The Net's an Adventure!

A stream of data shot out of the sky, landing with a flash in ACDC Net. After a second, Ketsuban stepped out of the data stream and stretched his arms over his head.

"Welcome to ACDC Net, the gathering place of newbies everywhere! It's relaxed enough that even your nerves should be able to stand it." He grinned upwards, arms resting behind his head.

"I'm not that bad..." Green trailed off. Even he knew that yes, he really was that bad. It was any wonder he had a social life. "How do you even know about this, anyway? It's your first time."

"Research, Green! Some of us actually do it!"

Ignoring this jab at his lackluster study habits, Green leaned forward in his seat. "Well then... uh, go on and deliver the email, Kets, and... er, feel free to fight any viruses that interrupt you. If you need a chip, just ask."

"Roger, Green! One late assignment coming right up!" Ketsuban saluted smartly, and began to saunter deeper into ACDC Network.


[Battle one, please~]
Ketsuban's way was blocked off by a trio of Metools. One was slightly ahead of the other two, forming a triangular formation. There was nothing else around that could possibly obstruct him. This looked to be an easy battle.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"Viruses spotted! Ketsuban stopped, looking over them with a casual grin. "Metools, I see! Been having a good day? Wrapped up any family business"

He wasn't expecting a response, but there was nothing wrong with small talk. Green, on the other hand, seemed to think this was a bit much. "Uh... Kets? They're just viruses..."

"I see no problem with being polite, Green. Viruses have... well, actually, I don't know if they have feelings. But it's better to assume. Now... what chips did that kid push on you?"

Green looked at the chips. "Uh... a Cannon, Shotgun, and Rageclaw."

"Excellent! I'm going to want that Rageclaw~"

"Rageclaw... right." Green slotted the chip in, then looked at the screen. "It got to you, right?"

Ketsuban brought up a green disc, and quickly tapped some sort of command on the screen. "Building... complete!" The screen vanished, and the Navi's glove flickered into a green lined claw. He glanced from it to the viruses, and grinned.

"Time for some fun, Metools!" He suddenly darted forward, stabbing at the leading virus and slashing upwards, then withdrew his arm. He quickly relocated himself, launching a simpler downward slice on a second Metool, and then jumped backwards a few steps to survey what he'd done.

"Your move!"

Action Summary:
1. Rageclaw to MetoolA
2. Rageclaw to MetoolB
3. Dodge
((It'll be appreciated if you would label the damage of each chips next time~))

Ketsuban's rageclaw made quick work of the metools, slicing and dicing the viruses into tiny fragments. The remaining metool haphazardly swung its pick axe at the navi, but Ketsuban easily dodged the poorly utilized attack. Now desperate, the metool dove under its protective helmet and hoped for the best.

MetoolC: 40 [Hiding under the helmet]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP
[sub][Knew I forgot something...][/sub]

Ketsuban didn't seem at all bothered as he sidestepped the attack, looking a bit bored. When the Metool took cover, he sighed and shrugged in an exaggerated manner.

"So that's all you're going to do? I'm not too surprised, losing all your friends so quickly..." He walked towards the virus with an all too casual bounce in his step, pausing to put his unclawed hand on his hip and look over the helmet with a critical eye.

"I'm impressed, though~ This kind of barrier might frustrate others. Green here would give up just here and now!"

Green made a face at the PET, knowing that Ketsuban couldn't see it. It felt good anyway.

Ketsuban continued, tapping the Metool's helmet with the Rageclaw."Sturdy, yes... but imperfect. Just like code, it looks infallible, but if you know where to hit..."

The Navi suddenly and swiftly smashed the tips of the claw into the Metool's helmet, pulled the weapon back, and swiped again. Just for good measure.

He continued talking without missing a beat. " can all fall apart. Remember that, Green~"

"Whatever..." Green sighed. He wasn't expecting the battle to turn into a class on coding.

Action Summary
1. Rageclaw to MetoolC [40 Slashing]
*Smash: Add Breaking to previous action.
2. Rageclaw to MetoolC [40 Slashing]
3. Dodge
Ketsuban concentrated his own energy into his first blow, whacking a sweet spot on the Metool's helmet and bowling it over so that it squirmed helplessly upside-down. Charging again, the navi made a vicious swipe at the virus, shredding it to pieces.

All was done.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP

Get: Guard1, 160z
"And that's that." Ketsuban dismissed the claw that had been taking the place of his hand for the battle, and stretched. "Noooow, that wasn't too bad, was it Green?"

"You were the one fighting, not me." Green leaned back and unclenched his fists; he wouldn't admit it (Ketsuban probably knew anyway), but he'd been nervous just watching the fight. Bugged or not, it was still his Navi.

Ketsuban shrugged, pulling up his interface and tapping at it. "Ooo, I've heard of this! Viruses drop junk data and zenny sometimes, and it looks like we've got some... Green, y'got any blank chips?"

