Druidman: RelaxationKing

A slight wind gusted across the net, and a small flurry of leaves swooshed into the area. Collecting into a solid mass with a humanoid shape, they burst loose once more, revealing... DruidMan, followed by a shower of embers as Simurgh burst into life.

Sim swooped and landed on Druidman's shoulder as he stood upright. "Well, dude, I guess there IS a Rogue Net here, too, man."

"Beats jacking into a solid wall, I guess." Steve replied with a laugh.

"Yeah, great, man." Druidman replied, not sharing the humor. "Well, let's relax!" he said as he strode off into the bright shining lights of the unknown.
The shining, flashing lights of the NetVegas network entertained DruidMan as he walked along with no destination in mind. However, the atmosphere of the Rogue Net was significantly subdued compared to the usual gambling hotspot. Several minutes of exploring later, DruidMan came across a group of viruses lingering in a desert-like area. They turned to face the Navi and were not pleased to see him. A duo of sinister looking candles, a large pot and some diminutive round viruses were approaching DruidMan!

HauntedCandle2A: 200HP
HauntedCandle2B: 200HP
ThunderDragon: 230HP
KarmaA: 170HP
KarmaB: 170HP

Terrain: 25% Normal, 75% Sand

DruidMan: 450HP
Simurgh: 80HP

Battle 1 Start!
"Hm." Steve mused. "There's some viruses there." he thumbed through his chips. "Okay. Here, Druidman. Focus on those candle things. They look rather nasty."

"Right on, dude." Druidman said. "Let's do this."

"Oh, by they way, I changed your magic a bit. Mostly streamlined it and removed some inefficient uses of mana." Steve added.

Druidman rolled his eyes. "I like how you wait until I'm right in the thick of battle until you tell me, man."

Regardless, Druidman took up a battle stance and drew his scimitar. "I bet that those candles are just lumps of wax that will melt away easily." he announced, "With the right persuasion, that is, dude!" and with that, he began to swing his sword around, so rapidly that it seemed as if little globs of the steel were being flung off of the blade. This was technically the case, as the blade had become tacky and malleable due to his battlechip's power infused with it. With a quick jab, a giant blob of liquidy metal goo was launched into the virus ranks.

Now Druidman lifted his other hand, where a duo of pointed leaves pointed themselves outward, and they glistened with a strange light; they had become as hard as enamel. "Chew on this, virii-dudes!" was the cheery battlecry Druidman offered as he launched the twin fangs at the pair of Karmas.

Druidman then began to roll his arms together in front of his chest, so fast that sparks seemed to fly from them. This was reinforced by the fact that sparks WERE flying from them, swirling around into a circular shape wreathed around his forearms. Leaning back, then flinging his upper body and arms forward, Druidman unleashed a mighty series of electrical bolts from his hands.

Not one to simply stop now, Druidman bum rushed the center of the virus rank with a drawn back fist. His fist seemed to grow and harden, it was empowered by the earth. Druidman struck down with a mighty blow that would leave a crater in it's wake.

1.)MetaGel2 Battlechip to HauntedCandle2A/B/ThunderDragon. (130AquaX2+Slow/130AquaX2+Slow/130Aqua+Slow)
2.)Twinfang2 Battlechip to KarmaA/B. (100Norm+100Norm)
3.)ElecReel1 Battlechip to ThunderDragon/KarmaA/B. (80Elec/80Elec/80Elec)
4.)GolemHit2 Battlechip to ThunderDragon. (190Norm+Break+PanelBreak)
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
6.)Reserved for Dodging.

1.)Reserved for Dodging.
DruidMan started off with the metallic goo-blob attack, which hit the Haunted Candles dead-on, mostly because of their immobility. The ThunderDragon took the attack as well, which prompted it to snarl and attack, which DruidMan dodged easily. The Karma lifted their sticks and sent two hockey pucks flying everywhere, but not really hitting the druidic warrior. Their attacks were answered by DruidMan's twin fang attack, which hit one and missed the other. Then, he let out a devastating electrical attack from his hands, hitting a Karma and the ThunderDragon. Finally, he finished up with a crushing fist attack, deleting the dragon in the pot. However, once he finished his attack, he found that he was stuck in the sandy area, hampering his movements!

HauntedCandle2A: DELETED
HauntedCandle2B: DELETED
ThunderDragon: DELETED
KarmaB: 170HP

Terrain: 25% Normal, 65% Sand, 10% Broken

DruidMan: 450HP [on sand]
Simurgh: 80HP
Druidman shrugged. He still had one more enemy to destroy. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate, murmuring chilling words.

