Neo-Shogun Council

((If you are unfamiliar with the appearances of the NeoShogun Dynasty's generals, use this for reference))

The Neo-Shoguns ordinarily would like to do whatever they could to make an event such as their first public council as grand a spectacle as possible. Unfortunately, the poor economic status of the Shogunate limited their capabilities somewhat, so the only decor set up upon the grassy field they'd chosen consisted of several red blankets, spread out over the grass, for guests to sit upon and several more mats behind a wooden desk, intended for the generals to kneel behind. Two torches blazed at the sides of the desk, along with two tremendous taiko drums. The seats were arranged with three on each side of the desk, evenly spaced, and one large in the middle. Two large flags were crossed behind the middle seat, bearing the NeoShogun's logo which resembled the snarling demon face of Neo-ShogunMan's mask.

The senior generals were, of course, the first to arrive to the meeting; Yasu, Lee, and Vee beamed down, but Dee was nowhere in sight. The first general Yasu, dressed in her usual skimpy green armor attire somewhat unfitting of the rank of first general, crossed her arms and frowned impatiently. "If Dee ruins our first public appearance, I swear, I'm not going to overlook it. She should remember that it's only by our Shogun's graces that she's still here," the general grumbled, scanning over the area with her one good eye. Vee nodded in silent agreement.

"I'm more worried about the idea of the Netpolice surveillance, though. Will we be able to advertise our real intentions with them watching?" she asked, watching Lee as the red-clad general moved around the desk, setting up nameplates.

Yasu smirked, then flipped her hair fashionably over her shoulder and recrossed her arms. "This is a perfect situation, isn't it? It shows that the NP are well aware of our presence, which has long been one of our goals. If anything is amiss, it's that the Mafia has shown no interest. I honestly thought they were making to be involved in the common man's welfare now," she mused, staring into the distance. "Our guests could arrive at any time, so everyone, take your seats."

The green-armored general took her spot at the center of the arrangement, kneeling on both legs. The other two sat side by side at her left. "Oh right! Dee is just getting the other girls their uniforms right now. She'll probably be here in a sec," Lee piped up. Vee gave a small nod, but Yasu didn't seem to think that justified anything, keeping her displeased frown.
A beam of silvery-white energy materialized from the sky before jetting to the surface, crashing into the green field some distance off. The navi that emerged from the light was clad from head to toe in heavy armor, similar to a samurai, but Netopian inspired.

At a few inches over a Real World's measurement of six feet tall, the knight filled out his armor well. He wore armored boots, woolen pants, and gloves that shimmered, all the color of the morning mist in the vale. He bound his outfit in gleaming steel plates, scaled like a dragon's, over layers of gray wool and supple leather. His mantle was a thick cloak, soft and white as dove's down. A great winged helm masked his head, wings folded like horns. Wisps of dark-gray hair peeked through the cracks at the neck and over his eyes. That peered milky-gray out from the slits in his helmet.

He approached the Shogunate pavilion and removed his helmet, cradling it under an arm. He was a relatively handsome navi, Caucasian with the slightest tan, and obsidian hair that was cut short. It was slightly matted with sweat and waved as wild as it could as a slight breeze blew by. His eyes were soft and kind and he grew a slight stubble across his cheeks and around his pale lips.

"Greetings to the great Neo-Shogunate from my Lord Obscura."

He said with a reverent bow. His voice was all serious courtesy.

"My name is SINNBAD. It is my hope to learn about your cause today... Perhaps even to join it."
"Are we there yeeeeeet..." Ignis nagged as he barely hovered up in the air. Voulge and his SPs were walking along the complex ACDC network, trying to find the Neo-Shogun's Council meeting, but they were at it for at least hours. "I think we came here too early...Lets take a break, it's not like it matters if we're late..."

"You're the one who forced me to take you." replied Voulge, hanging his spear over his shoulder as he enjoyed the walk. "Look at Licht, he looks fine." The said SP was in high spirit, just like his leader, and followed just behind Voulge while Ignis was trying to catch up. However, the navi was actually taking a little detour to the council meeting. Taking this chance to do an actual patrol around town, Voulge was literally walking down memory lane as he was simply filled with joy just from looking out for other people.


