The City Sleeps in a Fairy Tale

A column of red light crashed through one layer of the net before slamming to a halt on the next area. Still in a daze, Red slowly took a look around before shrugging. Maybe she was just dreaming, yes, that could be it.

With another yawn, the fairy-tale fighter ruffled her striped pajamas, tucked her pillow under elbow, and held Myun's hand as they traversed through the electronic wonderland.

[Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 250 HP]
[Myun.SP: 115 HP]
[Rogue Battle 1]
Traveling through the metallic landscape, it wasn't long before the crimson crusader and her pet found something to play with. A rumble on the metal echoed through the area, signifying a trio of Armadill rolling on the hard floor noisily, heading straight for the team!

Armadill2 A: 160 HP [Ironbody]
Armadill2 B: 160 HP [Ironbody]
Armadill2 C: 160 HP [Ironbody]

-- ALLIES --
Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 250 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP

100% Metal

Red blinked a bit more as the Armadills rushed toward her. Letting out a small yawn, the fairy-tale fighter macked her lips while Myun bounced back and forth, putting up her dukes while ready for action.

"Mmm~ Rolling doughnuts~" Red giggled, drooling at the thought of three giant chocolate donuts heading straight toward her.

"Huh? Still asleep? Eh... well, I guess I could work with this," Shin chuckled, sending in a couple of chips. "Myun get away from Red, I've got an idea on how to deal with this," Shin suggested. The boxing bunny nodded in reply, hopping out of the attack path of the Armadills.

"Now uh, Red, these things have been rolling for a while, so I doubt they're actually sanitary. You're gonna have to whack them away first," Shin explained, drawing out the plan for his listless navi. "So um, just wait until they come to you and whack them onto a plate or something, yeah?"

"Mmm~ Okaaaay~" Red replied cheerfully, still in a daze. Her subroutines acted up, hardening her pajamas into armor and granting them a shade of deep red.

Yawning once more, the natural maiden scrounged around the inside of her pillow before pulling out a track-and-field hammer with a loud *THUNK* on the ground. Blinking some more, Red held onto the chain end of the hammer while the Armadills approached her.

The moment they got close, Red let out a small laugh before swinging the iron ball-and-chain in a circle around herself, spinning and spinning along with it, before throwing the hammer forward toward the Armadill in the middle, all with a silly drowsy expression on her face.

Myun jumped into the fray like a hobo on a ham sandwich as soon as her mistress' crazy antics went through. Focusing on the nearest Armadill, Myun rushed forward with quick boxing steps as she let loose a flurry of blows in an attempt to quickly devastate the virus.

Red twirled around a bit more slowly, recovering a bit from her spinning antics.

Turn Summary:
*Blood-soaked Cape: 20 HP Casing on Red
1-?. Wait for Armadill2 group to come into Melee Range
Next Action: HammerToss2 to Armadill2 Group / Throw to Armadill2B [60 DMG + Break + Spin Attack / 120 DMG + Break]
-turn splice-

Myun's Actions:
1. Get out of Armadill2 attack line and away from Red [Movement]
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of Armadill2C [Movement]
2. Attack Armadill2C [50 DMG + Break]
3. Attack Armadill2C [50 DMG + Break]
*Gatling Attack: Attack Armadill2C [50 DMG + Break]
*Rhythm Boxing to Armadill2C [2x10 DMG]
Pulling out a large hammer, Red made a cute little spin, whacking two of the Armadills successfully backwards and smashing the last one into little ittybittybits. Myun went up and held her fists up and smashed stuff into bits too. It was generally very painful for one side of the battle. Both Myun and Red got a hit on themselves, however. (50) (60)

Armadill2 A: 40 HP
Armadill2 B: DELETED
Armadill2 C: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 200 HP (4 actions left)
Myun.SP: 55 HP (0 actions left)

100% Metal
Red grinned a little bit as the plan worked, enabling them to take out most of the viruses.

She was then effortlessly crashed into by the Armadill they didn't take care of. It rolled to a halt, jeering at Red and her furry companion.

Letting out a yawn, Red and Myun's restorative subsystems went to work at fixing their injuries. Getting to her feet, Red stretched a bit and macked her lips before turning around...

...and warping right in front of the Armadill.

The fairy-tale fighter gave the virus a silly grin as she held up one hand toward the virus and initiated a magnetic pull on the unfortunate Armadill before sending about 600 Volts of electricity surging right at it.

"That all?" Red inquired to her operator, scratching her head curiously.

"Just a little bit of precaution... how about this?" Shin suggested, sending down the DBLBeam1 chip.

