Breeding Center of Attention

Dazed, SplashMan stepped off of a homepage warp hole, utterly amazed at what had happened. "I...I don't believe it..."

"I told you, blend in, and they won't even notice you!" And now that they were in, Sabrina started transferring a small piece of data over to her Navi. "Now we can focus on the mission. These are the coordinates the GNA gave us, so we'd know where to go. Hope it isn't too far!"

"I'm sure it's not!" Unfolding the data like a piece of paper, the Aqua Navi put his exploring skills to the test, following the directions of what amounted to a simple map.

After a few minutes of walking, SplashMan arrived at the location determined by the coordinates without any meeting with viral threats. The directions given by the client led him to a small road, which would've gone unseen had SplashMan not gotten the coordinates. Before he got to the end of the road, he was approached by a Guard Navi, who seemed to have been running for the last few minutes. The Navi was dressed rather strangely, however. Wearing a slack and dirtied white shirt, and some loose-hung pants, the Navi looked more like a strange robotic rancher than anything else. He lifted a dirty black-gloved hand as he caught his breath for a bit.

"Hah, hah, hah- excuse me, are you SplashMan?" the Navi inquired.
"H-Huh?" As much as SplashMan didn't want to be surprised, it was the first time he had ever been called by name by someone he didn't already know. Minor as it may be, it did make him feel a little famous. A little. "Yeah, I'm SplashMan. ...Oh, are you the mission client?"
The Guard Navi took a bit to take his breather, then continued, "Yes, I'm the client. Our breeding station's been overrun by some madman! He's letting all the tame viruses loose with some sort of- Hrk!" The Navi fell at SplashMan's feet. SplashMan looked at the Navi, and the source of the poor guy's deactivation was apparent. A small purple insect had crawled into the Navi's back armor, tendrils seeping from its tiny little body.

Before the aqua Navi could inspect it any further (or not), a cry alerted him to another presence in the area. A quick look confirmed that he had company of not a very desirable kind. Three upgraded Magneaker crawled on the floor to his front, and above them loomed a couple of red Fishy. Inspected, SplashMan would find that all of the viruses had the same purple insect somewhere on their bodies, invading into their systems. Fortunately, the road he was following wasn't too detrimental to him now, but progressing on, it didn't look very nice.

MagmackerA: 160HP [Poison1]
MagmackerB: 160HP [Fires kamikaze bunnies]
MagmackerC: 160HP [-10 Attack to all]
Fishy2A: 150HP [Poison5] [High Altitude]
Fishy2B: 150HP [Slowdown] [High Altitude]

((Seems the RNG loves you today, MC. At least in glitches.))

- 50% Normal (General area of viruses/Splash)
- 25% Magnet, 25% Glitched (Directly behind viruses, scattered patterns)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP

"Huh? Overrun? How-" Before he could continue, SplashMan looked on in horror as the Navi before him, by all appearances, left the mortal Navi coil. "W-What's going on...?"

"I's like some horror flick..." And that was NOT an area of discussion she had any interest in continuing. "I feel bad for that Navi, but right now we need to focus on those viruses just ahead, then find out what's going on..."

"Viruses?" A noise suddenly alerted him to look straight ahead. there WERE viruses around here. At least they were just upgraded versions of ones he knew. "Wait...eep! They've all got those purple bugs on them..."

"Yeah...that figures. Just dandy." Have to stay calm...if she panicked, SplashMan would panic. And that'd make her panic even more. Which would make him panic even more. It'd be a never ending cycle...much like this train of thought. "So, uh...we can't really hit the Fishy way up there, so let's focus on the...Magne-er, Magmacker." ...Magmacker. Whoever came up with that should be slapped with their own PET.

"R-Right!" While still freaked out by the entire incident, the Aqua Navi clenched his fists, trying to psyche himself up for the impending battle. "Okay...just tell me what to do. We're going to get to the bottom of this, no matter what!"

"I dunno about the 'no matter what', but we do need to find out what's with those purple things..." For now, they definitely needed to worry about a different kind of purple bug. One that also had large amounts of yellow on it. "The faster we beat the Magneaker, the better. So let's see if we can beat them in one shot! Battlechip, AquaDragon! Slot in!"

