Not-So-Alien Invasion

"All right, all right, I'm sorry already, jeez," muttered Eternalis, while swinging a mock right hook towards the SP, which was, of course, easily dodged with some laughs. Harke watched on with amusement as he sat back and observed his father, who seemed to be now conversing intimately with his puppy SP about something concerning the puppy's flight patterns. None of them noticed that the sector code for the area the programs were currently exploring now held an ominous "R" at the end of it, though they'd soon find out...

[Rogue Battle 1 - Ready.]
[Eternalis 160 / Aurora 70.]
Venturing out into the deeper darks of the net, the slime monster navi and his SP soon found themselves surrounded by a dark star filled sky above. A beautiful sight with countless twinkling lights glittering as far as the eye can see.

Though focusing on the sights above would be bad, for it was the sights below that quickly threatened them, as they had walked right into a group of little viruses that were none too happy to have new comers around. This was most likely due to the glowing blue gem behind the lot of them that had been their previous focus, and now they were ready to defend it!

CannonGuard2 A: 150HP [Solar]
CannonGuard2 B: 150HP [Solar]
Elesphere: 150HP [Magnet]
Tricube: 220HP

20% Solar [Scattered]
30% Magnet [Scattered]
50% Normal

Eternalis: 160HP [Normal]
Aurora.SP: 70HP [Solar]


—Rogue Battle 1, Start!—
After some laughs were had and the fake punches were thrown, they started to quiet down, and went about admiring the view from the floating platforms that comprised their footholds. It didn't take long before they figured that there was something odd about their surroundings. "... Is it just me or is it getting a lot darker now?" mentioned Aurora, glancing up at the twinkling stars.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, it is feeling a bit dimmer around," observed Eternalis, putting his hands behind his back as he walked, staring out at the glowing solar paneling that dotted the area. However, he only went a few steps before he held his arm out to stop Aurora in her tracks. "We've got some company," said the blue Navi, to which Aurora nodded, and put up her scanning systems. The results of her scan brought up some wrinkles beneath her visor.

"... We've got ourselves some Class-2 viruses," muttered Aurora. "That cube has a sizable amount of chunk, at least. Harke, could I get some high burst? ZapRing3 would be nice."

Harke turned towards his Navi as his hand slotted in the ZapRing3 with a single swipe, asking, "Et?"

"Shadow and some close-range area-of-effect, thanks," said Eternalis, with a few offenses coming into his systems in response. Immediately, his body began to shift in color from his usual blue to a deeper violet, with his appearance beginning to warp and twist in form. Turning to Aurora, he nodded to her. "Try not to get lost," he smirked, melting into the air itself and shifting into the Rogue Network's darkness.

"What a showoff," laughed Aurora, as she cocked her standard buster, and began to move about the place, trying as she could to keep her eye on the enemies ahead of them and avoid anything they might have to throw at her. As soon as she saw an opening, she burst-loaded her buster with the ZapRing3 data, and let loose a crackling bolt of energy towards the TRICUBE, hopefully stunning it before it could do anything.

Meanwhile, Eternalis' purple form reappeared behind the set of viruses, his "melted" body making an audible thump on the ground as he landed. The paneling beneath him grumbled for a moment before it erupted with a line of geysers that trailed over to the cube and the sphere viruses.

He wasn't really done yet, however, as he started to spin on his heel, and whirled about like a cyclone. Leaping over to the CannonGuards, he delivered a solid one-two monsoon combination with his WideShot and WindRacket. Afterwards, he went about trying to keep the viruses' attention on him and divert it away from his SP by way of staying still to let them try and hit him. His recovery processes were still set on her, however, in case that didn't really work.

E1 >> shadow1 [shadow/1turn]
E2 >> vapor reassimilation [move/dodge/take aim] @ behind cannonguards
E3 >> waterline1 [aqua 80+15+ground+line] @ tricube + elesphere (5/6) {b+}
E4 >> wideshot1 [aqua 60+15+wide] @ cannonguard2 a/b {a}
E5 >> windracket [null 100+wide+microburst] @ cannonguard2 a/b {a}
E* >> influx aegis [heal 18x4instance] @ aurora

A1 >> dodge [solar bonus]
A2 >> zapring3 [140+stun1] @ tricube {a}
A3 >> dodge [solar bonus]
A* >> solar terrain effect [+5HP/action]
Realizing they'd ventured into a far darker network then they thought, Eternalis quickly started things off by melting into the shadows itself and slipping around behind the virus group. He wouldn't remain in hiding for long, as he sent up a large wave of water rushing across both the hovering cube and electro sphere, which failed to avoid the waterspout.