In an instant, a large cube popped out of her pillow and floated right above her head, flashing between red and blue before stopping on one color.

Turn Summary:
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
3. Areagrab in front of Armadill2 A [Teleport, Movement, Dodge, Take Aim]
4. Magbolt1 to Armadill2 A [Pull + 90 Elec DMG x2(Terrain) + Stun]
5. DBLBeam1 [(Red) 40 DMG To-All Enemies or (Blue) 30 Heal To-All Allies]
6. Yawn

Myun's Actions:
*Fiber Fixer: Heal 30 to Myun
Things are zapped, things are dead. Healing occurs, both from innate processes (+30) (+30) and from battlechip data. (+40) (+40)

Armadill2 A: DELETED
Armadill2 B: DELETED
Armadill2 C: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 250 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP

100% Metal


[IronShell2] Battlechip, 720z, 24 BugFrags
Red let out a sigh of relief as warm waves washed over her and Myun. She was still kind of tired, so she decided to just take a nap, right then and there.

Myun and Shin sweatdropped at this.

((Waiting on Goroke))
With a flash of red, Voulge along with Ignis and Licht appeared inside the Rogue Electown network. Ignis, though without any facial expressions, openly showed his irritated feelings towards the agitator. "You KNOW you can fight on Chaos net and whatnot, so why the hell do you bother coming to this trash hole?!" The spearman only responded to his SP's retort with a sharp glare and a swift smack against his palm, continuing on with his exploration.

"He said something about gauging his own strength. I'm guessing he just wants to compare and contrast the real difference between Rogue Electown and Chaos Electown." said Marius as he appeared as a holographic screen in front of Ignis.

"...That's dumb. He's dumb. This is fucking dumb."

Voulge was more than ready to face a virus to test his limits, but to his surprise, Voulge found something he wasn't expecting...lying flat on the ground and taking a nap. "Red?" The navi was baffled to see his friend in a place such as this, but on the side, he saw Myun sulking towards his leader. "...What's going on?"
Myun's ears perked up as she noticed Voulge, she waved in greeting and prodded her mistress to wake up.

"Wha-? Huh?" Red mumbled, dazily as she got up and looked around, blinking as she recognized Voulge.

"Oh! Mr. Voulge, what a pleasant surprise~!" Red yawned, waving slowly at her dear friend. "What brings you here this fine morning?"
"Huh? What's that little girl doing in a pla-...OOHHH-HOHOHHO, I see what's going on! The whole training thing was an excuse to rendezvous with your littl-" Voulge gave a quick backhand that sent Ignis flying across the net, quickly kneeling down beside Red with his hand stretched forward.

"...Nice to see you as well. But lets not sit around here and talk."

In his mind, Voulge was wondering why she would carelessly take a nap on a virus-infested area...but then he realized that this was Red and simply shrugged the question off. "Huh, what a coincidence to meet in a place like this." said Marius as he was leaning back on his chair with his arm crossed. "I'm just going to jump to conclusions and gonna say that she's just here for virus busting...Why not just stick together for a little while?"
"Oh? Are there more on the way?" Red inquired nonchalantly yawning as she took Voulge's hand and stood up, blinking as looked around.

"Well, I'm sure we can deal with them when the time comes," Red commented, giving her friend a lazy smile.

"Well... at least someone's there that can watch over her," Shin sighed, scratching the back of his head irritably.

Myun bounced up and down as she waved to Licht and Ignis.

((Team Battle 1 Ready))
Voulge sighed as he watched Red walk away nonchalantly, but followed it with a smile lit up on his face. "Lets go." Pointing his spear forward, Voulge and his SPs...along with Ignis who was sent flying just few seconds ago.

And there was searching...and virus finding. A bunch of Megalian-E were parading around, for no apparent reason. But then they saw the Navis...beings that couldn't detach their heads at will? They clearly do not deserve the gift of life! They will fear the wrath of their ability to headbutt things from great distances!

...Or something. Who knew what they were really thinking, if anything?

Megalian-E2A: 190 HP (80 HP ElecAura)
Megalian-E2B: 190 HP (80 HP ElecAura)
Megalian-E2C: 190 HP (80 HP ElecAura)
Megalian-E2D: 190 HP (80 HP ElecAura)
Megalian-E2E: 190 HP (80 HP ElecAura)
Megalian-E2F: 190 HP (80 HP ElecAura)

10% Normal (immediate area around the Navis)
90% Magnet (everywhere else)

Red: 250 HP
Voulge: 300 HP

Myun.SP: 115 HP
Ignis.SP: 140 HP
Licht.SP: 100 HP

+ GO
Red yawned lightly as the viruses approached, scratching her head lazily as she casually observed her surroundings.