Unlike previous times, no pot appeared anywhere near the Navi. In fact, there was no warning whatsoever about the pending destruction. But unseen to all, a seemingly ordinary panel began to leak water, creating a small square of ocean...which was all that was needed for the being. A WaterDragon erupted from the liquid terrain, its targets clear; the grasshopper viruses that dared to oppose its summoner. Like a roaring bullet, it sailed towards the Magmacker, leaving a trail of water as it attempted to ram any Elec virus in its path into nothingness.

But it wasn't quite enough to ease SplashMan's fears about the infected enemies. So, he began to rapidly infuse his cannons with the pair of internal water tanks kept within in. Once they were filled, he simply had to point the twin launchers towards any remaining enemies, build up the water pressure, and...SPLOOSH! More aquatic death attempted to rain on the parade of the Elec viruses, this time, in the form of more raw Aqua energy.

"...That seemed sorta unnecessary. Oh well." With the Magmacker clan in, at the very least, bad shape, they could probably focus on the Fishy, which appeared to be much more fiery than their previous version. Which meant they could be felled in one shot with the proper weapon. Like...this! "You can use this to take out anything that's left, even the Magneak-mackers! Battlechip, TrainArrow! Slot in!"

The Navi's right arm began to shift, as it changed into its buster form. However, the Splash Buster began to transform from the effects of the chip, becoming a stylized crossbow. Unfortunately, from experience, it took some time to fully prepare, so he had little choice to prepare to dodge any oncoming traffic...which would be any virus that tried to ram into him...or shoot bombs of magnetic energy. Neither of which seemed very pleasant.

[Order of Turn:
1-AquaDragon chip attack on Magmacker group (150+15, Aqua, attacks until it creates 25% Sea terrain) (Aqua Boost)
1a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
1b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
2-Water Splash charge attack on remaining Magmacker (200, Aqua, Spread 1) (Intended spread target: Other surviving Magmacker)
3-TrainArrow1 chip on SplashMan (+30+25, Aqua element to buster next turn) (Single Target Aqua Boost)
The Magmackers set to work, blasting bombs and, er, fluffy bunnies, Splash-ward as the water Navi initiated his own attack. Summoning a dragon of water, SplashMan decimated his opposition pretty quickly, picking off a stray Magmacker with a blast of raw aquatic pressure. The explosive charges thrown his way did not hit, as the Navi set to work being quite nimble. The Fishy from above dashed towards the offending Navi, but they were a bit too slow as well. Too bad for them.

MagmackerA: DELETED
MagmackerB: DELETED
MagmackerC: DELETED
Fishy2A: 140HP [Poison5] (Behind)
Fishy2B: 150HP [Slowdown] (Behind)

((Seems the RNG loves you today, MC. At least in glitches.))

- 25% Normal, 25% Sea (General area of viruses/Splash)
- 25% Magnet, 25% Glitched (Directly behind viruses, scattered patterns)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP
Phew, all his moving around paid off...but they didn't miss him for lack of trying, that was for sure. If he had lungs, he'd be gasping for air right now. Fortunately, he didn't even have a mouth for lungs to attach to, so SplashMan was incredibly safe in that regard.


A sound from his right hand signalled the completion of Battlechip and buster fusion. Now far from unarmed, he spun with all his might, covering a whopping 180 degrees of rotation, and pointed his now lethal bow towards the two remaining viruses. "I just need to shoot, right?"

"Right! Just let 'em have it!"

No need to worry about chips this time...all he needed to do was concentrate, and shoot water arrows of doom right into the viruses. It wasn't rocket science, so...SHOOMP! SHOOMP! Two needles made their way forward towards the seemingly slower Fiery foe. SHOOMP! SHOOMP! Two more were shot at the one that appeared to be slightly weaker. ...Come to think of it, didn't one of the Magmackers' bombs seem slightly...rabbit-like? Eh, he'd talk to Sabrina about it once he knew they were in the clear.

[Order of Turn:
1-Turn around towards the Fishy2
2-Buster shot on Fishy2B (105, Aqua)
3-Buster shot on Fishy2B (105, Aqua)
4-Buster shot on Fishy2A (105, Aqua)
5-Buster shot on Fishy2A (105, Aqua)
The Fishy were pierced through their metal skins as SplashMan unleashed needlebuster hell. Easy pickings.