From nothingness, he reached and pulled free a club-like branch of frostwood, one of the more hardy evergreens of the northern Sharo wastes. Encasing the mighty club was an icy shell that glittered even in this desert without much chance of melting. Druidman jogged up to the remaining Karma, pulled back his arm and roared, "SHIVERING FROST FORCE!!!" as he swung the club forward, smashing it into something and spaying icy slush everywhere, coating the immediate area.

Next, Druidman back flipped out of the way, once more closing his eyes, chanting. The hot desert sun seemed to darken as a desert storm approached, rumbling thunder and flashing wicked jags of electrical impulses across it's blackened surface. Druidman's eyes flashed with similar energy as he called upward. "DRIVING STORM FORCE!!!" and called down a swift bolt of lightning. Druidman sunk his hands down into the sand and pulled up a sharp broken piece of petrified wood, and hurled it after the lone virus.

1.)Shivering Frost Force to KarmaB. (20Wood+40Aqua+Freeze+Small Terrain Change: Ice)
2.)Driving Storm Force to KarmaB. (60ElecX2IceTerrain+40Wood)
3.)Reserved for dodging.
4.)Reserved for dodging.
5.)Reserved for dodging.
6.)Reserved for dodging.

1.)Reserved for dodging.
DruidMan's combo attack of frost and shock causes the Karma to give up living and ascend to Nirvana.

HauntedCandle2A: DELETED
HauntedCandle2B: DELETED
ThunderDragon: DELETED

Terrain: 25% Normal, 65% Sand, 10% Broken

DruidMan: 450HP [on sand]
Simurgh: 80HP

Battle 1 - Victory!
Rewards: 3400z, 50 BugFrags
Collecting his rewards, with Sim pecking away at some of the leftover data, Druidman smiled and continued on his way to relaxation.

((Battle 2))
Going further into Rogue NetVegas, some lights blinked from under him. The terrain then changed to a nice grassy setting, a boon for nature-aligned DruidMan. Then, he found a rather strange incident taking place. Three yellow birds were chirping happily as they ate from what seemed to be huge bags of candy. The birds spotted Druidman and his familiar, Sim. They squawked angrily at Sim, probably thinking that the SP was coming to steal their food, readying themselves for battle. Then, the bags of candy suddenly sprang to life! It seems that they, too, were viruses for Druidman to delete.

Bag 'O Candy2A: 200HP
Bag 'O Candy2B: 200HP
Bag 'O Candy2C: 200HP
Fishy2A: 150HP
Fishy2B: 150HP
Fishy2C: 150HP

Terrain: 100% Random (Now 100% Grass)

DruidMan: 450HP
Simurgh: 80HP

((I'm experimenting. I'm gonna write this in the style of a children's book, I think.))

Druidman looked at the candy. It looked tasty. Druidman looked at they birds. They looked tasty. "I want some bird soup and some melty candy." He told his friend Sim, who chirped in agreement.

"Oh dear, dude!" Druidman said. "I have no metal to make a pot to cook my soup with!" Sim looked at Druidman sadly. Then Druidman remembered that he knew magic. How lucky for him! Druidman called to the Spirit of Steel.

"Oh hey, Spirit of Steel. It's me, Druidman. I need a favor, dude. I want to eat some bird soup, but I have no metal pot to cook soup in!"

And so the Spirit of Steel sent down three globs of sticky metal for Druidman to shape into pots to cook bird soup with.

Satisfied, Druidman began to think about his metly candies. "But, oh no!" Druidman said to Sim. "I have no fire to melt my candies! Not melted candies don't taste as good, man." Sim looked at Druidman sadly. Then Druidman remembered that he knew magic. How lucky for him! Druidman called to the Spirit of Fire.

"Yort, Spirit of Fire. It's me, Druidman. Hey, can you do me a favor? I want some melted candies, but I have no fire to melt the candies with, dude."

But the Spirit of Fire was a stubborn spirit. It did not want to give it's fire away so easily.

"Please, Spirit of Fire. I really want some melty candy. Regular candy doesn't taste the same."

The Spirit of Fire agreed, but still did not help.

"Pretty please, spirit-dude? Melty candy is so delicious. If anyone saw me eating not melted candy, they would wonder why you did not help me melt it. They might think you are weak or a meanie."

The Spirit of Fire certainly didn't want people to think he was a meanie! And so he sent down three of the biggest, heaviest fires it could muster down to melt all of DruidMan's candy.