"It's so shiny~" Red giggled, still half-asleep from what it looked like. Myun hissed at the Magnet panels, feeling they would restrict her movements.

"Well, it certainly is shiny, but not something to step in. Red, if you will?" Shin advised, adjusting his shades as his navi yawned once more.

"Kaaaay~! You better step back Mr. Voulge~" Red suggested to her partner as she walked to the edge of the Normal panels before kicking up the ground, beckoning a rolling hill of grass to erupt from underneath... well, everything. In any case, she had mostly covered up the magnets with her own type of natural terrain.

"Alrighty then~ Have at ye!" Red growled playfully at the Megalian's while Shin wondered what chips would work best.

"Hm... for electricity... We'll have to go with this I guess," Shin shrugged, sending down two Boomerang chips before opening a channel to his partners. "We'll split the work, Marius! Red'll take down the barriers so beat them down with everything you got! Myun, get close and personal!"

"Roger that~! Go in once those Auras are gone, Mr. Voulge!" Red exclaimed, pulling out both Boomerangs from her pillow.

"Here I gooooo~" the crimson crusader called out soothingly, spinning round and round as she held both Boomerangs before releasing them whirling from her hands toward both ends of the enemy group.

"Chaaaaarge~!" Red giggled, pointing forward. On cue, Myun was adorned with a cute red cape and bounced toward the left group of the Megalians. The support unit whirled up an uppercut that she delivered at a Megalian of her choice before spinning around around and backhanding the same enemy. Inspired by her success, the boxing bunny threw another punch at another close-by enemy before dodging around it and slapping at the Megalian with her ears. Her processes got ready to heal any damage she took.

A shadow had followed Myun this entire time and separated from the rabbit as she engaged her enemy. Snickering, the Kilby virus sprang up beside another Megalian and launched menacing bamboo spears at the foe.

Stretching, Red lazily gazed over the battlefield, deciding to uncork a bottle of wax and let it drip onto the grass, where it erupted into an enormous wax candle that granted a soothing feeling to all her allies. She felt a little more awake now, but the question was whether or not it would last for long.

"Good luck out there~!" Red giggled, cheering on her allies as she sat behind the Candle.

Turn Summary:
1. Movement to edge of Normal Panels
2. Picknicker's Refuge over the Magnet Panels [Large and Medium Grass terrain change. Create 10 HP Tree in the middle of the Megalians]
3. Boomerang1 at Megalian-E2A,B,C [60 Wood DMG x2(Elemental Weakness) = 120 DMG + Group Attack (Arc)]
4. Boomerang1 at Megalian-E2F,E,D [60 Wood DMG x2(Elemental Weakness) = 120 DMG + Group Attack (Arc)]
*Blood-soaked Cape on Myun: Passive 20 HP Casing
5. SideBamboo1 to Megalian-E2C [80 Wood DMGx2(Elemental Weakness) = 160 DMG + Piercing]
6. Summon Candle2 in front [100 HP HeatBody Object grants Regen 10 To-All Allies]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in melee range of Megalian-E2A [Movement]
1. Attack Megalian-E2A [50 DMG + Break]
2. Attack Megalian-E2A [50 DMG + Break]
*Gatling Attack: Attack Megalian-E2B [50 DMG + Break]
3. Dodge around Megalian-E2B
*Rhythm Boxing at Megalian-E2B [2x10 DMG]
*Fiber Fixer: Heal 30 to Myun
Voulge certainly didn't like the group of Megalians standing before him and Red, mostly due to their pesky auras. On top of it, the magnet terrains surrounding them would certainly get in their way. However, everything changed seemed to turn for the better when Red stepped up first in battle. Changing the terrains to lush greens, along with throwing in some boomerangs to negate the auras, Red practically placed...a red carpet for Voulge to get into the fight.

"Much appreciated." said Voulge as he gave thumbs up to his partner.

"We'll gladly take that job." said Marius towards Shin.

With a mighty stomp against the grass with his heavy greave, a plate of terrain literally "popped" up from the ground and formed into an earthly buckler. Voulge signaled both Ignis and Licht to stay away from battle, where Ignis obviously ignored the command while Licht drifted to the side. "Ha! There's no way I'm going to miss out on this! Give me a chance!" The SP was looking to scratch his itch to fight after being called out for a long time, which Voulge didn't seem to mind as he simply shrugged and turned towards the battle, not even attempting to stop Ignis. "HELL YEA, TIME TO BUST SOME NUTS! HEADNUTS!"

