Thelas's first custom Navi. [Busting Run]

"Ready, SliceMan?"
"I was coded ready... Here we go!"

'Well, I hope this works. It's my first viruses with a custom Navi, and I'm excited! But I need to be careful.'
SliceMan walked through Akihara Net, ready for some virus busting.

Sliceman dashes through the calm streets of ACDC Net, searching for a battle. He has to look no further, however, as three Metools, brandishing their pickaxes in a menacing fashion, waddle toward Sliceman. The viruses let out some "Meep!"s as a sort of war-cry before Sliceman's battle routines started up.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP


((This link is probably your best bet on how to RP your first battle.))
"Battlechip RageClaw, Slot-In!"
'Wow, I'm really getting excited over this; I guess this is why everyone else had so much fun netbattling."
Sliceman ran up to the first Mettaur and attempted to slice through it with the claw formed on his left hand.
He kept running as his attack either connected or missed and used the momentum of the attack to carry him and his claw through towards the second foe. As he sliced in its direction he bent his knees to slow himself down and jump over one of the surviving foes' shockwaves. And he jumped in the direction of Mettaur C, trying to bring down his claw upon it as he landed.
1) RageClaw Slot-In and attacking MettaurA [40 Slashing / 20 Impacting] (is that one of, or both? if one, the slashing)
2) RageClaw to MettaurB [40 Slashing / 20 Impacting]
FREE) Dodge (Sword subtype [swordplay ability: free dodge after 2 consecutive slashing attacks 1/turn])
3) RageClaw to MettaurC [40 Slashing / 20 Impacting]
(Ok. Here is three things. One. You don't need to use an action to slot in a battle chip. Second. Perhaps you could try to add more into your RP? You won't get much accomplished, if anything, with it as it's currently now. Look at other people's busting threads and look over them and try to learn. Thirdly. It would be better if you actually RP'ed your navi dodging, you would have a much higher chance to evade enemy attacks than if you just auto-dodged. Fix those, and someone, probably me, will mod you.)
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Thelas raked his way through the first two Metools using his Rageclaw without any major problems. He also managed to avoid a shockwave from the third as he dropped in from above to finish it off.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Thelas get: 200z
As his battle routine ended, SliceMan.EXE raised his RageClaw in victory before morphing it back into his hand and continuing on.
"You know, Thelas, you got too excited there. It wouldn't do if someone was to see you like that. You need to keep yourself controlled."
"Sorry, SliceMan. I know I got really excited, but it's my first battle with you and we did just fine."
"Okay. Now, be careful. I'm going to go off and look for some more viruses for practice."


Edit: Aww, I just realized I didn't get a chip. Maybe next battle, I guess?
((Chips aren't always given out every battle. Plus, rewards depends on your RP quality along with Mod's discretion. So keep your heads up!))

SliceMan walked along until he felt an uneasy feeling from behind. As soon as he turned around, a stout metal barrel was looking straight at the navi! SliceMan immediately jumped away, only to realize that it was the Canodumbs! Get'em now before they get you!

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: 50 HP
CanodumbD: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP

((I know they're not every battle, I was just hoping for a defensive chip since we don't start with any. But thanks for telling me about the RP quality requirement)).

"Four Canodumbs? What are we going to do here, Thelas? I don't particularily favour the idea of getting shot."
"Well, remember when I was looking for chips that I still had when I finally got you?"
"Yeah, what did you find?"
"You'll see. Battlechip ShotGun, Slot-In!"
"Have to line this up just right...."

SliceMan ran to an angle where one of the Canodumbs was directly in front of another, morphed his left arm into the shotgun, and fired it. He jumped towards the third Canodumb, expecting a Rageclaw from his operator, and that was what he recieved.
"Battlechip Rageclaw, Slot-In!"

SliceMan then sliced sideways at the vertical cannon, then jumped up, morphed his arm into a sword, and attempted to dug it into the final cannon.
While trying to plunge down his sword, he pushed his other hand down onto the cannon to use it for momentum to get behind the one surviving cannon if all his attacks succeeded, or any of the remaining ones if he didn't.

