Freya jacked into the net, looking around at the crowds that passed through the network, seemed to be mostly normal navis though. Well...don't I stick out like a sore thumb... Freya mumbled as she walked through the crowded network in search of a clear area and some viruses.

(battle 1, 120 HP)
Moving through the crowd, Freya found a pretty small clearing from the hustle and bustle of ACDC quickly enough. Unfortunately, viruses seemed to have found the little place as well, but they were relatively small in number. Should be easy to take out, though the place was a bit small for maneuvering.

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
MetoolD: 40HP

Terrain: 40% Normal, 60% Hustle & Bustle (Impenetrable)

Freya.EXE: 120HP

I think I know what those are...Metools I believe. Freya mumbled to herself as she looked around at her surroundings. Not much room to move about...better make the best of this close range combat. Jack. Wideshot and Sword. she said, looking around her. She was quickly rewarded with the chips she had requested, each filling her receptors without a single hitch.

Looking over to one of the Metools, her mind began to sharpen and clear as very small, very sharp pieces of her body began to tear away from her body, leaving invisible scratches around her as the pieces that had been taken away from her floated in the air in front of her, pointing at her target, they all swarmed the Metool, attempting to turn the small virus into the viral equivalent of a pin cushion, attempting to jab it from every possible place they could stick.

After shaking her head ever so slightly, she activated the Wideshot data within her body, sending it to her palm and turning it into a faint blue color, taking aim at the three Metools she hadn't attacked as of yet she slashed the air in front of her, sending a pressurized wave of water at the trio of viruses, hoping to have ended the quartet without opposition.

Splinter Storm--->MetoolB (1X40 wood, slashing, shot type)
-Snipe added to Wideshot1 (adds seeking to attack)
-Target Boost added to Wideshot1 (passive take aim)
Wideshot1--->MetoolA,C&D (60 aqua, can hit three)
Stabstabstabstabbitystab. The first Metool gets a healthy dose of splintery death, but unfortunately some of the splinters missed. Then, a WideShot is fired, hitting all three of the Metools in an instant. The splintered Metool yelled in pain as it tried jumping around to alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, that only made it worse as it drove the wooden spikes even further in.

MetoolB: 13HP

Terrain: 40% Normal, 60% Hustle & Bustle (Impenetrable)

Freya.EXE: 120HP [1ActionLeft]
(I've got two actions left, the seeking is a free action that is usable once per turn)

Close shave for you little Metool, it won't happen again. Freya said as she saw the Metool yelp i9n pain from her signature attack, she silently activated her sword battlechip.

Her arm quickly turned into the equivalent of a training sword, blunt yet powerful. Swiftly running up at the metool she quickly slashed in it's direction, attempting to cut the virus in half as she quickly cut at it again, making sure to that she may delete it.

Turn Split END
SwordX2--->MetoolB (80X2, slashing)
The lone met quickly became a 4 different mets with Freya's quick swing of his sword. Each seperate pieces began to disintegrate as they all turned into a large golden coin!


Terrain: 40% Normal, 60% Hustle & Bustle (Impenetrable)

Freya.EXE: 120HP [1ActionLeft]

Freya, sighing and disengaging the sword chip, quietly continued her way through the net, carefully going through the crowds in search of space and viruses.

(battle 2)
Freya was walking around the peaceful ACDC net, finding many navis fighting viruses here and there and their leisure. The puppet was determined to bust some viruses...but he could only find three tall cacti. Just as when the navi was about to advance further, all three plants began to move violently and revealed their true face!

Also, there is a floating white cloth just above Freya...

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
???: 60 HP [Floating Around]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 120HP

Three Cacti...this shouldn't be too hard... Freya said as she looked intently at the three cactus viruses, not knowing of the white cloth that is floating just above her. Um...Freya, may want to look above you, those three aren't the only viruses. Jack interrupted his navi, she sighed silently to herself as she looked up, seeing the white cloth above. What's it's HP level, Jack? She asked before turning her attention back on the cacti. 60, not much higher than the Metools you just fought, the Cacty viruses have 70, those are wood elemental. Might I suggest using the Fireburn1 to take them out? Jack said, analyzing the viruses and asking his navi. Very well, Jack, send me the Rageclaw2 as well. the puppet said as she was given the chips quickly.