MagmackerA: DELETED
MagmackerB: DELETED
MagmackerC: DELETED

- 25% Normal, 25% Sea (General area of viruses/Splash)
- 25% Magnet, 25% Glitched (Directly behind viruses, scattered patterns)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP


Rewards: 2100z
While he'd successfully completely destroyed the viruses without a trace, SplashMan felt like anything but celebrating. SplashMan quietly accessed the reward data, and tranferred it. "...This is gonna be weird, I know it..."

"Yeah...well, let's go on. The faster we get through it all, the faster we don't have to be freaked out by this."

"Right..." But before he did so, the Navi looked down at the Navi that appeared but to be a shell of his former self. "But, shouldn't we do something about this guy?"

"No, not matter what, it won't bring him back. So instead, let's find that 'madman' he was talking about, and crush whoever it is for him!"

"Yeah! But it doesn't make this any less weird..." Now having a bit of resolve for continuing, SplashMan headed along the road, into whatever possibly laid in wait for him...

After SplashMan collected his rewards, it didn't take very long for him to receive another entourage of viruses. The area of the viruses was very inhospitable. In a checkerboard pattern, the floor was charged with viral buggy coding and stray electrical charges. Upon the strange place were Armadills ready to roll up, Gloomers with their shiny boomerangs at the ready, and Brushmen with... brushes.

Armadill2A: 160HP (Magnet) (Attack +5)
Armadill2B: 160HP (Glitched) (Permahaste)
GloomerA: 140HP (Glitched) (25% chance of invincibility)
GloomerB: 140HP (Magnet) (Permahaste)
Brushman2A: 150HP (Glitched) (Paints with food items)
Brushman2B: 150HP (Magnet) (Poison5)

- 10% Normal (Where SplashMan came from)
- 45% Magnet, 45% Glitched (Checkerboard pattern)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP (Normal)

As SplashMan expected, it didn't take much time to find more questionable viruses. But these were different from the earlier particular, an Armadillo and Gloomer each seemed a bit faster than the other of their kind. The other Gloomer seemed to be glowing green every now and then, as well. That couldn't be good. "I guess we should get started..."

", do those viruses have those purple things on them...?"

"I dunno...they act like it, though, so probably."

"This doesn't make any sense...why would you make viruses weird and crazy like that? But I guess that's what we're here to find out. And we won't be doing that until we find whoever's in charge of this!"

"Yeah, but..."

"I know, I know. Let's just worry about the battle, right?"


"Okay, so...we've fought Boomer before, so we should know how the upgrades act. The other two...don't really ring a bell. But are those paintbrush things really going to do a lot? I don't think so." BrushMan, they were called. And they struck her as the biggest pansies she had ever seen on the Net, even pre-training SplashMan. "So, let's get this show on the road!" For some reason, the ones labeled Armadillo2 bugged Sabrina the most. Maybe because they'd never fought them before, and didn't look totally harmless. "So, let's do a little combo! Battlechip, WaterLine! Battlechip, LilCloud! Double slot in!"

As a result of the lead chip, SplashMan's right hand began to transform, eventually becoming a RainGear virus lookalike. As soon as it fully formed, it opened its mouth, ushering in water from the depths in the form of sizable geysers. Ordinarily, that would be it; a no-frills water attack. However, when each pillar of water reached their apex, they evaporated, then quickly condensed into a single rain cloud. After all the water had gathered, it began to spray needle-like rain down onto the very enemies it had previously tried to hammer, this time from above instead of below.

But the virus parade hadn't been sufficiently rained upon. At least in the operator's eyes. "Okay, we're going to do something like that again! Then, you can try and dodge any incoming stuff. Battlechip, WideShot! Battlechip, MediumCloud! Double slot in!"

The Aqua virus on the Navi's right hand shapeshifted, eventually become a blue gun that he had seen countless times before. Like all those occasions before, an arc shape consisting of Aqua energy sailed forward towards three targets he had yet to blast. However, this did something different: instead of dissipating after use, the water curved, and sailed straight up, to form a second cloud, darker in color than the original. It then unleashed the same rain attack as the first, though this one was a bit stronger in force.

Now, to complete Sabrina's plan, and 'dodge incoming stuff'. But to do that, he had to discern the attacks from his own, then attempt to use his limited physical prowess to evade whatever the assault on his Naviage was. And thus, he waited...but assuming he hadn't been perfect, he probably wasn't going to have to wait long.