Moving back to check on his soup, Druidman was shocked when he remembered he didn't put any water to make his soup! "Oh no! I do not have any water to make broth for my bird soup, dude!" Sim looked at Druidman sadly. Then Druidman remembered that he knew magic. How lucky for him! Druidman called to the Spirit of Water.

"Oh hey there, Spirit of Water. This is Druidman. Remember me? I want to make some bird soup, but I don't have any water to make broth with, man! I'll have dry bird! This will not do!"

And so the Spirit of Water sent down three bucketfuls of water down to make some broth for bird soup.

Now that Druidman was looking forward to both melted candy and bird soups, he decided to get his plate ready for when they were done. "Oh no! I don't have anything to eat these treats with! I am very poorly prepared, man." Sim looked at Druidman sadly. Then Druidman got the drill.

"Oh hey, Spirit of Steel. It's me again. Listen, thanks for the pots and all, but could you spare me a plate or something too, dude? I forgot mine."

The Spirit of Steel rolled it's eyes and sent down a large bowl like plate for Druidman to eat with, which Druidman picked up and began to carry, with Sim following happily behind him.

1.)MetaGel2 Battlechip to Fishy2A/B/C. (130AquaX2+Slow/130AquaX2+Slow/130AquaX2+Slow)
2.)Charge Battlechip.
3.)Charge Battlechip.
4.)Magnum1 Battlechip to BagOCandy2A/B/C. (120FireX2Terrain+Break+PanelBreak/120FireX2Terrain+Break+PanelBreak/120FireX2Terrain+Break+PanelBreak)
5.)Wideshot1 Battlechip Fishy2A/B/C. (60AquaX2/60AquaX2/60AquaX2)
6.)Guard2 Battlechip to Self. (120Reflect)
T.)Grass Terrain: HP Regen.

1.)Reserved for Dodging.
((You, sir, are awesome.))

Druidman wants some food, but he doesn't have anything to cook it in! He calls the Spirit of Steel. The Spirit of Steel makes pots for Druidman to cook in, but Druidman had no fire to cook his food!

He calls the Spirit of Fire. The Spirit of Fire makes fire for Druidman to cook his food, but Druidman has no water to make the soup!

He calls the Spirit of Water. The Spirit of Water makes water for Druidman to make the soup, but Druidman has no plate to put his food in!

He calls the Spirit of Steel again. The Spirit of Steel makes a plate for Druidman to put his food in.

Now Druidman is ready to eat some food! He cooks the birds in his pots. He melts the candy to eat his food with. Then, he eats the food until he is full. Now Druidman is happy.

Bag 'O Candy2A: Melted
Bag 'O Candy2B: Melted
Bag 'O Candy2C: Melted
Fishy2A: Cooked
Fishy2B: Cooked
Fishy2C: Cooked

Terrain: 100% Random (Now 100% Grass)

DruidMan: 450HP
Simurgh: 80HP

Yummy yummy! Cooking is fun! The candy Druidman ate had wrappers, and he collected the shiny wrappers. They are pretty. Druidman sees some words on the shiny wrappers. They read, [CandyBomb2 Battlechip], [3500z] and [54 Bugfrags]! These must be prizes for Druidman!

CandyBomb2 -
Damage: 70/20
Accuracy: D/S
Description: Creates a piece of candy with a lit fuse. When eaten, heals the user immediately for 70 then deals the user 20 damage at the end of the battle. Can also be thrown to deal 70 to a target.
Duration: Once
Element: None
Now full of delisousness, Druidman continued on his merry way.

((Battle 3))
Onwards to yet more victories, Druidman found himself in a bit of a sticky situation. Looking down, he found himself ankle-deep in quicksand! His surrounding area was sand, as well, though everything around him looked fine and dry. Then, some viruses appeared from the darkness of the Rogue Net, snickering slightly at their newly captured 'prey'. One of them looked to be guarding something... oh, a shiny diamond!

N.O-2A: 150HP
N.O-2B: 150HP
N.O-2C: 150HP
Megalian-WA: 180HP {WoodAura 80}
Megalian-WB: 180HP {WoodAura 80}
Megalian-WC: 180HP {WoodAura 80} (Guarding Mystery Data)
Mystery Data: 30HP

Terrain: 10% Quicksand, 90% Sand

DruidMan: 450HP [on Quicksand! Use Action(s) to escape!]
Simurgh: 80HP
"Sim, help me, dude!" Druidman called, and, loyally, Sim spiraled downwards out of the sky. Druidman held up his arms, careful not to move excessively, and felt Sim's talons sink into the leather of his armor. Sim began to flap to get leverage for Druidman, and with a mighty, fluid motion, Druidman kicked himself upwards, leaving a blast of natural magic behind, spreading a lush meadow outwards to cover the quicksand and the surrounding desert.