1) ShotGun to Canodumb A, spread to Canodumb B [50 + Spread1]
2) RageClaw to Canodumb C [40 + Slashing]
3) Signature Attack Jumping Slash [60 + Sword (and possibly Slashing)]
FREE (if my Sig was slashing damage)) Dodge
((Your signature does 60 slashing damage so you get the free dodge.))

With the Canodumb viruses being totally immobile, it was fairly easy for Sliceman to score a double hit with his Shotgun. Both viruses were deleted as he dove towards his second target. His horizontal slash left terrible scratchmarks on the cannon's frame but it was still intact. It fired but was dodged when Sliceman switched targets, taking out the fourth Cannon in the row with his signature Jumping Slash.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: 10 HP
CanodumbD: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP
"Let's take out fire with fire. Battle-chip Cannon, Slot-In!"
Sliceman, without saying a word, morphed his left arm into a Cannon, shot it at the other cannon just in front of him, attempted to evade and fire back if somehow the immobile cannon had survived the attack, and then searched for any reward data he had received if the cannon was dead.

1) Cannon to CanodumbC
2) Dodge
3) Buster to CanodumbC if it survived (w/ Atk 2 and Rapid 2, I do 4 damage, right?)
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((Your navi's name is Sliceman, not Slashman. Also, please try to RP with fewer instances of 'if' statements. They lower the quality of your RP.))

The last Canodumb fell to the quickfire draw of Sliceman's own Cannon attack.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: DELETED
CanodumbD: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + Cannon battlechip
((Sorry, it was originally SlashMan, then I realized he was in EXE6. I'll get used to it soon))
"Why don't you go over to the square and we can look for a partner for tag team busting?"
"The square's pretty far, you know. I'll probably run into some viruses on the way there".
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The sound of approaching viruses alerted Sliceman to the viruses before they arrived. He turned to face the minor threat of a few Powie viruses. They didn't look very menacing, what with their thin frames and smiley faces but they were still viruses.

PowieA: 60 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP
PowieD: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 3 - Begin!]
"Viruses! Four of them. And none of our chips will delete them in one hit. We'll have to be careful this time."
"BattleChip RageClaw, Slot-In!"
"Wait... I think I can use this to pick a virus up and toss it into the next one. Let's give it a try."
And true to his word, SliceMan tossed the PowieA towards the PowieB, because while they seem light, if they can turn into giant weights, they must be pretty heavy and would therefore hit pretty hard. He then followed through by trying to slice through the two now-adjacent viruses before preparing to flee when he saw the shadows the surviving Powies would inevitably become.

1) RageClaw to PowieA, throw to PowieB. [20 + Impacting to each]
2) RageClaw to PowieA. [40 + Slashing]
3) RageClaw to PowieB. [40 + Slashing]
FREE) Dodge. (swordplay)
Sliceman tried his best to throw, bitchslap, or toss the first virus into the other, but failed as they kept bouncing out of his reach. Frustrated, the sword navi kept to slicing them to bits with his best efforts. One of the remaining ones hopped high into the air and crashed down as a heavy weight, but SliceMan used his swordsman-like reflexes to avoid the attack. There were some cracks where the Powie's attack impacted, so Sliceman might wanna be a bit more careful about his footing.

PowieA: 20 HP
PowieB: 20 HP
PowieC: 60 HP
PowieD: 60 HP

Terrain: 99% Normal, 1% Cracked

Sliceman.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw: 3 uses left]
Sliceman looked at the cracks from the Powie's attacks... "Ouch... Don't want to fall in through those!"
"Let's just keep it going."
SliceMan and Thelas made a slight change of plan, though: Jumping off, SliceMan slashed towards the third virus. He landed and started running towards the fourth one, which he also attempted to cut into bits with his claw. However, once this was done, after attempting to look for the Powie's shadows, he fired... "BattleChip Shotgun, Slot-In!" a ShotGun towards the first two Powies to try and take them out.

1) RageClaw PowieC (40 Slashing)
2) RageClaw PowieD (40 Slashing)
FREE) Dodge
3) ShotGun PowieA (Spread PowieB) [50+Spread1]