They finally arrived at the grassy field, seeing the picnic-esque setting and a few familiar faces from afar. "Finally!" Ignis screamed in joy, "Let's get this over with so we can go back home yea?" Even though Ignis was finally up to gear and headed towards the meeting, Voulge stopped on its track and was looking rather pale.

Ignis trekked back and began to examine the navi, also catching Marius' attention while at it. "Something wrong, Voulge?" The navi didn't reply, but began to walk towards the meeting place. "Oh...Oh! I get it! It's that...Umm, Yasu navi! I guess you don't know how to confront her from what you did to her last time!" Marius tried o muffle his laughter, but Ignis came in to join the tease. "Awww, so you ripped her clothe off and beat her to a pulp. Big Whoop! You need to man up!"

"...Then I guess that's what I'll do." Pressing his fingers against his emblem, his whole body began to shine along with the SP's. In a quick flash of light, Voulge's appearance was completely changed head to toe as he was dressed in a slick, black tux, tie, and the whole package. "Looks better than I thought." Readjusting his tie and his wrist collar, the navi began to hum a foreign tune as he walked up to the meeting.

The SPs, on the other hand, found their transformation as utter shock when they found themselves in humanoid body...a female humanoid body to be exact. "W-W..WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!!" Ignis screamed in an ear piercing screech. The SP's first reaction was to plant her(his) hands against her(his) face to see if this was all real or not. "O-Oh god! I'm gonna freak out!" As her(his) hand began to trail down for further inspection, her(his) hand stopped at her chest, giving it a squeeze or two before she(he) was able to calm down. "I'm a woman?! Oh hellllllll nawwwwwww"

Ignis found that she(he) was dressed in a red dress that had a slit that came all the way up to her(his) thigh. "*Whistle* Not a bad body...W-wait...Did I just check my self out?...Oh fuck this, that asshole is gonna get it hard this time!" Licht was indifferent about the change, only giving a few visual inspection of her(his) own body and a squeeze of her(his) (hair)buns before shrugging it off. She(he) was dressed in a short green dress and found that she(he) held a green fan on her(his) hand. "Cmon, Licht! Let's make that asshole pay!" Ignis charged on ahead to catch up with Voulge while Licht trailed just behind, actually enjoying the fact that she(he) now had legs to run with.

Voulge arrived at the meeting and found that there was another navi already at the meeting, fully equipped in a familiar armor. However, he didn't take much interest in the armored navi and walked up to either of the two girls who wasn't Yasu...

"I'm here for the council meeting as well...I have registered a place under the name...*cough*...Voulge."
A light pillar appeared somewhere on a portal in the ACDC network, before Terra walked out of it, searching around for the event her operator talked about. "Just walk over to the coordinates I'm about to send you, Terra," said Scarlet, and Terra immediately received a set of network location data. The data appeared in a small map hologram near her face, which pointed her in the direction of the council meeting.

Walking for a couple of minutes, Terra arrived at the location. It seemed that a few people had already arrived, and she scanned the area as she approached. A grassy field pleased the terraformer Navi, as did the simple arrangement. As long as her feet could be on solid ground, she was happy enough.

Both Scarlet and Terra noticed the Neo-Shogun generals were apparently all female, or at least the ones that had arrived were. Scarlet thought, perhaps the male ones were arriving later. She did notice that the females were dressed rather provocatively, but paid not much mind to it. The Internet was full of different Navi designs, and her Navi's wasn't excluded from being rather uncovered itself.

Terra, in the meantime, put on her poker face as she always had, and approached the site. Watching the two others in the place introduce themselves, she walked up as well, and did the same. "Registered under Terra.EXE," said Terra, as she went back to the blankets. Instead of sitting on the blankets, however, she chose to sit on the grass in the space between the blankets, kneeling in a relaxed posture.
Utilizing the coordinates, SplashLady managed to enter via a greenish-blue light, right at the edge of where the meeting/apparent picnic was taking place. Not too much was going on yet, so she wasn't late. Good.

...Wha...? She suddenly heard a somewhat familiar loud, obnoxious voice. She looked over to see the source...noticing two very feminine figures. Recognizing the voice as Ignis, the mermaid Navi had to try and stop herself from pointing and laughing. She certainly didn't want to have to listen to that the whole time. Besides, that meant Voulge was here.

