Asymptote and the Coffee Cup Crusade

Asymptote beamed down towards the cyber cafe and lumbered in, barely getting past the front door with a sigh and ordering one of their "Extra Large" sized coffees. Paying the barista (And giving them a decent tip despite the coffee prices) Asymptote slowly made his way through the patrons and tables towards a corner of the cafe, sitting on the floor because he didn't trust the chairs to not break under his large frame. With a sigh as other navis glanced his way once in a while, Asymptote grabbed his cup (Which was about half the size of his hand) and began to chug the hot cyber coffee down. Ooooooh...that's definitely the stuff. Been a while since I could drink like this.
((Coming from here.))

Vigil gave a small exhale as she appeared at the NetCafe. She had spent the afternoon with MeowMan, who was named more for Angela's love of cats more than he was for any real resemblance to something that might say "meow." The other Navi was well over Vigil's height and was powerfully built, however had absolutely no real interest in Vigil or her nonsense, leaving their conversation polite and restrained while Alexander and Angela spoke using the face reconstructive programs in that chatroom they liked to do.

However, for putting up with MeowMan, Vigil was allowed to come to the coffee house, something that she didn't get a chance to visit otherwise, with how far away it was from her. As she came in, she noted with amusement that there was a giant of a navi on the floor in the corner, seemingly happy and content with his own coffee. Vigil retrieved her own before sashaying her way over toward him. "Good afternoon. This seat taken?" the woman asked, pulling a chair from a nearby table to face the giant. "You and chairs not get along?" she asked with a smile, a small eye having settled on her right shoulder for vision as she sat, crossing one leg over the other at the knee.
Asymptote had put his cup down as the navi had waltzed up towards his table, sitting down in front of him as she pulled up a chair. Nah. Pretty well out of people's "comfort zones" like this. Kinda nice sometimes, but then again, it's rare I get company. Asymptote said as she sat down, then rolling his eyes at her secondary comment. More like I'd rather not chance breaking them. Still costs to repair and replace. Asymptote explained as his pneumatics let out tiny hisses between words, the navi's jaw moving up and down slowly, far out of tune with the words that came out of his mouth, but it was an admirable effort on the navi's part.

Asymptote then took notice of the eye on her shoulder, as well as her form of dress. He was certainly intrigued by her unique appearance truth be told. It was not often he met with customized net navis...well, net navis in general, but regardless. What brings you here to my table? Didn't think I'd get any company myself...granted, I'm a bit out of place, myself. He asked, his crimson eyes darting in his head as he began to take in just about every detail he could of Vigil's unique form.
The creature moved like an animatronic as far as his jaw was concerned, attempting to stay in time with the words coming forth, but Vigil couldn't help but to find it amusing, rather than disconcerting, as some others might. There was a certain artifacted quaintness in the way that this other NetNavi spoke, and she was...curious about him. He seemed to be one that had a great deal of interest generated. Or, perhaps, judging by the lack of people who approached him, perhaps he turned off a great deal of them anyway.

"I see, I see," the woman said softly, no small pun in her own unique style of dress and power. "Though I suppose that I can understand that. We smaller folk will have to remember to count our blessings," she spoke, giving him a small smile as she leaned back in her chair a bit more. The eye on her shoulder met his own gaze, before continuing to watch him as the larger Navi continued to search over her form.

"You interest me, as it appears that I interest you," she spoke, a hint of teasing and a sultry undertone both to go with it. "I do not often see Navi of your...size," she continued, the woman's voice still playing those same notes. "Seeing one alone such as you makes me curious as to what may be the cause, as so far you've been naught but pleasant company." She set her coffee down on the nearby table, before extending one gloved hand outward, her hand dainty compared to the other's. "Vigil," she introduced. "What of your name?" she continued.
Asymptote, seeming to enjoy the conversation, attempted to give a smile just the same as Vigil gave him. His metallic jaw creaking softly as it formed a half-made smile at the bottom, showing just a little bit of the sharp teeth and metallic segmented tongue that rest in his maw. Unfortunately, it seemed to only affect the bottom half of his mouth, the upper part staying still as his bottom jaw stretched and molded it's self to express it's self. Asymptote could feel it, despite his metallic face, and quickly stopped, his face going back to normal almost immediately.

Well. I'm glad I interest you, appearances. I'm most oft compared to a monster, big, bulky and slow. He responded. I was far less...bulky, before this form you see before you. Was just a Normal-Navi once. he continued, with a sigh, closing his eyes and slumping back. But that's a story for another time. He finished, noticing her extending a small, dainty hand towards him. Asymptote would reciprocate with his massive hand, gently caressing it in his with a heated warmth and giving a very slow and calculated shake. Asymptote.exe, nice to meet ya.
A NormalNavi? She couldn't quite think so, but at the same time, according to what Alexander had told her, her original source code had been that too. Thanks to Travis is what had given her current form, and she wouldn't trade it for anything. "Ah-ha. I find that most too are put off by my pets," she spoke, making a small gesture to the eye that rested on her shoulder. "No vision here," she continued, moving to point her fingers at where her face was, and eyes would be. "Instead I can see through these cute little fellows," she spoke, the eye blinking once.