Not to be finished there, he quickly shot out another water blast, striking the two cannons in the back, which they did not approve of at all. Both turrets turned around, popped open their guards and promptly fired at the navi. Thankfully, in his shadowy state, both attacks sailed right through him, and left the cannons open for his sweeping racket, deleting the both of them.

Meanwhile Aurora wasn't one to be outdone, and quickly shot off a powerful bolt of electrical energy, deleting the spinning cube her navi had failed to destroy only moments ago, leaving the now quickly moving Elesphere alone against the duo.

CannonGuard2 A: Deleted
CannonGuard2 B: Deleted
Elesphere: 55HP [Magnet]
Tricube: Deleted

20% Solar [Scattered]
30% Magnet [Scattered]
50% Normal

Eternalis: 160HP [Normal]
Aurora.SP: 70HP [Solar]

"Well, looks like we've got one left. These Class-2 viruses don't seem that hard at all!" laughed Eternalis, standing with his arms crossed as the deserted Elesphere began to wildly move about in panic. Or, well, maybe panic. It was hard to tell, really, what with the lack of an articulate expression. "You want this one or should I, Aurora?" he said, almost mocking the virus.

"Eh, when you put it that way, I don't really want the kill anymore," laughed Aurora. As she said so, her glove shimmered blue, and a glowing saber extended from it. "You just had to push it on to me, didn't you, Harke?" she sighed, and locked her eyes on the Elesphere. The operator just chuckled in reply, saying, "Just hurry up and finish it, all right? Don't miss, now."

"Wouldn't dream of it," she said, as her visor started to display her projected path to optimally pursue the dodging virus. Her eyes widened as Aurora savagely lunged towards her prey, executing a horizontal slice first, then feinting to backpedal, reversing her original attack. Then, with a twirl on the tip of her feet, she finished her dance with a vertical strike.

[E1] Turn Splice [Unused: 5/5]

[A1] Sword >> Elesphere [Null 80 + Slashing] [5/6] {B}
[A2] Sword >> Elesphere [Null 80 + Slashing] [4/6] {B}
[A3] Sword >> Elesphere [Null 80 + Slashing] [3/6] {B}
The mocking of the last remaining virus makes it angry. A pulse of electricity explodes from the virus and clings to both Navi and SP... just before Aurora slashes into it. Aurora is shocked each time she attacks, which causes her to miss two out of the three times. However, the third time slices the virus cleanly in half. It seems to laugh evilly as it turns into junk data, leaving Aurora quite hurt.

CannonGuard2 A: Deleted
CannonGuard2 B: Deleted
Elesphere: Deleted
Tricube: Deleted

20% Solar [Scattered]
30% Magnet [Scattered]
50% Normal

Eternalis: 160HP [Normal] [Shocked!]
Aurora.SP: 25HP [Solar] [Shocked!]


~Rogue Battle 1: Victory!!~
Rewards: 1890z, 35 Bugfrags, DBLBeam2

Quote (Battlechip)

Damage: Special
Accuracy: S
Description: Summons a DoubleCube that fires either a Yellow Beam or a Green Beam, then vanishes.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Randomly uses one of the below effects...
- 10 Null + Stun to all Enemies (Yellow Beam)
- Status Cure to all Allies (Green Beam)

Open BMD?: Yes/No.
(I believe I should've taken damage on Eternalis, according to Elesphere specs.)

"Uuuugh, that was horrible," said Aurora, trying to release the effects of the attack on her, letting the sword on her hand disintegrate while doing so. "It's all right, Aurora, that thing was pretty difficult to hit anyway," said Harke, trying to comfort the Support Program a little. Her Navi, meanwhile, was more interested in the Mystery Data crystal, wandering off to the side to touch it. At Eternalis' command, the crystal began to decrypt its contents...

[Open BMD.]
Eternalis accessed the mystery data.


Eternalis got: "4750 Zennys"!!!