Quickly moving to avoid dealing with the white sheet that hovered above her, Freya quickly attempted to line herself up with the Cacty viruses, mentally taking aim at them as she still lined them up within her mind, equipping the Fireburn1 she was given. Still taking aim at the foes, continuing to line them up, she launched one of her arms at the grouping of viruses, attempting to cut through them as it caught fire nearing one of the viruses, attempting to burn them all up as her arm returned to her moments later, if slightly singed...it's a wonder it didn't completely burn up.

Ow...Better not do that again... Freya said as she flexed the fingers of her singed hand, still usable, but I'd have to be repaired later to avoid any permanent damage to it.

She sighed and without hesitation, activated the Rageclaw2 data within her. Her uninjured arm slowly grew additional spines to mimic a bear's fur while her fingers enlarged and changed into a wooden bear claw, her singed arm had no such changes to avoid any damage. Turning to the creature under the white cloth that she had noted earlier and went on the attack, dragging her new claw on the ground as it scratched the surface of the terrain, sending small sparks up before jumping at the cloth, slashing at it in mid air, attempting to delete it without increasing the length of the fight.

Tactical Movement to run around to the side of the Cacti's
Line up Cacti group
-Target Boost to Fireburn1 (passive take aim1)
Fireburn1--->Cacti group (50X2 fire damage due to weakness, Line Attack)
Rageclaw2--->??? (70 slashing)
The white cloth flew off its wearer just as it revealed itself to be a large one-ton Powie, ready to slam into Freya! Fortunately, the marionette moved out of the way easily enough and blasted the Cacty with a quick shot of fire. The earlier Powie was taken care of as well with a swipe of her claw.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 120HP


Rewards: [CactBall1] Battlechip, 240z
Scooping up the data into her singed hand, Freya promptly downloaded the data to Jack's PET and continued on, feeling fine at 100% of her HP.

(battle 3 and I'm FEELIN FIIIIINE!)
Freya found a strange sight when she saw two Spikeys pouncing and punting a group of Melodies around. It was especially strange as the musical viruses didn't really mind to much. However, their fun was shortly gone when they saw Freya...igniting a new one as the Spikey saw the navi's wooden exterior!

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
MelodyA: 80 HP
MelodyB: 80 HP
MelodyC: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 120HP

Strange viruses... Freya murmured as she saw the wolf-like viruses and the note shaped ones happily playing...at least until they became aware of her presence. Alright Jack. I assume the wolves are Fire types and the notes are Normal. She said quickly, causing jack to look through the list he had brought up. Yea, the wolves are Fire with 90 HP...but the other type...I'm not entirely sure, this list doesn't say. But they're called Melodies and have 80 HP. Jack said as he listed off the two, looking over the battle situation before Freya interrupted his train of thought. Give me the Wideshot1, Tankcannon1 and Dash Attack. she said, listing off her choice of chips, promptly getting them one after the other.

Quickly activating her Wideshot1, Freya began to take aim at the duo of Spikies, her biggest threat as of this point, as her arm began to glow a faint blue color as she took aim at them with her mind, before letting loose with the chip as she threw her singed arm at the spikies like a boomerang as it slowly turned into a pressurized wave of water, attempting to strike the spikies and delete them as her arm boomeranged back and quickly reattached it's self to it's magnet.

Hope this works...Only got one shot at this to delete them all without dragging out the fight. Freya thought as she activated her next chip, the Dash Attack. Twisting her legs to have them on the ground as she thrust her arms forwards, turning them into a large battering ram, she was quickly thrust forwards towards the viruses, playing a game of chicken with them if you will, attempting to crash through to the other side of their line as she quickly jumped up into the air, after righting her legs and deactivating her Dash Attack chip.

Quickly accessing her TankCannon1 data, she quickly transformed her arms into a large cannon, over the Melody viruses, the cannon quickly enlarged with two additional holes for cannonballs as she fired downwards towards the viruses, attempting to delete them all in a single round as she landed, gracefully or not, was still to be determined as she turned her head to face behind her and see if she had decimated the virus group.

-Target Boost added to Wideshot1 (passive take aim1)
-Added Seeking to Wideshot1 with Subtype ability (OPT)
Wideshot1--->SpikeyA&B (60X2 due to elemental weaknesses, wide attack)
Dash Attack to boost self over towards Melody Group (tactical movement) (90+impact to Melodies if they get in the way)
Jump overhead of Melody group
TankCannon1--->MelodyA-C (80 to three, accuracy down due to attack)
((Man, this battle was too easy))

The two spikeys growled out a warning, flames erupting around them as they prepared to defend their small companions from the threatening puppet monster. They had never faced an enemy like this before, but they had seen their kind decimated by the cruel creatures known as Navi and had little hope of survival. All they could do was hope that the Melodys would be able to escape unharmed.