While Ignis began to prepare for his attacks, Voulge looked up into the sky and flipped his grip over his Avaria-Lancea. He squinted his eyes as he began to chant something to himself."Let this spear brew a storm, striking fear into anyone who hears its rumble..." The spearman started to withdraw the spear as far he can while aiming both his hand and the tip of the spear directly up into the sky. "Let the thunderous clash of steel make them tremble..." When the Lancea was drawn back as far as he could, the silvery spearhead ignited in flame and the chain connected at the bottom disconnected from the spear on its own.

"No one shall hide from the storm's piercing needle! Adamas Tempestas!!"

Voulge launched the spear into the limitless sky, creating a shockwave from the sheer strength the navi exerted into the throw. The Lancea disappeared from everyone's sight in a blink of an eye, but it took no longer to hear the sound of the spear diving straight down to the ground. However, rather than a single spear diving down on the Meglians, innumerable amount of javelins was literally raining down instead! All of it happened in an instant as the javelins crashed down on the viruses in one fell swoop, creating a cloud of dusts that covered all of the targeted viruses. Voulge threw the unhooked end of the chain into the dust cloud and drew it back in with the Lancea attached, causing the entire javelin clones to defragment and disappear as the clouds settled down.

Marius already prepared an assortment of chips while Voulge was busy on his own, loading them in one by one as he began to break down his plan of approach. "We're taking advantage of Red's generous assistance. Make the best of it!" The spearman responded with a simple nod as he drew out three daggers out of his vest. Before he began, Voulge turned towards Ignis and pointed his spear at the two Megalians previously "unharmed" from the javelins. "Argh, for god sake, JUST TELL ME WHO TO ATTACK. NO ONE THINKS YOU'RE COOL DOING THAT!"

Voulge proceeded to light the daggers aflame like his spear, only this time it was burning in a bright blue fire. "Let's go!" He threw all three of his daggers in a perfectly vertical fashion as it created a trail of fire hanging in the air. Soon, the fires from the daggers formed the three into a giant, burning cleaver that wasn't going to stop till it chopped through the three, unfortunate Megalians.

At the same time, Ignis fired a giant flame missile that was shaped like a giant fist towards the viruses directed by Voulge. "Eat it!!...Huh? You want some more? Of course I have some more!" Ignis didn't hesitate to create an exact copy of the same "fist-missile" and fire it at the Megalian next to the one he targeted before. It was rather obvious that he was having a blast as he was laughing like a maniac while he ran off into safety. "Catch me if you can, assheads!"

The spearman assimilated the next battlechip data directly into his spear, visibly shown as a green flame began to surround his spear. "Come forth!" With a quick stab to the ground, the flames drained into the grass and a totem virus emerged in front of the Megalians. The summoned object had its usual smirk and laughter as if it was looking down on those floating heads, and it was going to prove it by starting to breath deadly fires upon them.

"That's good enough. Fall back for now."

Voulge immediately acted on Marius' command as he began to take evasive maneuvers. However, just as he thought the battle would be over, Voulge wanted to make sure that the result of the battle would be set in stone. "Could you please send in the Timpany chip, Marius." The operator happily obliged to his navi's request and picked out the chip from his folder in second flat. "Cover your ears...And tell everyone else to do the same." As soon as the chip was loaded, a timpany virus appeared at the very center of the battlefield. Deeply breathing in through its horn, the virus let out a chaotic screech that would blast anyone's eardrum no matter how far they were...Thankfully, the virus was specifically programmed to target the enemy.


* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
* Tempero Flamma [Strengthen [50]]
Licht: Dodge x3
1. Adamas Tempestas [100 | Spread 3 | 7TCD] Megalian-E2 C, D, E, F
2. Phoenixshot2 [90+[color=red]15[/color] (x2 Terrain Advantage) / Wide] {A} @ Megalian-E2 D, E, F
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] {A} @ Megalian-E2 A
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] {A} @ Megalian-E2 B
Ignis: Dodge
3. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color] (x2 Terrain Advantage)+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP] {A|S} @ Megalian-E2 A,B, C
4. Dodge
5. Dodge
6. Timpany [Hold / To-All-Clause (Enemies) / 1 Turn / 50 HP] {S}

Adamas Tempestas: USED
Totem2: 3 Turns
With a ridiculous amount of firepower and a textbook display of teamwork and precision, the two Navi and their SP managed to sweep the field. The group of viruses, so confident behind their mysterious auras, were reduced to rubble and charred debris.