(Eternalis GET: 4750z)
"Wow, that's a pretty decent pile of zenny for a network reward pack," said Reverus, completely taking Harke by surprise, causing him to recoil briefly into his seat. Sparky was already napping on the coffee table, somehow completely tired out from his father's little bout of playtime. "... What, don't look at me like I'm some sort of ghost," the man chuckled, standing up and stretching out a bit. Before he walked out, he said, "Don't let me hold you down. Have fun in the R-networks. Might wanna give 'em a little rest first, though. First trips are always pretty exhausting."

Hearing their operator's father's musings, Eternalis looked to the side, and Aurora was just recovering from the Elesphere's attack. "It is getting pretty late, isn't it?" muttered Eternalis towards Aurora. The SP pulled up a time display, which showed the time being close to 4 in the evening, and shrugged with a weak smile. "All right, all right, fine. I'll jack you guys out. But first, we'll be taking a short trip to the shop," said Harke, and the two programs disappeared into pillars of blue light.

[Jack Out.]
(Moderator taking this battle, please take note.)

A small flash interrupted the quietness of the deep Rogue area in the NAXA networks as a human figure began to materialize on a telepad. The materialization completed to reveal Eternalis as its visitor, who stepped off the pad to survey his surroundings. The backdrop of a vast night sky stared back at him, and he commented, "Hasn't it been a while since it's been just the two of us like this?" Harke raised an eyebrow, and replied, "Yeah, I think."

"... All right then," the blue Navi said, stretching out as he walked on the blank white paneling stretching out from the telepad, enjoying the view as he went along.

[Battle 1, Ready. Eternalis @ 360 HP, no SPs.]
Venturing out into the always twilight realm that was the star filled NAXA Rogue Network, Eternalis set out and soon found himself moving across solid steel panels. Stepping along calmly before suddenly he had to duck back as a large wasp flew by, buzzing loudly as he flies around and stops to hover above softly glowing panels. Joining it were two equally threatening insectoid viruses, waving their magnets threateningly towards him.

Elewasp: 130HP
MagTec+ A: 160HP
MagTec+ B: 160HP

60% Solar [Virus Side]
40% Metal [Eternalis Side]

Eternalis: 360HP

—Rogue Battle 1, Start!—
Eternalis' boots clanking on the steel paneling was the only thing breaking the rather eerie silence of the NAXA Rogue Network. Both operator and navigator said nothing as the night went on. Neither really felt like doing anything to deviate from the pattern either, until Harke spoke up. "How long has it been since I operated you?"

The clanking halted for a couple of seconds before continuing. "Like... a month or something? Feels like forever. Timestamped logs are too hard."

"You don't keep any?"

He shrugged. "Don't care enough to keep any. I mean, it wouldn't be that hard, but I don't know. Ask Aurora for that, maybe."

"Did you forget or is it that much of a bother to?"

"Aren't they pretty much the same thing? I mean, it's not like humans really 'forget' anything either, right?"

Harke scratched his head. "Dunno. It's kind of weird, I think, how we've got this totally advanced AI mojo and we still can't figure heads or tails out of this noggin."

"Can't say you got anything in yours," Eternalis joked, laughing to himself briefly before stopping in his tracks. Harke glanced at his screen and saw the three viruses that had decided to show up. All of them, of course, were electrically-aligned, given that they were in the NAXA network. Putting his dukes up, he got a stance ready.

"I'd think one of them could probably give me a pretty big kick in the teeth, so mind getting me something?"

"Fish out of water?" smirked Harke, as his fingers flipped through his chip folder, looking to see if there were any Wood chips he could use. His flipping stopped at an unfamiliar chip he'd gotten recently, depicting a straw-hatted virus making an impressive slashing attack. It looked pretty good, and hey, why not spice things up a bit from the usual.

As soon as Eternalis sensed the download start, he kicked off from his spot and let his conversion process do its thing, turning him into a puff of air in a blink of an eye. Seconds later, he emerged from the rear of the magnet-bearing duo, and directed the battlechip data into his arm. Instructions flooded his combat routine from the chip, and a thin blade of blue extended from his arm.
Digging his heels into the metal for traction, he swiped the blade twice in succession as shown on the chip's profile; one wide slash across his front, and one rapid thrust forward. He then leapt over to the side to keep himself on the move, and repeated the same motion on the clumped-up viruses. The second use of his Katana data caused it to dissipate, and his long arm extension reverted back to its original form in moments.

