One Tough Job

This posting concerns a job request by one of our valued business partners, Halstead Dataworks. The client has mandated this request to be open to all volunteers, but the GNA warns that this is an otherwise hazardous mission normally served only to S-Rank License holders. As such, the GNA cannot be held liable for any damages incurred to participants.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer for this assignment please post here, and include your E-Mail address and expected minimum pay for services rendered. Volunteers will be screened after applying, and those that pass will be contacted individually. Those that are selected to participate will be given the details of the mission, and are free to accept or decline at that time.

Best of luck to you. -- Mission Board Administrator

If this mission is as dangerous as you say, then it is impossible for me to suggest a specific payment without first hearing the details. That said, I shall require that it at least be on a hazard-grade pay level.[color=5A6351][/color]


Well, I don't know about him, but how about an SP?

This is Vincent Strife, I'd like to offer my services alongside my Navi, Lucia for help with this job. Our requested minimum payment is a simple Support Program Base, any other rewards would simply be an added benefit. You can contact me at should you accept my offer or have any questions.
To the Mission Board Administrator,
I believe it would be an eye-opening experience for my Navigator, Rhea, to parttake in this mission. I fully understand the underlying consequences, as well as the indemnity clause as stated in your offer. Your acceptance is kindly appreciated.

With regards to the reward, 10,000 zenny or any reward of equivalent value would suffice for the implied danger level of the mission.
- Camillia Ranbard

I would like to offer my aid and expertise to the mission. Attached is the e-mail address for your perusal.
- Rhea.EXE

An exciting mission? Count me in!
- Harley.SP

Burt J. Blanchard's email at

It'd be beneficial to everyone involved if you let my disciple, Exorcist, come along. She's a people person, very friendly, interested in spreading the saving grace of Counterinfectualism, and a hard worker! Her exact measurements are [REDACTED].

I'll take my payment in the form of an SP base! Nothing less will do!

~Burt J. Blanchard
So I noticed this request was still up, does this mean you're still recruiting?

My names Rei Tylien, and my navigator Sylk.exe noticed this post and wanted to take a crack at it. She's a strong one so I'm confident we will do well to aid the cause. As far as a reward goes, I'd like to hear more about the details before giving a solid response. We'd like an SP at least, but if its as tough as you say some zenny on top of that would be requested. We can negotiate this later, of course.

You can contact me here:

- Rei Tylien & Sylk.EXE
Ok, this post is entirely OOC. With that out of the way, I can no longer run missions or mod or post in general. I'm ending the mission here, and all participants will get 7,500 Zenny and a Recover80. In IC terms, the Cybeast managed to escape, ending the threat to the company. With no threat and no way to complete the contract, you were paid a small amount for showing up and helping, and then send home. That is all.