[Order of Turn:
1-WaterLine1 chip attack on Armadillo2A, Armadillo2B, and GloomerA (80+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
2-LilCloud chip attack on Armadillo2A, Armadillo2B, and GloomerA (70+15, Aqua, attacks for 2 turns) (Aqua Boost)
3-WideShot1 chip attack on GloomerB, BrushMan2A, and BrushMan2B (60+15)
4-MediumCloud chip attack on GloomerB, BrushMan2A, and BrushMan2B (90+15, Aqua, attacks for 2 turns) (Aqua Boost)
SplashMan set to work on the viruses just as they started their attack. The Brushmen brushed their brushes across the field, one painting a holy panel under itself. The other flung some grape paste Splash-ward, which was apparently quite noxious, and set to throwing banana mush under one of its comrades. SplashMan retaliated with a powerful WaterLine, but the attack was useless on at least two of the enemies he targeted, as one of the Armadill rolled up for an attack, and the Gloomer simply bounced off the shot with its SHINY HEAD. The Armadill whacked into SplashMan, causing him to lurch back in reflex. (75) The Gloomers rocketed off their boomerangs, but SplashMan was smart enough to avoid that attack, at least. He then proceeded to unleash the LilCloud, deleting one Armadill. His WideShot was not very accurate, and only hit a Gloomer, which bounced off the shot, and a Brushman. Soon after, the LilCloud's big brother was unleashed as well, raining even more heavily on the viruses.

Armadill2A: 160HP (Magnet) (Attack +5)
Armadill2B: DELETED
GloomerA: 140HP (HolyBanana) (25% chance of invincibility)
GloomerB: 25HP (Magnet) (Permahaste)
Brushman2A: DELETED
Brushman2B: 83HP (Holy) (Poison5)

- 5% Normal, 5% NoxiousGrape (Where SplashMan came from)
- 40% Magnet, 40% Glitched (Checkerboard pattern)
- 5% HolyBanana (Under GloomerA)
- 5% Holy (Under Brushman2B)

SplashMan.EXE: 275HP (NoxiousGrape)
LilCloud: 85 [1 turn left]
MedCloud: 105 [1 turn left]
"Ungh..." The suspense of the round died down, allowing SplashMan to focus on the immense pain he had received from getting rolled into, as well as how little all his efforts had actually done. "That's weird...why are so many of those viruses still there?"

"I dunno. It looked they were anticipating, so I don't think it's one of those weird effects or anything." Hmm...what to do...despite looking like grapes, Sabrina didn't like the purple color of the terrain her Navi was standing on. And most of the viruses could potentially block most of their attacks...except one. With those two things in mind, a plan began to form in her head. One that she mostly already thought of a while ago, but it was relevant in the situation. "So, SplashMan! I'm going to send you WindRacket to attack that paintbrush virus, but you don't have to necessarily hit with it. Just make sure you get it off that HolyPanel! Then, get ready for something else!" And then...chip insertion! Something she definitely knew how to do by now. "Battlechip, WindRacket! Slot in!"

What appeared to be a reinforced paper fan formed on the Aqua Navi's right hand. Having a feeling he knew what would happen next, he crossed his arm across his chest, and began a mad dash towards the remaining BrushMan, eyeing it angrily as he ran...however, a single step before it would've crashed into the virus, he swung his weapon, in a clear attempt to avoid directly striking it. But even without the immediate hit, it stirred up the air, allowing potential movement of the foe...

"Battlechip, Bubble-V! Slot in!"

But before any definite confirmation could be made, the fan disappeared, making room for a hose shape for his hand. Like most gun chips, he merely needed to point the blue striped silver nozzle towards the paintbrush and trigger the bubble bullet, which he wasted no time in doing. And...that was about it. The large bubble sailed forward, ready to explode in a V-shape as soon as it hit its mark. But now the real work began...the Armadillo2 and Gloomer that could block attacks, a fact not lost on SplashMan. "So, how should we go about with these things?"

"You know, I was thinking that myself. And I have an idea, but I want to make sure you're safe first before we do it. Get on that HolyPanel, and try to avoid as much as you can of their attacks!"

Avoid as much as he could...well, he hoped he could avoid more than that. The Navi took a few steps over, onto the glowing white and yellow panel. His entire body glowed slightly with it, indicating that he was under its protection. Now, how was he going to avoid boomerangs and what were essentially rolling shields? Stupid armored armadillos. Oh well, he'd think of something.