// Summary
_1] Sig: Sublimation, behind MagTec+ group // Teleport
_2] Chip: Katana2, to MagTec+ A/B, then MagTec+ A/Elewasp // Null 80 + Wide, then Null 80 + Long, use 1/2
_3] Dodge: Evade counterattack
_4] Chip: Katana2, to MagTec+ A/B, then MagTec+ A/Elewasp // Null 80 + Wide, then Null 80 + Long, use 2/2
_5] Dodge: Evade counterattack
The Elewasp charges just as Eternalis teleports, missing him with its electric sting. Eternalis rematerializes behind the twin MagTec+, slashing both with his Katana2. The second pierce that follows the wide slash misses both of the MagTec+, but clips the wings of the Elewasp.

Both MagTec+ charge up their electromagnets and attempt to reel Eternalis in for the shock of his life. Unfortunately, Eternalis is too fast for them and manages to dodge the electric field that nips at his core. The Elewasp zips back and attempts to harpoon the Navi, but misses due to the semi-flickering nature of the residual teleport.

And another swipe and stab of his blade, Eternalis slaughters all three.

Elewasp: DELETED

60% Solar [Virus Side]
40% Metal [Eternalis Side]

Eternalis: 360HP

~Rogue Battle 1, Victory!!~
Rewards: Arrow2, 1260z
Turning back towards the former viruses, Eternalis found no more to fight, and pumped his fist into the air. His spirit was surging, and he was pumped for more. "Oh, yeah, what'd we get, Harke?" he asked.

"Single-target Elec chip and a chunk of cash. Nice," grinned Harke. It felt like ages since he felt like this. Maybe it was because it was just the two of them. "I'm gonna assume you're not satisfied with one battle."

"Of course not!" exclaimed Eternalis, and the Navi ventured further into the deep space network on his solo trip.

[Battle 2, 360 HP, no SPs.]
The glowing panels stretched into the far horizon. Moving quickly towards the Navi was a quintet of mechs.

ElecMechA: 200HP
ElecMechB: 200HP
ElecMechC: 200HP
ElecMechD: 200HP
ElecMechE: 200HP

100% Solar

Eternalis: 360HP

~Rogue Battle 2, Start!!~
Most of the walk afterwards was pretty uneventful, leading both Operator and Navigator to nod their heads occasionally, but not really realizing it themselves. When Eternalis did, he was about to raise the option of going back to sleep, but when he looked forward, he saw the gleaming road become populated with a rather alarming amount of ElecMechs.

Something stirred inside of Eternalis' chest, and his mind floated away somewhere. Looking at the intimidating black sword-machine viruses reminded him of a certain purple-clad sword machine-girl. He wondered what little Rhea was doing, and a thought came to his head. He hadn't done that in a while, and with this battle being a clash of blades, it would be quite appropriate.

He took in a deep breath, and closed his eyes. The green light reflecting on his blue body began to illuminate a different color. Blots of dark purple began to spread all over his armor and body, with some pieces dissolving into the fluid, which begins to noticeably coagulate into a harder form. His head flows up into a more defined shape, with the unmistakable countenance of a stern-looking man.

Eternalis's gauntlets began to shift and morph, with a disk on both showing the swordswoman's emblem clearly. A shaft of purple light blasted out of his hand. He grasped it and swung it out powerfully, turning the solidified energy into a sword.

"Dynamic entry," commented Harke.

"A small bit of entertainment so you don't nod off, my lord," Eternalis smirked.

"All right, I get it, I get it," the operator replied, raising his hands up as he picked out two chips from his folder, which he noticed was almost full. He made a little flashy twirl with both, announcing their arrival into the slot, "LilBoiler, Katana, slot in!"

As the Navi received his armaments, he laughed a little. "Aren't we fancy with the battling tonight?"

"Nah, I did it way cooler than you did."

"We'll see about that," retorted Eternalis, stretching out his hand towards the mech viruses, as if to challenge them. His palm swirled about to form a sphere of murky brown fluid, which he immediately hurled towards the ElecMechs.

The purple swordsman then ducked into an Electopian iai stance, sheathing his sword into an imaginary scabbard. His eyes tracked the flying brown sphere, which had started to grow some features; a short spout and a handle sprouted from the sphere, which was tumbling through the air towards them. The LittleBoiler looked very innocuous; any immediate scan of it would simply designate it as a summoned object, with an integrity of 1 HP. Eternalis, however, had other plans.