Locating the Fire Navi, she walked over, smirking at her friend's wardrobe change, and possibly a subsequent malfunction with his SPs. "Hey Voulge! Looking sharp! I see you brought your...lady friends! Hee hee!"

While still highly amused, she refocused her gaze on some of the officers. For some reason, the fact they were all female didn't really surprise her. They'd probably get better PR that way. The outfits were kinda...barely qualified to be objects. The one in green, especially. If that one had any less up top, she probably couldn't appear in regular Nets. Er, but at any rate, she should probably put that registration to use. "Hello, I'm here to attend this, er, event." Shoot, she forgot exactly what it was being called. Oh well. "I'm SplashLady, and I've registered a spot."
Ignis and Licht finally arrived at the meeting location, but they came across SplashLady, an old companion of Voulge and the crew. "Ohjesuschrist, it's the herm." She(he) did everything she(he) could do avoid eye contact with the navi, but it was already too late as Splash began to tease her(him). "Someone I knew just HAD to come to this friggin' meeting...I'm scarred for life, I tell you. For life!"

Voulge noticed Splash's presence and returned her greeting with a smile. "This is a surprise. I didn't expect to see you again in a place like this!" Licht stood by her(his) leader's side and waved her(his) hand towards Splash to greet her as well, not even embarrassed of showing her(his) new look. Voulge was still smiling as he subconsciously began to adjust his wrist collar, trying to start a conversation with his old friend. "Haha, well, I didn't mean to dress like this in the first place...But anyhow, how are you? It's been so long since we met."
The three generals turned to SINN, raising their eyebrows. Vee and Lee had clearly become interested, seeing such a professional looking guy speaking in a dignified manner to them. Before they could answer, however, Yasu rested one arm on the desk with a hard metal clank from her gauntlet; SINN could see the hand was balled into a fist. "Please don't think that your Lord Obscura is doing us a favor by offering us your service. It is we who are doing you the favor by allowing you the opportunity to learn about our prestigious organization," she assured him with a disapproving frown. It seemed that, for some reason, she'd taken a hostile attitude to him right off of the bat. Her words really weren't matching her "open to all" statement earlier.

Fortunately for SINN, before she had a chance to belittle him further, she turned her eyes to Voulge. Her face reddened so quickly that she couldn't manage to turn it away before he could catch a glimpse. "He has the nerve to show up here?! At my- er- our council!?" she thought to herself, biting her thumb so hard that she was nearly cutting through her gauntlet with her teeth. "And flanked by women! And in such an outfit, trying to seduce a Neo-Shogun general! The sheer nerve is... inexusable!" she wept inwardly.

Voulge had ignored her, though, and gone straight on to talking to Lee. Lee had been a little infatuated with him when last they met, so she was all too eager to speak with him when given the opportunity. "Hey again. You can just sit down for now. We aren't starting the official Q & A quiiite yet," she informed him. "Oh right, I'm Lee, by the way," the girl added, giving a pleasant smile. Her nameplate said as much, so Voulge had probably figured it out on his own.

Vee took the others and marked off their names on her roster. She looked at Yasu's face; her mouth turned to a frown behind her black ninja garb. "If you're going to represent us in the place of the Shogun, you can't act like such a silly girl," she warned Yasu. "You also have to be more receptive to men. The Shogun told us that there was to be no further discrimination."

The green armored general nodded gingerly, then forced herself to face back to SINN. "Take a seat for now," she urged him, pointing towards one of the blankets.

Quote (Yasu)

"Please don't think that your Lord Obscura is doing us a favor by offering us your service. It is we who are doing you the favor by allowing you the opportunity to learn about our prestigious organization."

"And let me thank you again for this gracious opportunity, My Lady."

SINNBAD said with a polite smile, all courtesy. The only emotion, negative or otherwise, in his face or voice seemed to be a slight bemusement over a rocky seriousness. He seemed to be trained as a courtier. No doubt in order to spread his 'Lord's' messages.

"But, please excuse my poor choice of words. I meant no disrespect."

He said before Yasu bid him to take a seat. He bowed again before turning and sitting down on the blanket indicated. He sat cross-legged and set his winged helm in front of him.
"Oh, I'm fine, as you can see. And yeah, I'm a little surprised I showed up sounded really weird. But at least I don't think it'll be boring. ...Well, I guess that answers that question. Good thing too, since I wasn't sure either!" Oh hey, his non-jerk SP was waving at her. SplashLady returned the wave, still smiling over Ignis's fate. Actually, speaking of fates... "Come to think of it, the last time we were together, we got suckered by Mystery Data. I know you were fine, since, well, you're here and all, but what happened, exactly? Kinda looked like you got AreaGrabbed or something..."

