Looking for Group

Nitro appeared in a flash of green light. Despite being the second one to be jacked in, he was standing inside the duck statue alone. He hadn't really expected to appear right beside Void, but the only thing he could see was a shadow against a stone duck much like the one he just jacked into. For a second this just kind of passed through Nitro's mind without much afterthought, but then he realized that there wasn't anything to cast a shadow in this particular shape. He also noticed that the shadow wasn't actually against the duck, it stood a few feet away from it. It took a few seconds for Nitro to realize that this was indeed Void. Once he did though, he walked over to him and offered his hand. "Hi," he said. "I'm Nitro." As Nitro held out his hand, he had this nagging feeling that something about Void made him feel intimidated. No, not intimidated, almost afraid.
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Void, waiting a little bit away to see what his teammates would look like, was suprised when he was spotted by the first one. Stepping forward, Void shook his hand in a firm grip (despite being made of nothing). Then in a voice sounding like an opening cript, replied, "Hello Nitro, it is indeed a pleasure to finally meet you in person..."

then the face seemed to smile, in a way what you could only see from his eyes, as he said,"I hope my appearance hasnn't starteld you..."
Suddenly, an explosion of flame appeared near Nitro and Void. When it faded, a large, three-tailed fox was in its place. "So..." he said. "I'm Kitsune. Who are you?"
Cyon enters in the typical fashion, a beam of light hitting the ground, revealing a kneeling Cyon. He leaps up and sees his three allies. "Hey guys, I'm Cyon. You are?"
Void points to himself, and the other navis saying, "I'm Void, that's Nitro, and the fox is kitsume..." Void looks back at the new navi, "...and I'm just going to assume that you're Cyon..."
Cyon chuckles. Hadn't he already said that? "Yeah." He nods towards Kitsune and Nitro. "Sssooo... Void. Cool name, cooler visual theme, if you don't mind me saying."
Before anyone can reply! An Army of Metools come to face them!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP
MetoolE: 40 HP
MetoolF: 40 HP
MetoolG: 40 HP
MetoolH: 40 HP
MetoolI: 40 HP
MetoolJ: 40 HP
MetoolK: 40 HP
MetoolL: 40 HP

Terrain: Normal goddammit

Nitro.exe: 140 HP
Void.exe: 100 HP
Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
Cyon.exe: 100 HP

Cyon laughs. Enemies. Annoying lil' buggers. Sharmandra uploads a RageClaw, Cyon winds his body back, and he attacks both enemies in a spiral, landing light on his feet.

RageClaw on MetoolA (40 dmg)
RageClaw on MetoolB (40 dmg)
"This is my kind of day...", Void chuckled darkly, "first I get complemented on my looks, and now I get a large number of victims..."

<Yeah, just don't get too excited and kill your teammates.>, Damian said on a private channel,<shotgun, cannon, double download>

The darkness around Void's hands grew and engulfed them as he took off in a direction arcing around the virri. Eyes picking out easy targets, Void raises his arms and aims at the two metools near the back. The shadows dispersing from his hands, void stops to aim better. slowly pulling the trigger, he reseases two streaking projectiles at his targets...



1) Run(autododge)
2) shotgun to metoolJ (50+splash)
3) cannon to metoolK(40)
Nitro was about to say something to his teammates when the small army of Metools appeared. Well, he thought. Look's like it'll have to wait. "Hey Chris!" Nitro said on the private line. "Send me a Cannon and a Minibomb. I've got an idea."
"Way ahead of ya!" Chris said. As he said this, a Minibomb appeared in Nitro's right hand, and a Cannon over the left. He ran up to one of the Mettools and fired, but before the Cannon dissapeared, he shoved the bomb down the barrel and fired at another Mettool. He then readied himself to dodge any attack that came his way.

