard, would not be acceptable. I apologize in advance if this creates any difficulty in locating a mission for us.

May the blessings of Divina be upon you.

- Hikari Takahashi
I wish to confirm that my navi, Pirouette, will be accompanying Divina and Kabuki for the time being. There are no particular mission rewards that we are seeking specifically, so direct zenny would be ideal.

-Mikhail Norano
Hideyoshi and affiliates,

Please be advised that due to the large volume of requests, both by those looking for work and by those seeking help, our opportunity to perform a precise match between the talents of our applicants and clients is limited by specific criteria they provide. That said, we hope the following will be to all of your satisfaction.

Quote ()

I'm looking for a three-woman team to help me out in a SUPER-DUPER NIGHTMARE PINCH! I'm holding the first annual ELECTOPIA NET-IDOL CARNIVAL, but one of my groups was unable to attend! The situation is unfortunate, but thanks to a few beneficiaries I've been lucky enough to meet, I believe it will still be possible to treat Net-Idol fans to a SUNSHINEY NET-IDOL FIESTA the likes of which the Net has not yet seen! With your help, I will be making the hearts of fans around the world beat in DOKI DOKI FEVER TIME! Payment can be offered in the forms of GLORIOUS GLOBS of Zenny, or SCINTILLATING SAMPLES of Chips. Please note that actual dancing, singing, and/or idol experience is not required, but may come in REAL HANDY. ; D



Please respond if interested, and we will attach the mission coordinates.
Pirouette wishes to express her eagerness to try this... I am less convinced it is a good idea, but, she is the one accepting it after all.

Quite eager, aren't they? Lady Divina and I are not in business to deny someone happiness, so we accept.

- Hikari
My navi also wishes to accept. I have no idea what a "net-idol" is, but apparently, she does. I'm sure my sister will perform excellently, whatever the challenge. Dancing and singing are specialties of hers already, after all!


Hideyoshi Serioroshi
Hideyoshi, Hikari, and Mikhail,

Your response has been acknowledged. Please see the mission coordinates attached.

((First Annual Net-Idol Carnival))
Hideyoshi, Hikari, Mikhail,

Payment for your mission has been attached, as promised. Please claim the attached data.

Hideyoshi: 10,000z
Hikari: IronShield1, Candle2, Recov50
Mikhail: 10,000z
My little Pirouette was very upset by the mission, and did not wish to accept the payment money. Fortunately, I am the one picking it up in this case, so I accept and receive the reward, with thanks. Perhaps, in future, we will ask only for missions that do not involve terribly unsavoury types, yes?

-Mikhail Norano