Out of the corner of her eye, the mermaid Navi noticed someone else heading for the blankets. They should probably follow suit. "Er, hold that thought...since they're still getting ready, I guess we should go sit down and wait. Shall we?" She took a couple of steps towards one of the anti-grass stain cloths, before motioning for Voulge and his arm candy to follow her. Too bad they didn't have anything to eat once they got wouldn't be a bad spot for a picnic.
Voulge caught a glimpse of Yasu's death-stare along with her face starting to flush red, but he quickly averted his eyes just as she did to avoid any more embarrassment for the two of them. "...*Sigh*, It had to come to this." A girl in a red armor was quick to talk with Voulge, telling him to wait in a rather eager tone of voice. The spearman remembered this girl from the time in Yumland when he encountered Yasu, but paid little attention about her till now. "Thank you, Lee."

He sat on one of the blankets laid down by the grass, knowing that the meeting will not start soon, and began to chat with Splash to pass time. "Aw...Yes, I remember that." Voulge scratched his head with his index finger and had a nervous smile on his face. "We had a small race to see who gets the data first, didn't we? We could have never guessed how that turned out to be." The navi followed it with a strange chuckle, but it quickly died down.

The 'girls' began to take their seats, Licht loyally sitting beside Voulge while Ignis decided to take the furthest spot away from the group. Though she(he) was infuriated over her(his) change of appearance and decided to lash it out on Voulge, but he was filled with more embarrassment than his rage. "*mumblemumble*stupidherm*mumblemumble*"
Lee gave Voulge another smile and Yasu was at least willing to nod receptively to SINN as the two took their seats. The guests chatted quietly amongst themselves until a few more figures gradually beamed down.

Some of them looked like random player navis, but at least a handful were NP navis, judging by their uniforms. Amongst the NP navis were the Investigations Department's PartnerMan, a gray, two-headed, metal-bodied navi, along with a tall man in a very gaudy scarf and fedora. The scarf-wearing man yawned, twirling his scarf in one hand and stroking his blond mustache with the other. "So, so droll. These may be the worst uniforms I've ever seen," the man muttered under his breath, but loudly enough to be heard by the other guests. "These buggers are common criminals, right? I believe you were said to be the expert on them. I can't imagine why else you would be here."

"W-Well, I've studied them a little," the first head responded, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "But I don't know a thing about their motivations. I hope nothing gets out of hand... they can be a little violent."

"Ho ho ho! Let's hope they are... It's been a while since anyone's let me burn the garbage around here," he grumbled, flaring his nostrils and frowning as if he smelled something displeasing.

Yasu and the others eyed the NP officers suspiciously. It was obvious that things were very tense between the two organizations, probably due to the previous attempted invasion of Yoka Net. The NP officers, sensing they were being stared at, took their places around the parameter.

Dee and her group still hadn't shown up yet.
When the NP officers arrived SINN sat up straighter on his blanket. He had heard from Destin that the NP said they wouldn't interfere, but would come in force. He watched them wearily. If they started any problems, he would rush to the defense of the innocent.
"Tell me about it...that shocked Sabrina and me into getting me a couple of Untrap subchips, so that wouldn't happen again!" Though she hadn't found any mystery data since that...eventful result. "You know...we should really team up again sometime. Looking back on it, we really were a great pair in NetFrica and Hades!"

At that point, some more Navis began jacking into the event. Most of them didn't really stand out, since the NetPolice said they'd have officers there, but that one with the fancy hat got on her nerves with his talk about needling the people holding it. "...Sheesh, did you hear that guy?! I don't have a problem with the NetPolice, but that's just bullying! If he tries anything, I hope he gets his face bashed in! Especially that stupid mustache!" Though she herself had no plans on doing the face bashing...she didn't come here to fight. Especially since she Right. "Bleck, I'm getting all worked up just thinking about it. Sorry!"

