Detectives Looking For Any Work

Hello, Administrators,

My name is Sleuth and my work is the same: I am a detective by trade. I am also excellent at all manner of games, composing the odd short poem, narrating the works of others, baking biscuits, consuming large quantities of biscuits, riding horses (bareback or saddle), and magic tricks involving slight of hand. That is an abridged list, of course, but my goal is to illustrate that my partner, Mata, and I are suited for whatever bizarre task you may choose to place before us.

However! We have a special request this time. We would like to work with a NetPolice officer, or for, preferably one with some seniority. If you can indulge us in this matter, please do. Withdrawing that portion of the request. I will explain in due time, Mata.

Cash is just fine as a reward. It's boring, but it's necessary, like so many things in life unfortunately are.

Thank you and cheerio!
Detective, eh? I think this request might pique your interest, then...

Quote (Request)

I'm unsure if non-Navis can make requests, but I have quite the situation...I am the caretaker for a homepage. A couple of years ago, the Navi that owned it passed away, and ever since then, I have been maintaining it rigorously. Recently, however, viruses have entered, that's not quite right. They're more like...virus ghosts. This would normally not be a problem, as I am the only one presently able to access the homepage, but I had been considering opening it to the public, possibly even turning it into a novelty inn for Navis. Thus, I would like someone to find a way to get rid of the virus ghosts, or at least find a way to ensure that they cannot harm anyone. I'm afraid I can't offer anything but money, but my master Navi was a bit eccentric, and there might be additional things in the mansion that even I'm unaware of...if someone found them, they would be welcome to keep them.

- Mr. Prog, serial number #966728820447

Let us know if you are both interested in this mission.

- Global Network Administration
A chance to mingle with ghosts and pilfer an abandoned house for curiosities? It sounds splendid! I will even have the mystery of the ghosts to keep me occupied... An adventure! And wouldn't it be terrific if the ghosts turned out to be imposters and I managed to debunk them? But then, ghosts on the net may very well fall outside the realm of the supernatural, wanting explanation, and back into the realm of simple science. I will ponder how to archive this in my memoirs later, perhaps after the fact.

I would be happy to help the little sirrah. I'm sure my noble companion has no particular complaints with spooks or ghouls, but I shall defer and allow her to make her own response.

I'm alright with this...Though I am more curious as to why we had to change the mission.

Nonetheless, Ghosts are nothing more than data fragments that failed to be completely deleted, nothing more! Let's get this mission started!

Very well, here are coordinates to the location, and P-Codes with which to access to it.

- Global Network Administration

ATTACHMENT (for Sleuth): Coordinates.DAT, OldHouse P-Code
ATTACHMENT (for Mata): Coordinates.DAT, OldHouse P-Code

(Homepage coming up soon!)
Very good! I shall depart for that place immediately, then.

I wish to report the successful completion of our mission, as the ghosts that once plagued the mansion are now gone and are unlikely ever to return. A bang-up job, if I do say so myself! Unfortunately, I was separated from Miss Mata a short way into the mansion and never managed to find her again... I can only assume that she jacked out. She never returned to the mansion, at any rate.

After polishing off a satisfying mystery, my chief concern now is my compensation! Has the little fellow made good on the cash reward I was promised for undertaking this endeavor?

The mission requestor has given us a report outlining your success, as well as a message to pass on to you. Here is the message:

Quote (To Miss Sleuth)

Thank you so, so much for getting rid of the ghosts. I checked several of the rooms after the NetPolice guy came and took the HeelNavi away. Though, I wonder how he got through the doors with icicles for hands...but I digress. I checked out everything in a couple of rooms, and there were no ghosts. And you even managed to solve the puzzle the late master left behind. Maybe now this house can begin to move on. But I don't think I'm going to look for new ownership just...I think I'll need a little more time before I can even think about that. Again, words can't really describe how grateful I am for all your help and hard work with everything. Oh, how's your friend? We never did find her. I hope she's okay...

I'm sure you have other things you need to be doing, so I'll wrap this up. I hope you find the payment acceptable, and I'll be sure to tell all my friends about you, so they'll hire you if they need any mystery solving. Until then, take care!

- Mr. Prog

Attached to the message was cash data. It is attached to this message.

- Global Network Admin