"Blank... chips?"
"You know, chips without any data, so you can upload your own data to them?"
"Take that as a no. Well, we can store the chip data on your PET for now, just be sure to buy some when that chip store opens, alright?"

Green just sighed, which told the Navi everything he needed to know. "Now, if you want to be able to send chips directly from the PET, you've got to access the chip folder first..."

As this tutorial on the use of battlechip folders progressed, Ketsuban wasn't exactly paying attention to his surroundings, leaving him a prime target for viruses...

[Battle 2, please.]
A Champu and Fishy virus happened to come upon a chatty Ketsuban. Fortunately, they had appeared in front of him, allowing them to be spotted. The Champu polished its fiery mitts to prepare for battle while the green Fishy drifted around gently.

Fishy: 90 HP
Champu: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"-Guard chips reflect damage, and I can deploy it whenever once you've sent it to me, so hold onto i-oh hello there!" Ketsuban stopped his little speech and waved. "How nice of you to come up from the front instead of a sneaky attack!"

Green blinked, looking at the PET screen. "W-viruses? Already? But we just finished a fight!" Green scrambled to grab his chips, which he had laid out during his Navi's impromptu lesson.

"Viruses wait for no man! Now I'm sure you were listening to what I said about your chips, right?"
"Cannons knock viruses back, shotguns piece and hit enemies behind, and rageclaws can be used to slice or throw... right?"
"And Guards?"
"Reflect damage... wait, why do I have to tell you? This isn't class!"

Ketsuban just snickered. "So, what do you think is the best choice in this case, my operator~?"

Green grimaced a bit at the mocking tone, then looked over the chips. "Uh... the shotgun, since there's two of them."

"Bingo! Now be kind and slot it in."

Green nodded, and slotted the chip in. Ketsuban tapped at his interface a bit before bringing up the slim arm weapon, and watched the Fishy drift a bit, took a few steps to line things up better, and fired at the Champy.

"One hit won't wipe 'em out though~"
"Right. The cannon."

Green slotted it in. The shotgun was replaced by the namesake cannon, which Ketsuban pointed at the Fishy and fired off. "Simple enough. Now, lets test that Guard chip!"

A bit of messing around with the PET menu (Green pushed the wrong buttons a few times), and the data was sent. Ketsuban brought up his interface and tapped the screen casually, watching for an attack and a chance to deploy the shield.

Action Summary
1. Shotgun to Champy, attempt spread to Fishy [50]
2. Cannon to Fishy [40 + Knockback]
3. Guard1 [Reflect up to 60]
The shotgun was able to damage the fiery Champu, but it wasn't able to hit the Champu besides it. The Fishy stopped floating around and suddenly jetted towards Ketsuban! Thankfully, Green was able to slot in just in time, making the Fishy fly the opposite way with the help of the cannon's knockback.

The Champu was furious about the navi's attack and also moved closer for the strike, but his punch was directly reflected with the help of the Guard1 and was deleted instantly.

Fishy: 50 HP [Knockback]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP
"Hm... looks like my aim was a bit off..." Ketsuban tilted his head and frowned... then shrugged like it was nothing at all. Oh well, you can't have them all!"

"Speaking of 'all', we've practically used all of our chips... and that green virus looked pretty fast." The operator tapped the desk nervously.

"Hey, it is green! Just like your naaaame~"
"For future references, the green ones are Fishy, and the punchy ones are Champus. And... as for the fast thing... send me that Rageclaw, please!"

Green quickly slotted the chip in. "You sound like you've got a plot."

Ketsuban activated the Rageclaw and stretched his arms over his head. "I'm just going to play a game, Green! I think humans call it Chicken."

The Navi grinned, and looked at the Fishy which was currently busy shooting off in the wrong direction. He bounced on his toes a bit, ready to jump away, and beckoned with both his free hand and the obnoxiously large claw.

"Heeeeere Fishy Fishy Fishy~!"


Green paled. He... did he actually just say that?!

Action Summary
1. Dodge
2. Rageclaw to Fishy [40 + Slashing]
3. Dodge
The fishy's pride seemed to be injured by the navi's taunt as it circled around to head in its proper direction. Flying forward like a bull spurred forward by a matador, the virus charged charged, only to be grabbed and flung away by the waiting Ketsuban. Its eyes widened as it tumbled back up, shaking unsteadily and stabilizing its flight, but it seemed to have become dizzy.

Fishy: 10 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP
"Viruses get dizzy, huh... that's useful to know." Ketsuban grinned, pleased with himself. "See Green! I can strategize just fine~"

"I don't doubt that... but you should probably finish it now."

Ketsuban blinked, then looked at the recovering virus. "Oh? ...oh! Right!" His brief moment of confusion was wiped away, and he walked towards the virus and almost casually stabbed at it. "I almost forgot. It's good you were paying attention. Looks like you aren't entirely useless after all~"

Green sighed. "I just want you to keep moving and get that file delivered..."