As they shook, she took note of the size of the Navi, before giving a small sound. "I would hate to prey on any protective instinct you have of a damsel in distress, but my NetOP seems to be absolutely obsessed with virus busting, and battling both. But you seem to be a rather strong individual, and the last time I went out alone I happened to step on a Miner's trap. It destroyed my dress; it was awful," the woman spoke, shaking her head. "Anyway. It may be presumptuous of me, but Alex himself is an impatient individual and I think it...rubs off on me...but would you mind joining me on our next hunt? If you've the time and inclination, that is."
Asymptote made a nod as he released her hand, he had wondered why the eyes had been a thing in all honesty, but it wasn't long before she divulged why she had such creatures around her. Oh! I didn't think you were blind under there. Most navis can see despite such. But I suppose different pieces of code can wind up having such effects.

Virus busting? Oh yes, quite...a different thing I'm used to. Never was much a fighter until recently. Asymptote began, after hearing her story. Oh yes, Miners are right bastards if you have to move. Not an easy virus to ignore, but you're usually dealing with far worse flanking you. He agreed, nodding at her. Hmmm. Yes...I could use a no frills round of virus busting. I hear ElecTown's not a bad place to start, after ACDC and Scilabs. We could go there and I can help your busting techniques. Not to mention there are more benefits to busting with a partner, than just fighting alone. I'll divulge on the way there. Asymptote continued, picking up his cup of coffee. There are ways through Net City since it connects through all the areas of the main net, though hopefully my netop's woken up, it was kinda early in the morning when I came around after my last run...though I assume it's more towards the afternoon or early evening for you, since me and him took a plane to Netopia...really not gonna enjoy going back on that thing...
"Unfortunately," the woman said with a smile, pointing back at her visor. "Something that my NetOP's friend decided to go with. Allowed me to connect with various different ways to view the world around me rather than relying there. I can still view what Alexander does, but the only way I can see what's in front of me are my little pets here," she spoke, nodding toward one of the eyeballs.

At Asymptote's agreement to her request, she gave a small clap of her hands, clearly pleased. "Oh well thank you! I am still relatively new to this Virus Busting myself, so I will be glad to learn from you and perhaps teach something new to you as well, if I am lucky enough!" she offered with a wide smile.

As he offered Electown, the woman gave a small nod. "I think that would be splendid. Alexander and I did have a fun little stint in a telephone pole in ACDC. That's where I met that Miner. But I have not been to SciLabs aside from the process upgrade he installed for me...but I think a little jump is perfectly fine!" She stood as well, easily as she lifted her cup. "I have never been on a plane before, though I feel it would be far more entertaining for our NetOPs than it would be for us," she mused, following along after Asymptote as he led the way.
Asymptote nodded as he finished off his cup of coffee, the bulky navi ever so slowly getting up to his feet, leaning forwards so he didn't hit anything. His friend has certainly a different taste in navi creation than most, I will give him that. Not the worst thing to do to a navi. Asymptote said with a shrug, he wasn't about to go further in his thoughts. At the very least, you have a neat thing going for you, could be a security navi when your netop gets older,
there are certainly groups that would admire such talents.

Anyways, stay close and I'll show you around just a bit. If you're interested in taking up something called a "hunt", we could take a quick detour to Netfrica. There's a program that lets you hunt viruses for extra profits and battle chips. Asymptote began as he slowly lumbered towards the exit, presumably with Vigil on his tail. Though I warn you, it's not always a good idea to take one if you're not confident in your skills. At least one of the virus you hunt shows up in a battle, and depending on the virus, it can get real nasty, real quick.
The woman arched a brow at his words, not that he'd be able to see it beneath her mask. "A hunt, you say?" she asked, quite curious on what that might entail. However as he continued, she had the briefest thought of going after and hunting down the Miner viruses that had damaged her dress so, but in that vein, that would restrict their entire ability to move, from what she understood about his comments. "How...interesting," the woman spoke, and though Asymptote likely wouldn't notice, it was for the first time that Vigil displayed some of her own monstrous traits as her tongue, which was far longer than it needed to be, ran over her fanged teeth in anticipation.

"I wouldn't be against such a hunt. I've no idea what I would put down as to be my target, but perhaps something relatively...tame and easy for me to go after? Besides, this will get your NetOP more time to wake up, would it not? Alexander will be up all hours of the night anyway. No need to worry about him," the woman spoke, easily keeping pace with the larger navi, despite her having to take two strides to each of his one. "Netfrica, then?" she confirmed.
Asymptote nodded at her as he crumpled up his coffee cup and tossed it in a trashcan not far from him. The navi letting out a chuckle at her reaction, not noticing her tongue as he slipped himself out of the establishment's exit with relative ease. To Netfrica then. I have my own hunt to turn in, so I will wait for you to finish getting yours before heading towards Electown. Asymptote stated bluntly, rolling his shoulders as he wondered towards the exit into NetCity. Ladies first. The port towards Netfrica is three porters to your left as you exit. Asymptote would say, moving to the side so Vigil could get through. Asymptote would begin the process of trying to wake up his netop. It was getting to the point he'd be waking up.
The woman gave a small smirk at his 'ladies first' comment, but didn't say anything further, moving down to where he had indicated. "Very well. I suppose I will see you then when I've finished~" the woman spoke, giving a small little wave of her fingers before she turned, sashaying her way over toward the teleporters, following the instructions given before finding the proper one. With a small sound, she moved to step through, curious on what was on the other side..!

((Vigil.exe. moving to Netfrica Net))
[+10 FXP Vigil/Asymptote]