The two viruses charged, fiery eyes intent on the glowing arm of the wooden creature. Before the two spikeys could get near, the Navi's arm shot out in a wave of liquid. The duo leaped into the air in an attempt to dodge what would be certain death, but the wave seemed to curve in the air, sailing up to catch the two viruses in the underbelly. The spikeys fell to the floor, their bodies already deteriorating.

The three melodys huddled in fear, to scared to even flee. The wooden warrior barreled down on the huddled viruses, hurling two to the floor with deadly force. The lone survivor cried out in dismay, falling in on itself in an effort to escape the cruel death that it knew was coming. The Navi appeared over head, uncaring as it unleashed its final onslaught. A massive steel ball struck the Melody, smashing it into the floor and ending its life.

And all they had wanted to do was play...


Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 120HP


Rewards: 400 z
Wierd virus behavior...but, they were just viruses and it's a navi's job to delete them. Freya sighed as she took the small amount of zenny the viruses left behind and continued deeper into ACDC's network.

(batte 4, Record OTKO's:3)
(one bump for the road)
Freya was quickly stopped by lone Spikey that seemed to be especially vicious and angry with her since it had apparently witnessed her deleting two of its siblings. This looked to be a quick encounter, but it gave a low wistful howl and quickly summoned a group of Kabutanks behind it. Two Cactys emerged from the ground behind the tanks, ready to assist with the Spikey's revenge.

Spikey: 90 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 120HP

[Battle 4 - Begin!]
Hmmm...Two virus types we've encountered and one we haven't... Freya mumbled as she looked across the field to see a pissed off Spikey and two Cacty viruses as her sights landed on the Kabutanks that she was about to fight. Those are called Kabutanks, they have 80 HP. Thats all I've got on them. Want the same chips again? he said as he analyzed the viruses specs before following up with a question. Yes. I wish to delete them as fast as possible. But, give me the Thunder1, I have an idea. she said before being handed her usual chips, plus one she hadn't yet used, each downloading into her core.

Alright...lets see if this plan works... she said as she bolted from her current spot by accessing the Dash Attack data, causing her legs to be lifted slightly off the ground as she was blasted towards the viruses with much speed and force, mainly towards the Cacty grouping behind the Kabutanks, attempting to bash through whatever got in her way.

With her Dash Attack disengaging it's effect as she skidded to a halt, she accessed the Wideshot and Thunder1 chip data within her, forcing the Wideshot1 to her arms as she took aim at the viruses, bolting from her current position as she mentally locked onto the Spikey. If she had a mouth, Freya would have grinned.

Quickly forcing the Thunder1 data into her arms, she mixed the data together, causing her arms to crackle and pop with electricity, knowing she couldn't hold it for long, she interlocked her hands with each other, creating a sort of large pole with the both of them, as she wound up and threw her arms at the Spikey and Kabutanks, her arms creating a wave of pressurized, electrically charged, water towards the viruses, attempting to cut through them and end their existence. Her arms, returned to her after the attack had finished before she had began to run around the group in an attempt to avoid being hit.

Dash Attack--->KabutankA-C, CactyA&B (90+impact, line attack)
-Seeking added to next attack
-Target Boost added to next attack (passive take aim1)
Wideshot1+Thunder1 mix combo--->Spikey+KabutanksA&B (60 Aqua+40 Thunder, wide attack and homing=Unknown effects)
Freya confidently confronted her enemies with the head-on attack of her DashAttack. The navi was sure that this attack would be able to wipe the floor of the viruses...but she was wrong. With the sheer force she traveled in, she was only able to travel straight forward and only pinned a Kabutank and the Cacty just behind it, missing the rest.

The navi immediately turned around after she halted her DashAttack and fired a fused wideshot, which was heading towards the back of the virus groups. Again, Freya's plan didn't go through as the Cacty was in front of the attack, getting deleted instead of the viruses behind. Now the viruses was on the offense as the remaining three open fired, managing to hit the navi with the large explosion of the kabutank's bomb.

Spikey: 90 HP
KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Freya.EXE: 90HP