She rolled her eyes at herself, though something caught her eye and reminded her to ask about something. "By the way, just between you and me...any reason your SPs are all, uh, dressed up?" Pun definitely intended. "Not that it matters, of course. They look nice...especially that one!" She motioned towards Ignis, mainly to get an angry reaction out of him.
"Tch," clicked Terra, listening to the scarved man state loudly his opinion on the state of the guests that had arrived. She reached down to the grass and scooped up a handful of dirt. Feeling the harder parts of the earth in her hand, she compressed and shaped the mound into a small floating hand. Sneaking a look around, she let the hand float near the back of the scarf-wearing man, and position itself there.

"Hmm?" muttered Scarlet, watching Terra's antics with interest. Observing her Navi quietly, she saw Terra manipulate the tiny earthen hand with dexterity, closely towards the back of the man's head. The small hand drew back two fingers, and abruptly flicked the back of the man's head with a deceptively strong force enough to cause pain, but nothing major. Done at an angle, she made it so that it would probably knock off the man's fedora as well. A small grin appeared on Terra's face briefly before reverting back to her poker face, leaving the floating hand to disintegrate immediately after her little act.

Scarlet giggled quietly.
"Haha, is that so? Marius and I couldn't believe what happened either, but we weren't that shocked to buy preventions for it." He replied with yet another laughter to follow it. Voulge was in a rather cheery mood; After being accepted to the NetPolice, he finally had time to catch up with Splash and talk thing out with her.

However, the groups of other NetPolice suddenly came in to the council meeting as if they were prepared to raid this entire place in a single command. "I knew the other NetPolice was going to come, but I didn't expect this much...Just what did the Neo-Shogunates do to get their attention?" The navi thought to himself.

*Tug tug*

Licht began to pull on Voulge's Sleeve to get his attention, pointing towards Splash. "Oh...Yes, definitely. How about we get together after this?" Though he was worried about the NP's presence leading to something undesirable, he was spent out from the mission before and rather wanted to spend time resting.

"By the way..."

Splash was curious about why Ignis and Licht were so 'different,' though Voulge didn't blame her for it. "Ohh...No particular reason. I wasn't the one who came up with this design in the first place." Voulge replied as he tried to avoid the question. Truth be told, the navi didn't exactly agree with the idea in the first place, especially dressing him out of his armor. Ignis made a sour expression on her(his) face as she(he) stuck her(his) tongue out to Splash, turning around to avoid the navi some more. "He's just embarrassed. It's rather nice to have him so quiet once in a while, hahaha."

On the corner of his eyes, he saw the other two navis who arrived at the same time as Voulge did. Though the armored navi was more active with his interaction with the generals, the female navi was reserved to herself. However, the spearman noticed that she was fidgeting with the soil on the ground and creating a floating hand. His eyes drifted as it carefully followed the hand up to its way to PartnerMan's back and realized the mischievous intention the girl had. "Wait!"

His warning was too late as the hand flicked against the navi's head and crumble back into the earth. Voulge silently sat back at his seat and gave a long stare at the female navi before he let out a sigh. "I need to keep an eye on her..."
The fedora wearing navi reached his hand up to his head with surprising reflexes, holding his hat onto his head. His large, designer sunglasses were slightly displaced, revealing his cold, blue eyes. The eyes scanned over the crowd quickly, spotting Terra, and a smile came over the navi's thick lips. Saying nothing, he crossed his arms over his chest, bent one elbow to bring his hand back up to his head, and pushed the sunglasses back over his eyes. His lips parted to say something to her... he mouthed the words without actually speaking: "Know your place."

Finally, Dee and the others beamed down to join the NeoShogun girls behind their desk. Dee stretched her arms over her head with a big yawn, then hid her face with her fan and smiled coyly. "Sorry I took so long getting here, Yasu. Arch wouldn't put on her uniform, so I had to slip her into it myself," she giggled.

Arch, Dee's blond-haired friend, was obviously uncomfortable sharing a similar uniform with Lee. Whereas Lee shrugged off the indignation, more or less, Arch was either not confident enough or too modest to appreciate it. Sake and Escort, on the other hand, had been dressed much more conservatively. "I just don't like having to wear the smallest one," she protested, wringing her hands together over her lap. ParnterMan's second head popped out of the back of his pack, ogling her with approval, before the first one's hands stuffed it back in.