Without warning, a duplicate copy of him appeared behind the mechs, and his original phased into nothing. The "copy" then twirled backwards into the viruses, and its energy sword, imbued with the Katana2 battlechip data, performed a brilliant light show. Faded trails of it could be seen making two wide, sweeping cuts, interspersed with two forward slashes. In the middle of his swordplay, the energy sword disintegrated, signalling his time to retreat.

Quick on his feet, Eternalis made haste to avoid any attacks directed at him with the momentum gathered from his earlier display. His gauntlets shifted slightly, and a beep could be heard, before a burst of invisible energy blasted him away from the immediate area.

>> Summary
1// Soul Cross: Rhea.EXE >> Null/Sword (Sword Mastery, Swordplay), +20 HP, +15 Null, +1 Action (Cap 6)
2// Chip: LilBoiler1, to ElecMech group >> 1HP Wood Light Object, Aqua (100 + Damage Taken) + Blast3, Delay(2), Acc: E/B
3// Sig: Sublimation, behind ElecMech group >> Teleport (Movement + Dodge + Accuracy Up)
4// Chip: Katana2, to LilBoiler1 and ElecMech group >> Null 80 (+20 to LilBoiler) + Wide, Null 80 + Long, Acc A+
5// Chip: Katana2, to ElecMech group >> Null 80 (+20 to one) + Wide, Null 80 + Long, Acc A
/// Ability: Swordplay, away from LilBoiler1 >> Dodge
6// Sig: Kinetic Generator A, away from ElecMech group >> Microburst
Eternalis donned the purple and summoned a LittleBoiler out in the middle of the field. The ElecMechs close and launch a barrage of thunderballs. Eternalis fades from view just as the projectiles reach him, passing right through the empty space, hitting nothing. Eternalis reappears behind the ElecMech group and lays into them with two strikes of the powerful Katana2. As the ElecMechs, all damaged by the attacks, broke formation to surround the Navi, Eternalis began dodging the thunderballs again before he blasted himself away.

Then the LittleBoiler boiled over.

The explosion of steam engulfed all the ElecMechs. When the steam cleared, there was nothing but melted viruses.


LittleBoiler1: Boiled Over! [375 Degrees]

100% Solar

Eternalis: 380HP [RheaCross2]

~Rogue Battle 2, Victory!!~
Rewards: 3150z
The purple energy blade in Eternalis' hand glimmered for a while, before it phased out of existence. The air around him blurred, covering his entire body in a mosaic before his original form reappeared. The blue Navi looked at his hand, closing and opening it again. Something didn't feel right in his systems, but he couldn't pin down what it was exactly. Everything appeared to be running perfectly well...

"Eternalis, do you wanna go ahead?"

"-- Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm going ahead."

[Rogue Battle 3, 360 HP, no SPs.]
For such a quiet, still night, it seemed as though the NAXA Rogue was quite low on supplies of peace and calm. Wherever that group of mechs had been going, or wherever they had come from, the commotion of their unexpected deletion seemed to be setting even the network itself onto a higher state of alert.

As Eternalis moved on, the soft glow of the solid solar pathway beneath his feet began to blink and change, individual panels shifting to metal, then back again, creating an ordered pattern of moving lights. Arrows and lines, racing forward, almost like some sort of runway lights. To either side, several panels pulled back, giving rise to tall pillars at regular intervals at the edge of the sudden light-show, adding to the distinctly landing-strip feel.

Once the pillars were all raised, the progression of the shifting panels sped up, faster and faster, then slowed right back down again, until it stopped completely.

This left Eternalis standing in the middle of a runway, on the foremost point of one solar arrow, with alternating dark and lit chevrons of panels stretching away ahead of him. To the sides, straight lines of solar tiles remained, marking the sides of the strips, and each of the pillars sported their own softly glowing light on top.

Unfortunately, amidst all this sudden motion, he was also no longer alone. Atop the two pillars at the far end of the field, a pair of DemonEyes are both staring back down the runway, while on either side, from behind the two closest pillars, a quiet hum announces the deceptively resilient green domes of two PulseBulbs. Dead centre, about halfway between the bulbs and the eyes, a single Gridder leers back, metallic red face taunting as it hovers above its own lit up solar arrow. The worst part was, now that everything had gone still again, they were all pointed right at the intruding navi.

