The Kart Arena!

Good afternoon!

We are pleased to announce the beta testing of a possible brand new event here at the Colosseum: The Kart Arena!

Come test your driving prowess in one of several styles of carts on our test track! Experience the thrill of the air racing through your hair as you speed around sharp turns and blow through straight-aways with exciting speed!

The arena will be open to the first 4 people who sign up, so be sure to get in quickly if you want to be sure you have a spot!

There may or may not be further tests to help refine the system even further, so if you don't make it in this time, don't fret! You could still have a chance to help mold the arena into something great!

Test Arena Registration Form

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Net-Op Name:
Navi Name:
Element/Type: (Navi's Element and Type)
Level: (Navi Level)
Event: (The name of the event you're signing up for.)
Entry Fee: (Fill in the amount, and hand over the payment with the form)

Event Summary

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Event: Kart Arena Test
Difficulty: Unknown
Participants: 4
Requirements: None

Registration Fee: Free
Purse: 1000z for first place, 750z for the runners up.

Overview: Four racers shall speed around a track in their karts, and attempt to win the race. Obstacles and items will present challenges for the racers to overcome. The data collected will serve to better the system and create a more balanced and enjoyable system as a whole.

Edit: It seems I was hasty in my announcement, and that in my rush I completely missed the page pertaining to the perks of helping test! My sincere apologies to all who were confused.
Net-Op Name: Ceres Notara
Navi Name: Enigma.EXE
Element/Type: Null/Recovery
Level: Currently 6, though will likely be 9 or 10 by the time this event begins.
Event: Kart Arena Test
Entry Fee: N/A
Net-Op Name: Kedamono Kodarashi
Navi Name: Koumori.exe
Element/Type: Normal/Recovery
Level: 1
Event: Kart Arena Test
Entry Fee: N/A