Yasu said nothing, although she was obviously irritated. She seemed to be taking Vee's words to heart, however, and realized that making a scene right now would be bad business. "Take your seat, Dee. You others, take yours as well. Escort, Sake, I'd like you two on drums. I, Vee, Dee, Lee, and Arch will answer questions," she instructed them quietly.

"Miss Yasu, I'm afraid that I might not have knowledge sufficient to answer questions from the audience," Arch interjected nervously, although she took her seat and modestly crossed her hands in her lap quickly to get eyes off of her.

The first general smiled, folding her hands beneath her chin. "We can use your perspective as a new initiate to the Neo-Shogun Dynasty. Please answer any questions on that topic," she instructed her subordinate. Arch nodded obediently, much to Yasu's satisfaction. The first general cleared her throat, then turned to the audience. "Attention everyone! We will now be taking audience questions concerning the Neo-Shogun Dynasty. Any question is fine. We may choose to answer or deny to answer all questions, however. The four of us," she paused here to indicate the four senior generals, "will answer your questions. Arch will be available to answer questions separately from the perspective of a new member."

Arch nodded, but looked uncomfortable.

"In order to address questions quickly, we ask that you raise your hand, wait for a nod, then receive your answer. We will try to address all questions in as timely a manner as we can manage, so as not to waste any time. Once the Q&A session is over, we will conclude with the induction of our three newest generals: Arch, Sake, and Escort."

((Begin Q&A session))
SINNBAD raised his hand quickly and waited. If he was nodded to speak, his question was thus:

"If it please you. What is the overarching goal of the Neo-Shogunate? What do you plan to accomplish?"
Yasu had apparently been anticipating such a question and nodded, taking it herself. "I'm very glad you asked," she responded. "The goal of the Neo-Shogun Empire is net imperialism for the good of all. Our Shogun envisions the net as a single, unified entity with one peace-keeping force, one government, and one mission. Virus control would be much easier, people's protection could be ensured, and people would pay into the system to make sure that a healthy government was maintained. The Shogun believes that the net is currently in something of a state of anarchy.. the NP, the Mafia, and the GNA all want to rule it for different hard-lined ideals. We want neither a police nation nor a nation of profiteers. This is our broad goal: the unification of the net."

The first general smiled, sensing that there would be dissent over the answer. "We don't believe that all of this is possible without a great and powerful military, however. For this reason, we expand our army through practices that are basically imperialistic. Our first invasion was certainly made in error, but our purposes are no longer to force our way into a position of leadership. We're working on progressing slowly now. However, our foremost objective at the moment is the recruitment of new generals. We must ask everyone on the net to understand that this is our most important goal, so we take it very seriously and may appear intimidating." She seemed to be purposely avoiding Voulge's eyes and possibly sweating a little under the pressure. It wasn't hard for him to see that she was putting forth a lot of effort to be a different person from the forceful, angry woman he'd seen try to recruit Red earlier.
SINNBAD raised his hand again.

"Well that is a noble mission. But may I ask where your leader is? Why isn't Lord Neo-ShogunMan at this meeting?"
"Oh, we really should! Sounds great!" Well, coming her was definitely a good idea, if it meant she and Voulge got to wreak viral havoc again. "We can figure out the details later, though. Since I came all this way, I kinda want to listen to this."

The Fire Navi's explanation wasn't exactly in-depth, but SplashLady understood. After all, it was kinda weird to explain her relationship with SplashMan. "Yeah, I can kinda see how it'd be nice to get some peace and quiet every now and then..."

She then witnessed the earthen hand incident without a word, though she could hardly say the mustached Navi didn't deserve it for that earlier remark. He seemed to take it in stride, though...that was good.

And with that...the Q&A began. The first question made sense: 'Why?'. The answer seemed sincere enough, but something about the woman answering it seemed off to the mermaid Navi. She couldn't quite place her finger on it...wait, she sensed a minute amount of water on her face. Sweat? That was odd, it wasn't all that hot. Either she was just sensitive to heat, or there was some underlying reason. Hmm...

Well, no sense thinking about it, since she didn't really have any ideas either way. She did, however, have a question concerning something nagging her ever since she showed up. As such, she raised her hand and waited for the ever important nod.

Once she got the go-ahead, she went ahead and asked. "Um, I can't help but seems that every member of your army is a female Navi. Is there a specific reason for that?"