1: Cannon at Mettool I (40dmg)
2: Minibomb cannon shot at Mettool D (60dmg)
3: Auto-dodge
Kitsune summoned fireballs from his tails, and flinged them into the middle of the arena. "These are protective fireballs," he explained. "They seem to cause some viruses to target them instead of us navis..."
"Okay," Scott interrupted, "Sending your new sword chip."
As the sword uploaded, Kitsune did a backflip, landing on his back legs and now having a sword for a right arm. Silently, he slashed at the 11th Metool in the group.
1) Signature attack - Kitsune-Bi [3 5-hp taunting fireball targets]
2) Dodge
3) Battlechip - Sword[80 sword damage] to MetoolK
Cyon's attacks phail miserably due to their undescriptiveness and only manage to hit one of his targets. He is then attacked by two other Metools, one manages to hit.
Void runs quickly to the side, for no reason. Then he lays some damage at the Metool ranks, but the shotgun fails to send shrapnel flying into other Metools.
Nitro fares better than his companions and deletes his targets quickly. He then barrel-rolled out of the way of a shockwave.
Kitsune launches his fireballs, then swipes at thin air, as Void already killed his targeted Metool.
Three more Metools attack the fireballs, being randomly aggravated by them. The final two hide under their helmets.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolE: 40 HP
MetoolF: 40 HP
MetoolG: 40 HP
MetoolH: 40 HP (helmet'd)
MetoolL: 40 HP (helmet'd)

Terrain: Normal goddammit

Nitro.exe: 140 HP
Void.exe: 100 HP
Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
Cyon.exe: 90 HP
"Samurai Kirby strategy," Scott said.
What are you -" Kitsune began, before running the game Kirby Super Star through his head. "Oh. Understood." Kitsune stood still for several seconds. Then several more. Suddenly, an exclamation point appeared above his head, and at that nanosecond, he slashed at the first Metool so fast that it seemed like he teleported to it. A flameless explosion beneath his feet sent him backflipping, landing on his back feet.

"Now what," Kitsune asked.
"Well, now we-" Scott began, but it seemed that Kitsune had already slashed at the two Metools more than twice as fast as usual.
"Rrrrgh." Kitsune growled.
"What's wrong," his netop asked.
"I think Void's darkness has triggered my Dark Mode personality, which makes me more aggressive. Since the weapon protocols for it haven't been coded into me before I was returned to you, all it does is make me much more savage..."
1) Battlechip - Sword[40dmg sword] to MetoolA
*) Gust to self - dodge
2) Battlechip - Sword [40dmg sword] to MetoolE
3) Battlechip - Sword [40dmg sword] to MetoolF

((Note: Dark mode, along with Light Mode and Wisdom mode, are part of my sub-subplot which connects my upcoming GMOs and Signature attacks, and possibly crosses if I get them. They do not in any way boost my speed, damage, or anything else, battlewise - they just change my navi's abilities RPwise, as fluff. ))
OOC: Sometimes paragraph long descriptions are boring, and simple, effctive writing is needed. That's my opinion, but I'm not gonna complain about the lack of effectivenessousity.

Cyon shrugs off the blow (meaning he refocuses himself, not that he doesn't take damage.) And shouts, "Sharmandra!" Sharmandras head appears in front of Cyon, in an odd 2-D portal that seems to be made of multiple, poorly overlapping rectangles. "Need me to upload more chips?" Cyon shakes his head. "No, that Nitro guy should be able to break their defenses, then we can attack." Sharmandra shakes his head, "WE CAN'T WAIT!!! That's akin to a 'please kill me' sign! Ket's take out as many non-covered ones as we can." Cyon runs the variables in his head. "Fine."

Sharmandra uploads two chips in rapid succesion. The first causes Cyon's buster to swell. Then it seems to ripples from his arm outward, rapidly increasing in speed. When it reaches the tip of the buster, it pauses, then shoots out, rapidly expanding into a wide spread burst at some Metools. His buster than changes color to a redish tint, and ren fins extend from the side. The ripple this time is much faster and thinner. There is no pause, and the burst, this one a blast of fire, expands over a longer period of time. It hits with a small explosion of fire. Sharmandra then runs around behind the enemy in an attempt to dodge any return fire.

Shotgun (50DMG+Spread1) at Metool C.
HeatShot(40DMG+Spread1) at Metool F.