And shortly thereafter, there he was, rather tired from attempted dodging. And possibly not succeeding. "Ugh, that was tough..."

"Good, you're in the clear for a sec. Now, can you use Flood Cannon on that Gloomer? The one that looks like it's floating over a banana?"

"That one? I'm on it!" Well, not so much him as a giant blob of water shot forth from his cannons, that somehow managed to explode on contact, and create water all around the blast zone. But that was besides the point, seeing as how he had already released the explosive water into the air, towards the clothespin in question.

[Order of Turn:
1-WindRacket chip attack on BrushMan2B (100, Gust, Microburst and Northwind if it hits) (intentional near miss)
2-Bubble-V chip attack on BrushMan2B (80+15, Aqua, Spread 2) (Aqua Boost)
3-Get on unoccupied HolyPanel
4-Dodge in place
5-Dodge in place
6-Flood Cannon sig attack focused on GloomerA (80, Aqua, Blast 2, creates Medium Sea terrain)]
It was easy for SplashMan to execute the Brushman standing on the yellow HolyPanel, and claim its divine (?) powers for his own. Thereafter, he simply stayed in place, leaping over Gloomer boomerangs hurled at him with relative ease. Afterwards, the Navi charged up a nice little surprise for the Gloomers and blasted it their way. The clothespin-shaped viruses were unprepared for the sudden attack, and one of them was instantly deleted. The other sustained minor damage, but it was damage nonetheless. The blast also created a pool of water in the midst of the checkerboard inhospitable terrain, quite a sight for sore eyes. By then, the clouds of needle rains were beginning to lighten up, and finally disappeared out of sight. The Armadill wasn't hit, as it had moved in its inactivity to another, less rained-upon location.

Armadill2A: 160HP (Glitched) (Attack +5) (Permahaste)
Armadill2B: DELETED
GloomerA: 100HP (Sea) (25% chance of invincibility)
Brushman2A: DELETED
Brushman2B: DELETED

- 5% Normal, 5% NoxiousGrape (Where SplashMan came from)
- 20% Magnet, 20% Glitched (Checkerboard pattern)
- 20% Sea (Moderate-size pool where Gloomers were)
- 5% Holy (Under SplashMan)

SplashMan.EXE: 265HP (Holy)
Woo, Flood Cannon worked. And watching viruses get torn apart by exploding water never got old for him. But now came the hard part...hmm, why did that sound familiar? Oh well, Sabrina probably knew how to get through those defenses. "So, what's up this time?"

"Well, you're safe for now, so let's get around to fixing you up!" And that could only mean one thing...since, well, they only had one way to do that mid-battle. "Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

The glowing light around SplashMan's body intensified, as his damage was rewritten as non-damage. "Yeah, now I'm rarin' to go! Come on, let's finish this!"

"Not so fast! Take a sec to get a good aim on them. Like, if you tried to shoot the Gloomer with something, what would be the best way to get it to go over to the Armadillo afterwards?"

Go over to the Armadillo? Well, let's see...they were that far attack would have to move in that direction afterwards...looked tricky, but not impossible. Now, why did she ask a question like that? Bubble-V had been used, and there was no way CornShot could break through their armor...

"Looks like you've figured out something. Okay, now put it to good use! Battlechip, AuraHead2! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi's hand once more became buster shaped, but unlike before, a Megalian head formed over the end. Now, if he wanted to hit both of them, and keeping in mind what he thought of earlier...then he needed to aim...right there. A shot erupted from his buster, which went absolutely nowhere due to the object in front of it. However, it triggered some sort of mechanism within it, causing the head to rocket forward, complete with an angry expression on its face. It moved forward without a hitch, until it hit something; for some reason, instead of stopping, it simply ricocheted off what it hit, continuing on its merry way in its equally merry rage.

Now to continue the defense ignoring trend, in the form of more Breaking chips. After all, surely even those shells couldn't stop that. "Keep it up! Battlechip, Shake! Slot in!"