Action Summary:
1. Rageclaw to Fishy [40 + Slashing]
2. Dodge
3. Dodge
The Fishy is felled by Ketsu's attack, unable to dodge properly due to it's dizzied state of mind, ending the battle. As Ketsu begins to look around for any rewards, he soon notices a small shimmer from the corpse of the Fishy. Seems like chip data to me...FISHY chip data...


Fishy: OWNED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP

If Ketsuban were aware of the fourth wall (which he is quite certainly not, thank you very much), he might have made a comment about how his puns were all being stolen.

This hypothetical situation never happened, though.

Ketsuban poked at the dead Fishy with interest. "Never seen data leave a corpse before... oo, chip data! I'll send it to ya, Green!"

The PET beeped as the data was uploaded. "Thanks. Any zenny?"
"Hm... nope~"
Green frowned. "Too bad... it would have been nice to get zenny to make up for what we spent today."

Ketsuban shrugged, and started walking. "Well... if you think about it, isn't that all counterfeit zenny anyway?"
"Well, where does the zenny come from? Either the viruses spontaneously generate it upon death, making it counterfeit... or they've taken it from other people or places, making it stolen! It's practically a lose-lose situation!"
In the real world, Green paled as this realization hit him... and Ketsuban laughed.

"Oh, calm down, Green! Everyone does it! If there were a problem, we would've done something about it by now!

Green laughed nervously. "Y-yeah. You're right..." Though he didn't sound too convinced...

Now, discourse about the legality of viral zenny was nice and all, but Ketsuban was still in the net, and there were still viruses out there. Not that he was really cared.

[Battle 3, please!]
A triangle of Cacty viruses blocked Ketsuban's way while a Spooky hovered between them ominously. It was like some kind of haunted desert setting. Ketsuban would have had the added element of surprise if it wasn't for the Spooky spotting him and letting out a loud raspberry.

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
Spooky: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 3 - Begin!]
Viruses! Ketsuban looked pleased at this development. At least until the Spooky decided to display its tongue. Ketsuban did the same, but with the addition of eyelid pulling. Just like in shows.


Green just... sighed, and shook his head. "What do you need, Kets?"

The Navi stopped making his face and put his hands on his hips. "Why not try out that new chip?"
"Dash? Do you know what it does?"
"It makes you dash! Probably just like the Fishy viruses it comes from!"

Green paused. "You... really don't know."

"What makes you think that? It's strong enough to wipe out this garden. Send it in, I'd like to give it a try!"

The operator complied, and Ketsuban quickly applied the chip data and watched it work... and blinked when his hand was replaced with a replica of a Fishy virus.

"That's not very pretty... Oh well, let's give this a try!" He pointed his modified buster at the triangle of viruses, and let loose. The Fishy replica promptly shot off... bringing Ketsuban along for the ride.


He caught his balance in time to bowl past the viruses the way a bowling ball went through pins. Once he was through, his buster returned to normal, leaving the Navi staggering and slightly disoriented. "Ahahaha~ I didn't think it was that kind of chip..."

"Kets! You alright?" Green quickly sent the Guard1 chip's data, accurately deducing that his Navi was far too dizzy for any proper dodging.

"I'm fiiiine~" Ketsuban swayed a bit, deploying the Guard chip in case he hadn't struck true.

Action Summary
1. Dash Attack [90 + Impact], targeting all
2. Guard1 [Reflect 60], just in case.
3. Dodging. Badly.
Ketsuban rushes into the battle, charging his way toward the immobile Cactys and crashing through them in one foul swoop. It seemed like it was over, but wait! Where was the Spooky?

The clever ghost, it turns out, had teleported away from the attack and now bared down toward the navi and slapped its tongue at him! Oh the horror- GUARD.

Spooky: 20 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP
It wasn't long before Ketsuban recovered. "Navis get dizzy? Who would've thought~"

"If you'd let me look at your code..."

"I didn't say it was a bad thing! Now, we need to wipe out this teleporter of a ghost." He flexed his hand and looked expectantly at the sky, and by proxy at his operator.

Green stared a moment, then figured it out and slotted in the Rageclaw Chip. "We're getting a lot of use out of this thing..."

"Nothing wrong with that!" Ketsuban grinned as the claw appeared, and he dashed at the spooky, swinging the claw as he went. "Banzaaaaai!"

Action Summary
1. Rageclaw [40 Slashing] to Spooky
2. Rageclaw [40 Slashing] to Spooky
3. Dodge
The Spooky managed to dodge out of the way of the first Rageclaw swipe but wasn't nearly swift enough to dodge the other that came its way. The sharp nails on Ketsuban's hand cut the virus into ribbons of data that revealed a small cache of zenny in its core.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Ketsuban.exe: 100 HP

[Battle 3 - Victory!]

Get: 400z