As Sim let go of his arms, Druidman spun around to face his new oppressors. "Oh, Auras, huh, man?" he commented.

"Don't sweat it, Druidman. We've got plenty of firepower to muscle our way through these guys." Steve reassured him, inserting several powerful chips into his PET.

"Right on." Druidman replied, holding up his left hand, with a trio of erect leaves pointing forwards, curling and hardening into a slightly red hue, Druidman flung his wrist, launching the leaves, which tore through the air, screaming like three guided missiles, which broke formation and hurtled towards their glowing green targets.

"You're not going to forget about those other guys, right, Druidman?" Steve inquired.

"Ummmmm, NO." Druidman replied as he drew his scimitar and stabbed it into the ground, channeling heat magic into the blade. Flames began to spark to life at the hilt, dripping downwards into the cut earth, pulsing into the land until it could take no more... and exploded violently upwards in a line, right at the position of the NO viruses.

"Hm, desert-like conditions, grass, and fire... Don't want to start a ripsnorter, dude!" Druidman commented as he pulled the blade from the ground and held it parallel to himself as a small hiss of steam issued from the blade; water was beginning to appear in small rivulets across it's surface. Druidman pushed forward on the blade with both hands, launching a wide surge of water after the NO viruses, as well.

1.)Get out of Quicksand/Grasszone Battlechip. (Large Terrain Change: Grass)
2.)Charge Battlechip.
3.)Charge Battlechip.
4.)Magnum1 Battlechip to Megalian-WA/B/C. (120FireX2Terrain+Break+PanelBreak/120FireX2Terrain+Break+PanelBreak/120FireX2Terrain+Break+PanelBreak)
5.)Flameline1 Battlechip to N.O-2A/B/C. (70FireX2Terrain/70FireX2Terrain/70FireX2Terrain)
6.)Wideshot1 Battlechip to N.O-2A/B/C. (60Aqua/60Aqua/60Aqua)

1.)Pull Druidman out of Quicksand.
Druidman quickly resolved the Quicksand problem as he changed the majority of the battlefield into a large, well, field. The Megalians then quickly die of fiery assault. The N.O weren't too happy about it and fired some quick bursts of energy towards the druid, with two of them hitting true. (160: Druidman) One beam missed Druidman, but hit his poor bird familiar instead! Luckily, the fire didn't do enough damage to delete Sim outright, but it did initiate her EJO routine. Damn, that did some serious damage right there. Druidman followed up with a double assault of fire and water, deleting two and damaging one enough to scald it permanently.

N.O-2A: 10HP
N.O-2C: IN
Megalian-WA: HELL-
Megalian-WB: FIRE
Megalian-WC: BITCHES
Mystery Data: 30HP

Terrain: 25% Grass, 15% Normal, 20% Broken, 40% Sand

DruidMan: 290HP
Simurgh: EJO
"Sim!" Druidman moaned. Luckily, he knew that she was still with him, only her physical manifestation was destroyed. Once she had the spiritual strength to reform, she would.

However, that may take a little while. Druidman looked at the single remaining virus with severe irritation. He reached into his belt pouch and removed a pair of knobbly spheres, which he lobbed carefully at the remaining, weak, scalded virus.

Druidman also felt stronger. Mother Nature was soothing his wounds.

1.)Energybomb Battlechip to N.O-2A. (40NormX3)
2.)Energybomb Battlechip to N.O-2A. (40NormX3)
3.)Recov30 Battlechip to self. (30Recovery)
4.)Reserved for Dodging.
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
6.)Reserved for Dodging.
T.)Grass Terrain: HP Regen.
The NO exploded, simple as that. Shiny things emerge. Except for the GMD, that turned out to be a dud, and exploded in his face. Poor Druidman.

N.O-2C: IN
Megalian-WA: HELL-
Megalian-WB: FIRE
Megalian-WC: BITCHES
Mystery Data: 30HP

Terrain: 25% Grass, 15% Normal, 20% Broken, 40% Sand

DruidMan: 200HP
Simurgh: EJO

Battle 3 - Victory!
- 3600z
- Bomb! -90HP
"Gah! What kind of dick leaves bombs laying around in MD?" Steve yelped.

Druidman coughed a bit, and shrugged. "The same kind that filled the internet with a neverending horde of viruses?"

"Oh. Yeah." Steve replied sheepishly.