Once SplashMan's hand returned to him, it acquired a glowing...something, that somewhat resembled a star in the sky. It became even more so as he threw it, elegantly arcing before it landed in front of the boomerang chucking virus. However, any grace it had at this point was instantly lost, as it transformed into a Heavy virus, which started to try to slam into (and possibly through) whatever was nearby, with no regard for virus safety at all...which SplashMan couldn't help but feel slightly weird over. "No wonder it's called Shake...even though I've used it several times, I can't help but shake a little whenever I see it..."

"Oh, don't be a wimp! Though, I gotta's always weird when you use chips that look just like regular viruses. It's like there's a virus turning traitor on its own friends...ugh!" Gah, she just shook. "Okay, I take it back! It's freaking me out thinking about it!"

It was weird as all heck. But now, he needed to worry about any counterattacking, just in case something screwed up somewhere. And he definitely wasn't leaving the cushy HolyPanel if he could help it.

[Order of Turn:
1-Recover120 chip on SplashMan (120, Recovery)
2-Take aim
3-AuraHead2 chip attack on GloomerA and Armadillo2A (120, Break, hits up to 3, loses accuracy after each hit)
4-Shake1 chip attack on GloomerA and Armadillo2A (90, Break, attacks for second turn with halved accuracy)
5-Dodge in place
6-Dodge in place]
Patching up his wounds with a Recover120, SplashMan got things done pretty quickly. The Armadill was quickly smashed into oblivion before it could get any further towards smashing his ass again, and the Gloomer wasn't getting around with its green glowy-ness.

All in all, a pretty good run.

Armadill2A: DELETED
Armadill2B: DELETED
Brushman2A: DELETED
Brushman2B: DELETED

- 5% Normal, 5% NoxiousGrape (Where SplashMan came from)
- 20% Magnet, 20% Glitched (Checkerboard pattern)
- 20% Sea (Moderate-size pool where Gloomers were)
- 5% Holy (Under SplashMan)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP (Holy)


Rewards: 2500z
It took all of 5 seconds for SplashMan to scoop up the remaining cash data from the area as soon as the last virus fell. He had no interest at all in lingering in that area. "Data sent! But, we still don't know anything about what's going on..."

"I know, and it's just going to get weirder...but I don't think we can complain too much, since we did accept the mission. Now, march!"

The Navi would've loved to gulp at that junction, but sadly lacked the appropriate features to do that. He wasn't sure he was mentally ready to continue...but he didn't want to stay there, and he'd get yelled at if he backed up at all. Which left just the one option...the option of walking forward, extra cautious in case of virus ambush.

A few steps further into the Dentech area, and SplashMan could already see the massive wrecking ball the madman had wrought upon the place. Viruses were running around (more than usual, anyway) and causing havoc. The ground was a mishmash of shiny glass and dark blackness. Using the mission coordinates, SplashMan was nearing the heart of all the trouble, but along the way, some viruses, clearly infected with the purple bugs he'd seen earlier. A lot more of them, in fact. A few Applesamu stood threateningly in his way, with two Coldheads as backup. Two Pulsebulbs also flanked the opposition, making for an all-round six.

...Though there was something that told him it wasn't six...

AppleSamu2A: 170HP (glass) (speed+/poison2)
AppleSamu2B: 170HP (glass) (25% damage reduced/poison10)
ColdHeadA: 120HP (glitched) (not immobile/attack-5)
ColdHeadB: 120HP (cursed) (always underground/null attack)
PulseBulbA: 180HP (cursed) (accuracy -1/speed-)
PulseBulbB: 180HP (cursed) (4-hit shield/slow x2)

Terrain: 33% Glass, 33% Cursed, 34% Glitched (Random smatterings about)

SplashMan.EXE: 350HP (Glitched)

Another group of viruses, this time visibly affected by the purple bug things he saw earlier. In addition, there was something weird about some of the terrain in the area. "Hey, Sabrina...what's with that weird ground?"

"According to the PET, it's called Cursed terrain. Anything that stands on it takes double damage. So, try to avoid those spots if you can."

"Right..." ...Ugh, he just got a weird feeling. Like there was more in the area than just what he could see. But at the same time, he saw 6 viruses. Maybe it was his imagination...but he didn't think he was all in his head...

"What's the matter? Notice something?"

"Uh...nah, it's nothing. Those weird bulb things, though...I'm getting an electrical vibe from them. Maybe we should try to defeat them first?"