Gridder: 190Hp [Solar][Closed]
PulseBulb2A: 180Hp [Metal][Closed]
PulseBulb2B: 180Hp [Metal][Closed]
DemonEyeA: 180Hp [Solar][Atop Pillar G]
DemonEyeB: 180Hp [Solar][Atop Pillar H]


Solar 60%
Metal 40%

Terrain Objects
Pillars A-H: 100Hp each, equal space apart on either side of the area.

Sides of the area have pillars dotted at equal intervals, each topped with a solar panel, while the spaces between are metal. Two solid strips of solar run up the inside of those, and then between those, alternating chevrons of solar and metal cover the remaining space.

-=Rogue Battle 3, Start!=-
The adventure continued as Eternalis ventured into the NAXA Rogue network. "Harke, heads up," he said, as the lightshow started, triggered by his arrival. Clicking and shifting about, the pillars rose up into the air from the ground. "They're really giving you a grand welcome," the operator said, his attention somewhat brought back by the pretty show. Then, Eternalis' eyes narrowed; he had spotted some other guests to the lightshow. From their menacing "eyes" and "smiles", they didn't look like they were there as paparazzi, either.

"Heh, just five signatures?" the Navi mocked, crossing his arms as he scanned through the area. True enough, there were only five viruses in the area, at least as far as he could tell. The grinning virus at the end of the path felt like it was challenging him with its teethy grin. He felt something burning up inside of him.

"I can't see any more, yeah. What's the plan?"

Eternalis was about to answer, but his voice wouldn't come out. Something was stuck in his throat-- Did he even have one? His vision was beginning to blur; was it getting hot or something? He wanted to get in the fight, he wanted to wreak some flashy havoc. And what better way to do that than with some--

"Shock and awe!" exclaimed Eternalis.

His armor dissolved into his body, which slowly darkened and shifted its color into a reddish orange. Heat radiated from his immediate area as he rose slightly above the ground. With his countenance now that of burning lava, he reached out towards thin air, and pulled out a six-foot-long staff. Then, he swung it about, and a fiery explosion engulfed his body in a spectacular display.

"WindRacket, Harke!" he called out. "On it!" Harke responded, slotting in the Navi's request. He hadn't seen the fiery Djinni Soul Cross in a while, and it looked like it had changed a bit. For one, he didn't exactly see any odd gender changes. "Heh, I'd have given him hell over that again," he murmured to himself, watching the spot where Eternalis had made a pyrotechnic smokebomb.

The heat mirage from the explosion still remained, but it was clearing up. He could make out some red lights, but there wasn't really much to see other than that. However, that changed pretty quickly as a figure appeared from within the mirage. A full, shapely female figure was straddling a long, black staff, holding it like a pole. The figure consisting entirely of lava twirled about the staff in a swaying dance, with a loincloth following the fiery dancer's gyrations. Harke barely managed to tear his eyes off the screen. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he had to explain this sort of thing to his own Navi.

"Hyaaaaaagh!" exclaimed Eternalis, whose voice was now oddly pitched much higher. Somehow, he had appeared above one of the DemonEyes, brandishing the lava-rock staff with both hands. Swinging it in an arc, he activated the WindRacket data, unleashing a powerful gust towards the unsuspecting virus.

Then, his feet whiffed against the top of the pillar. Something felt heavier on his chest, but he couldn't afford to dally much longer in the middle of the battle routine. "DoubleBeam and MachineSword, Harke!" he yelled. It took a couple of seconds longer, but soon, the tell-tale orange-and-green cube was revolving in front of him. The staff in his hands also shined against the cube's revolving light, revealing the bladed edge it now possessed.

>> Summary
1// Soul Cross: Djinni.EXE >> Fire/Summon (Mobilize, Masterwork), +10 Fire
// Sig: Alluring Mirage >> Decoy (Original Spot)
2// Sig: Sublimation, above DemonEyeA >> Teleport (Movement + Dodge + Accuracy Up)
3// Chip: WindRacket, to DemonEyeA >> Null 100, Microburst/Gust/Northwind On-Hit, Acc A
4// Chip: DBLBEAM2 >> Random (10 + Stun-All-Enemy OR StatusCure-All-Ally), Acc S
5// Prepared Dodge