Megalian-E2A: DELETED
Megalian-E2B: DELETED
Megalian-E2C: DELETED
Megalian-E2D: DELETED
Megalian-E2E: DELETED
Megalian-E2F: DELETED

10% Normal
30% Magnet
30% Grass
30% Soil

Red: 250 HP
Voulge: 300 HP

Myun.SP: 115 HP
Ignis.SP: 140 HP
Licht.SP: 100 HP

Candle2: 100 HP
Tree: 10 HP


Red - AuraHead2, 600z, 57 Bugfrags
Voulge - 1500z, 57 Bugfrags

FXP: 4
"Hooray~!" Red cheered, throwing her arms into the air spontaneously as the viruses were easily defeated.

"Put 'er there~" Red commented Voulge, holding her one unoccupied tiny fist toward Voulge's gauntlet.

"So, ready for another round~?" Red yawned, staring nonchalantly at her comrade.

((Ready when Goroke is))
Voulge swung his spear on his shoulder as he watched what remained of the Megalians simply fade away. He turned towards Red, who already had her small fist up at him, and returned the favor back with his worn out gauntlet. "When ever you're ready, Red.".

And so the unlikely team of little girl and warrior went on through the Rogue Electown network, searching for a few viruses to decimate. And so they did find some, though they were looking pretty silly at the moment. Each of them were dressed in a fancy over-the-top costume relevant to their elemental alignments, making funny poses. The Champu viruses were wearing capes and fake wigs, twisting about as they practiced punches. The Larks had some strange floppy suits on that kind of looked like tights for humanoid-type Navis, looking extremely silly with their wrong body type. The Billy were flying around in a tizzy, propelling themselves with continuous bursts of lightning. The Cacty were... not doing much, but they did have cool masks on. They were playing around on a sturdy stage, possibly left in the open from some event long gone.

Their little charade went on for a few moments before they noticed the incoming entourage, after which they went into offense!

-- ENEMIES -- (All on Metal)
Chumpu A: 150 HP
Chumpu B: 150 HP
Bark A: 200 HP
Bark B: 200 HP
Silly A: 160 HP
Silly B: 160 HP
Cacty2 A: 150 HP
Cacty2 B: 150 HP

-- ALLIES -- (All on Normal)
Red: 250 HP
Voulge: 300 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP
Ignis.SP: 140 HP
Licht.SP: 100 HP

60% Metal (Stage where all viruses are)
40% Normal (Everywhere else)

Red drifted in and out of slumber as she and her companion came across the entourage of performing viruses.

"Ooh~ They're pretty good~" Red giggled, clapping lightly. This seemed to not please the viruses at all, however, as the group turned to attack them.

"Waaaaah!" Red gasped as the viruses seemed riled up.

"Calm down, if they're attacking, you'll just have to fight back. Take out the Barks and Sillys. We'll split the work," Shin mumbled, spinning around in his office chair as he sent in a repertoire of chips.

"Okey dokey~! Mr. Voulge you should take out the Champu and Cacty thingies~! I'll leave it to you~!" Red giggled, digging around nonchalantly in her pillowcase before pulling out two Boomerangs and twirling them around.

"Round and round the wheels go~ Where they stop, nobody knows~!" sang the crimson crusader as she sent the Boomerangs flying toward the viruses her operator had intended to defeat.

"Little bird, little bird so sweet~" Red hummed while Myun decided to stop standing around and help out. The boxing bunny closed in on the viruses, sending a firm punch at each Silly before dodging around toward one of the Barks and attacking it as well.

Red had decided moving was such a bother, and she was in luck as Shin decided Areagrabs were pretty cool chips. With a snap of her fingers, Red relocated herself behind the Barks, charging electricity in her right hand before reaching out and releasing a surge of electricity at the Bark viruses. Her pajamas shined, creating a formidable armor on her body that would revert back to digital flannel if hit hard enough, perhaps.

Looking around droopingly, Red made preparations to get out the way of oncoming attacks if necessary.

Turn Summary:
1. Boomerang1 at SillyA,B, BarkB [60 +15 Wood DMG x2(Weakness[Sillys]) = 150 DMG + Group Attack (Arc)]
2. Boomerang1 at SillyA,B, BarkA [60 +15 Wood DMG x2(Weakness[Sillys]) = 150 DMG + Group Attack (Arc)]
3. Areagrab behind Bark group [Teleport, Dodge, Movement, +1 Accuracy]
4. Elecreel1 to BarkA,B [80 Elec DMG x2(Weakness) +100%(Terrain Boost) =240 DMG + Spread 3 (Side and Behind)]
*Blood-Soaked Cape: 20 HP Casing on Red
5. Dodge
6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of Sillys
1. Attack SillyA [50 DMG + Break]
2. Attack SillyB [50 DMG + Break]
*Gatling Attack: Attack BarkB [50 DMG + Break]
3. Dodge