HP+50, Floatshoes, & Airshoes for Sale!

To anyone interested, I have a few spare NCPs up for sale. I'm willing to haggle a bit with some of the prices, but the offers are already below stock price.

HP+50: 4000z
Floatshoes: 2000z
Airshoes: 3000z

EDIT: Sold!

If you're interested in any of these, feel free to shoot me a message!

-Mazer Patrovski
A fortuitous time to check this section! My little Pirouette has been interested in acquiring more shoe programs recently, and your pricing seems very fair. She is quite busy at the moment, and has asked not to be disturbed, but I think that these mgiht make a very nice present and a surprise for her when she returns! If I may, I'd like to buy both your AirShoes and FloatShoes programs for your full asking price.

-Mikhail Norano

ATTCH: [5000[s]z[/s]]
Excellent! I know they'll serve Pirouette well, MachMan can personally attest to their usefulness.


((Offer Accepted))
What year is it?!

Mazer GET: 5000z / Mazer LOSE: [AirShoes] [FloatShoes] NCPs
Mikhail GET: [AirShoes] [FloatShoes] NCPs / Mikhail LOSE: 5000z

- TempoMan.EXE
Thank you once again, and you also, trader, for officiating this for us.