Looking for an Experiment... or Mission?

Hello, GNA handler! I hope you're feeling energetic today. I'm Phero, a navi who specializes in distributing chemical compounds for a variety of purposes. That's my specialty, but I'm willing to try all kinds of new things! In fact, I don't really care about distributing compounds at all. I just want to enjoy helping others on a mission while hanging out with my new friends, Phase and HunterWoman! They'll be accompanying me on the mission too and will probably post here shortly.

It's hard to say what would be a mission well suited to us. We're all girls, if that helps you narrow it down? Two of us come from a scientific background, while HunterWoman is skilled at making rocks ricochet off one another just right to hit a bird out of the air! I haven't seen it myself, but it sounds like a practical ability to have, considering the danger the net sometimes poses. If it's a mission where I can meet even more new people, that would be great!

If you need more information from me, just let me know. Oh, and I want a support base! I was just thinking about it and it would probably come in handy when I don't have all these friends to keep me company.

With love,
Yep yep yep! Though, I can do more than shoot rocks. If it can be shot out of a crossbow, I can make the magic happen! And I can do things like track people and animals, and oh, if it helps for anything, my butt's kinda big for someone my size! And uh, open flame is probably a bad idea. I know I don't care for fire, and Phero looks kinda flammable, and Phase would probably be okay, but who wants fire in the face? Not me! I'm pretty open to whatever aside from that, though!

Huh? Oh right, rewards! I wouldn't mind some new chips, I don't think what I have is enough if I want to go after the big game! Let's see, what's stuff I'd like...

- NeedleCannon series (lots of sharp pointy Wood projectiles!)
- Spreader series (I can hit tons of things!)
- CornShot series (super neat trick shots, and it's Wood!)
- TriArrow series (so many arrows!)
- DoubleNeedle series (less arrows, but better arrows!)
- RollArrow series (painful arrows!)
- StarArrow series (ARROWS!)
- TwinFang series (not quite arrows, but they're pointy!)
- SideBamboo series (wait for things to look the other way, and STAB!)
- BusterUp series (I could go for some buster stuff!)
- Navi+20 series (even better buster stuff!)
- TrainArrow series (arrow buster stuff!)
- 3-Way (I can shoot all the arrows!)
- PiercingStrength (super strong arrows!)
- RiskyHoney series (I give this chip a solid beeeeeeeeee!)
- WoodAura series (I already have an aura of wood, now I can put it to work!)
- LeafShield (blocking and healing all on one chips, and it's Woooooooood!)
- Rope series (a hunter's gotta be able to trap stuff, am I right?)
- WhiteWeb series (see Rope!)
- FighterSword series (not overly me, but it just looks so awesome!)
- StepSword series (also looks awesome!)

Um, I don't need all of those, though! As long as I get at least one, I'll be happy! Though, if you want to give me more than one, I wouldn't say no!

- HunterWoman.EXE
Hiya! Um, I'm really sorry to let my friends down, but something's come up and my Operator and I won't be available for the mission. I hope that they can still accept something for just the two of them, though!

As always, you can withdraw your request for a mission with no penalty. If Phero and Hunterwoman are still seeking a mission, perhaps the attached will be acceptable. The potential rewards offered include some of the specific ones requested. Let us know if the attached is agreeable, and we will reply with coordinates.

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I'm looking for two gals to help me form a team to compete in the upcoming AD NET Beach Queens tournament! My operator tells me this is a high-profile tournament that will help me finally make my pro debut. Bad news is, I've only practiced solo, and I'm not part of a team. AD NET requires a team of three, or so I'm told. No prior experience required! With my awesome skills, I'll carry us to victory. It ought to be easy for any type of Navi, except maybe a fire Navi... since, y'know, it's at the beach. And if you're not confident in your beach bod, I guess that could be an issue. Not like we're modeling or anything, but again, it is gonna be on the beach!

Know what else? I heard there's a reward just for participating to the end! You can win stuff like zenny, support bases, and battlechips. I've attached a list of battlechips, in case that's a chosen reward... I think you get to pick more than one? Not sure on that part. Not only that, but I hear there are additional rewards to be had, so come ready to give it your all! Might as well go for broke, right?

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you! Help make my surfing dreams come true!

Hang ten,


I'm sad that I'm not going to get to do a mission with Phase... we'll have lots of fun on the beach this time and that way, whenever we do get to go to the beach with Phase, we'll know exactly how to have the most fun!

With that said, I accept. I love the beach! I don't know what an AD NET Beach Queen is, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I'm pretty comfortable in a swimsuit too... especially considering my navi suit is kind of a swimsuit!

Honestly, I like the forest more than the beach, but whatever this Beach Queens Tournament is, I'm super in! We'll have fun and clean house! ...Are there houses in Beach Net? Wait, why am I being a janitor again? Because that's kinda gross. Also, no Phase is rough...but I guess that means more fun for me and Phero! Bring it on!

- HunterWoman.EXE
You two sound prepared for the task ahead. Please proceed to the attached coordinates with haste to avoid keeping your client waiting.

((Topic open in Beach Net.))