Are they immune to damage with helmets, or is it halved, or do they take 1 damage?
"Hmmm..." Void pondered the fox like navi's actions as the fight was starting. <What is it Void?> Damian asked his Navi, "that kitsune, It seems to be having an interesting reaction to my... shall we say... personality. This requires a more in depth study. but for now, let's take care of these virri."

<What are we going to do, we only have one battlechip left...> "Send it!" void cut Damian off with a snarl, " I think we want to save our 'special attack' for a more pressing moment..."

<Rageclaw, battlechip in, download!> Damian said, slotting in the chip and warping the dimensions of Void's left hand. His fingers grew and stretched until they were long sharp claws. Thrusting upwards with his right hand, a strong gust of wind knocked one of the hidden metools up into the air. Leaping up after it, Void swung his arm and slashed at the helpless virus. Then, using the momentum gaind from his leap, aimed his arm so it would skewer another one when he landed. As he felt his feet touch the ground, he gave a quick glance around to see what else was going on...



*) gust @ metoolH into air
1) rageclaw @ metoolH (40 damage)
2) rageclaw @ metoolG (40 damage)
3) survey (autododge)
"Nitro?" Chris said to Nitro after Nitro did his best impression of an Arwing.
"Yeah?" Nitro replied.
"Take a look at those Metools for me, and tell me what you see."
Nitro glanced at the virii, and saw that two of them were hiding under their helmets. A very excited look came over his face.
"I 'splo stuff up?" He asked, sounding like a three year old that wanted a candy bar.
"Yes, you 'splo stuff up."
"WHEEEEE!" Nitro shouted gleefully. Nitro pulled out one of his bombs and started focusing his energy into it. As the bomb grew bigger and turned green, he watched his teammates attack their respective virii. When the bomb resembled a rather large lime with a burning fuse, he threw it at one of the Metools trying to protect itself.


1+2: Charging bomb
3: Throw charged bomb at MetL (Break added)
(It's the... and the RP... and you all...
Zyborg: 40 damage sword? What?! You can RP a rageclaw as a sword, but please call it a rageclaw in the overview.
Link2125: You do not need to charge an energybomb. It's just THERE. And it requires no actions to add break, now.
Niax: Please note, hiding metools are hiding beneath their helmets. Not trying to run away, or something of that sort.
Sharmandra: They're immune. FLIP IT OVER FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE!)


Terrain: An entire field of what appears to be brand new panels is the arena for this battle. That's the advantage of fighting in residential networks. (100% Normal)

Nitro.exe: 140 HP
Void.exe: 100 HP
Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
Cyon.exe: 90 HP

Prizes: 150z each

(Don't say anything about the rewards, either. There were three metools for each one of you. I gave rewards as such. Please stow your tray tables, and put your seat backs in the upright position. We will be landing in battle 2 shortly.
Thanks for flying ACDCway.)
((Sorry. I'm used to the Rageclaw for this, and my brain hasn't been working right...))

"... anything else to destroy," Kitsune growled.
"Calm down," Scott replied, worried about his navi. "Kitsune, can you deactivate your Dark Mode?"
"Sure, why not, buddy?"
"That was fast. I wonder if there is anything else to destroy."
"Calm down. Scott, can you deactivate your Dark Mode?"
Scott laughed quietly at this lame turnaround of the conversation.

"How's everything going," Kitsune asked his allies.
"I'm feeling bad, which is good..." Void chuckled at his own 'joke', "but you're disappointing me, fox, you were just getting into a interesting mindset..."

Turning to look for more virri, he mutters darkly,"I'll just have to try harder..."

((OoC: yeah, I know that they are under the helmits, so I blasted one into the air so I could get at the underside, not running away or whatever...))
((It wasn't an energy bomb, it was my charged "buster" attack.

Nitro walked over to his teammates to congradulate them on a job well done. "Good fight guys!" He said. "We definately show those virii who's boss." He then talked to each navi in turn, complimenting them on their fighting skills. "So," he said finally, adressing them all. "Do you guys want to stick around and wait for some more virii? 'Cause I know I am."