And Druidman continued his hike, walking a bit gingerly.

((Battle 4))
Druidman went on into the Rogue Net to find more viruses to bust. When he got there, he found exactly what he was looking for: Viruses. They looked kind of frightened for some reason. Then, their reason looked pretty apparent. A giant rolling wave of panels was looming in the background, threatening to engulf anything in its path.

Might want to finish this one quick.

ElecMechA: 200HP
ElecMechB: 200HP
ElecMechC: 200HP
Gaia+A: 200HP
Gaia+B: 200HP
Gaia+C: 200HP

Terrain: 100% Random
- 75% Normal
- 25% Crushing Wave Terrain (2 Turns from Impact)

DruidMan: 200HP

"Druidman! Act fast!" Steve implored his Navi. ((LOL)) "There's a wave-a comin'!"

"I can see that, dude!" Druidman noted dryly, though with a faint hint of panic edged on his voice.

Steve was rapidly slotting some chips into his PET. "We don't have time to be discrete, Druidman. Let's just nuke 'em." he added, as he had selected some of the strongest chips in his arsenal to support his Navi.

"Right on, man!" Druidman said, taking a moment to focus on his mastery of nature to manipulate the area around him. "Rampant Growth Force!" he shouted, and, in response, a lush grove of thick, healthy grass blossomed forth around him.

Hefting up his large, gauntleted, left arm, Druidman channeled the force of the first chip Steve sent him into it. This is a well tried combination, but, as Steve had mentioned, better to go with something old that works than risk getting smashed while being creative. There would be plenty of time to experiment when he wasn't about to be swallowed up by a freak of nature LAND tidal wave.

Launching three conic, guided, fiery projectiles from his left hand, Druidman simultaneously reached for his scimitar with his right. Drawing it free from it's scabbard, he began to channel the second chip into it's cool steel surface.

Gripping the handle with both hands, now, Druidman felt the blade wilt slightly. Knowing that this meant the chip was working, Druidman whipped the sagging metal frame around behind him, and, as the metal takes on a final, gelatinous consistency, made a wild and mighty swing arcing over his head, launching globs of sticky metal all over.

Again, not wasting time, and holding the empty handle of his scimitar in his right hand once more, Druidman quickly spun the handle around the other way as the blade magically sprung back into existence. Not stopping with his movement, as the blade finished reforming, it's tip cut into the ground and sunk a few inches below the soft surface. Druidman's eyes flared up a rather bright shade of crimson as the blade immolated itself in flames.

"Peace out, dudes!" Druidman taunted as he focused the power of the fire into the ground, willing it to blast upwards underneath the unsuspecting viruses.

1.)Rampant Growth Force. (Large area Grass Terrain shift)
2.)Charge Magnum1.
3.)Charge Magnum1.
4.)Magnum1 Battlechip to Gaia+A/B/C. [120Fire(x2Terrain)(x3Break?)+Break+PanelBreak/120Fire(x2Terrain)(x3Break?)+Break+PanelBreak/120Fire(x2Terrain)(x3Break?)+Break+PanelBreak]
5.)MetaGel2 Battlechip to ElecMechA/B/C. (120Aqua+Slow/120Aqua+Slow/120Aqua+Slow)
6.)Flameline1 Battlechip to ElecMechA/B/C. [70Fire(x2Terrain)/70Fire(x2Terrain)/70Fire(x2Terrain)]
T.) Grass: HP Regen.
And so, as was often performed, DruidMan produced life upon the panels, then used it for kindle as he released fiery death upon the trio of Gaia+. However...something wrong occurred. Maybe he misaimed. Maybe he didn't press A at the right time. Whatever it was, the meteoric trio slammed into the earth, obliterating all that was there...but as a result, nothing was obliterated save for the ground itself. The statue viruses seemed as stunned as anyone, shocked that they were granted a reprieve. Between that and the terror over the incoming wave, they failed to realize they could attack, and therefore, er, didn't.

On the plus side, MetaGel worked flawlessly, enveloping the trio of ElecMechs to slow their movement. Before they could regroup, fire erupted from beneath them, burning the sword viruses to ash. Now, DruidMan should do something about those Gaia before he finds out about an alternate definition of 'power of the earth'...

Gaia+A: 200HP
Gaia+B: 200HP
Gaia+C: 200HP

Terrain: 100% Random
- 30% Grass
- 15% Soil (former location of ElecMech)
- 15% Normal
- 15% Broken (area directly in front of Gaia+)
- 25% Crushing Wave Terrain (1 Turn from Impact)

DruidMan: 225HP