Charge+1 up for sale

Hello navis and operators of the net, my name is koumori.exe and I have a part that, quite frankly, I do not wish to keep.

This Navi cust part is a Charge+1, I prefer my attacks to have more...speed, if you will, than just brute power, I would like to sell this for around half the price as if you got it in the navi shop, but a couple of chips might sway my opinion.

I will not be able to put this part up for some time as my netop has taken on a mission for the police, and she is quite preocupied testing a game system, go figure, so, please give me your offers and i'll thank about it and i'll have my netop get the part up as soon as she possibly can.

Trade you 1300z for it.

Alright. I could use the money. It's a deal. I'll get it up for you once my navi is finished fighting.
-Kedamono Kodarashi
Alright, here you go. A charge+1 for you.

Attached: Charge+1
sweet. here's my half.


[attached: 1300z]
Everything looks like it's in order and the transaction is in agreement. Finalizing the trade.

Kedamono LOSES: Charge +1 / GAINS: 1300z

Desmond LOSES: 1300z / GAINS: Charge +1

All set. Contact me when you need further assistance!

thanks. got it.

Thank you. This will be helpful for later, Des, like with the spice deal we had a while ago. Again, thank you. And thank you too Tempoman.
Uhm...hello again. This is Kedamono again and I have two more navicust parts that I have to sell. My attack+1 and Rapid+1 navicust parts are currently not being used right now, seeing as how our chips are our main source of damage to viruses and she doesn't use her buster much and I would like a Speed upgrade for her soon to increase her damage output in a shorter amount of time. I would prefer zenny over anything else, but chips and zenny I can also deal with.
How about 1300z for that Attack+1?

-Sabrina Jetto
Alright then. Deal.

Attached: Attack+1 NCP
Okay, sweet.

-Sabrina Jetto
Things look straight and set. I'll be finalizing this trade

Kedamono LOSES: [Attack+1] NCP
Kedamono GAINS: 1300z

Sabrina LOSES: 1300z
Sabrina GAINS: [Attack+1] NCP

Everything all set now. You guys have a good day.

Ohhh! Thank you so much! I needed this badly!
Uhm, just to remind those who favor navicust parts over battle chips, I have a Rapid+1 I am still willing to trade at the moment, I would prefer zenny, but, I would also take chips along with a small amount of zenny, if possible.
Ok, since that the new buster systems have come online and that there are no more Buster NC programs, my rapid+1 is no longer available for trade, but, I do have a Shield NC program for sale, I am willing to let it go for either something like a bubbler or 1500-2000z.

*Yukika.EXE is currently engaged in combat*