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea..." Her PET suddenly began to list additional information on each virus. '4-hit shield'? 'Accuracy-1'? Hmm..."I think my PET's getting good at scanning all this screwed up just told me what's wrong with each virus! And it says one of the PulseBulbs has a 4-hit shield up!"

Now that she mentioned it, one of the bulb things' shell DID seem a lot thicker than the other. "Ugh, that's going to be a serious pain to get rid of..."

"Don't be so quick to say that! The best way to get rid of multi-hit multi-hit attacks. And well..." Well, even though she ditched AquaNeedle, they weren't multi-hit-less. "Battlechip, NumberBall! Slot in!"

A black ball formed in the Navi's hand, which bore a '50' on it. He gently tossed it forward, causing it to grow from handheld to nearly as big as himself as it floated over towards the well-guarded Elec virus. By then, a second ball formed, also with a '50' on it, which was promptly given the same treatment. And a third ball proved to have identical pre-hit results. That should weaken the virus's shield a bit.

But it wasn't ending there. After all, shields had a natural enemy...Breaking attacks. And since those PulseBulb were over Cursed terrain..."Shouldn't need more than this to finish things! Battlechip, Shake! Slot in!"

Yet another ball shaped thing found its way to SplashMan's right hand...this one, however, was less corpereal, as a non-electrical spark. He threw it much more powerfully than the previous attacks, needing to actually reach the virus area with the throw. And thus it did...but in another contrast to the past move, it was intentionally thrown slightly to the left of the viruses, which became evident as the spark elongated, then widened to become a Heavy virus look-alike, which uneventfully attempted to ram into the PulseBulb pair.

...The annoying part about all of these viruses was that all of them had highly resistant outer shells, making Break all the more valuable. But Sabrina was never much for saving something she could use at the moment. "Let's do a little more breaking before we call it a round, shall we? Battlechip, AuraHead2! Slot in!"

Finally, the Aqua Navi's hand got a repreive, making way for its standard buster form. The Megalian head that formed over it ensured that it was no ordinary buster shot. Now he only needed to figure out who to hit, and how to hit them. The former wasn't hard; one of the ColdHeads was doing its best Momogro imitation. Which left the other one, and the pair of Applezs.


It took surprisingly little time for SplashMan to figure out how he wanted to shoot the chip attack. But it was too late to take it back, as it rocketed forward to execute its signature headbutt on (and preferably through) whatever virus got in its path. Not that he wanted to take it back. He thought he did an all right job at aiming. "So, should we keep going?"

"...No, I think you should hang back and avoid the counterattack now. We're really getting into enemy territory now, so I think we should be more careful than usual..."

"Got it!" His least favorite part of battles...the part where he was helpless to attack, and forced to rely on his limited evasion skills. But practice made perfect in that regard...right?

[Order of Turn:
1-NumberBall1 chip attack on PulseBulb2B (??, hits 3 times, damage = last two HP digits) (Current Damage = 50)
2-Shake1 chip attack on PulseBulb2A and PulseBulb2B (90, Break, attacks on second turn with halved accuracy)
3-AuraHead2 chip attack on ColdHeadA (120, Break, accuracy decreases with each successful hit)
As soon as SplashMan released the NumberBalls, a strange creature leapt out of nowhere and stood in the way of the ball, which seemed like a gigantic slab of stone, with teeth. It then proceeded to leap up to the Navi, who fortunately had the wits to get the fuck out of dodge. One of the other two balls did manage to hit the Dominerd in its counterattack, however. The other hit the PulseBulb he was aiming at, although that did mostly nothing, merely denting its shield a bit. The AppleSamu hocked up some loogies and spat them clear across the field. Suddenly, SplashMan found himself hampered by the terrain he was on, and could not dodge the spat items in time. They were surprisingly very, very painful. Ow. (100x2) Good thing he wasn't on one of them Curse panels. Anyway, he launched his next attack, and smashed through one PulseBulb with his Shake, and nearly decimated the other's shield. Then, launching a Megalian head towards a Cold head, he got that out of the way as well. The PulseBulb that remained tried to get a jump on him, but it was so goddamned slow that it didn't get to.

AppleSamu2A: 166HP (glass) (speed+/poison2)
AppleSamu2B: 150HP (glass) (25% damage reduced/poison10)
ColdHeadA: 120HP (glitched) (not immobile/attack-10)
ColdHeadB: 120HP (cursed) (always underground/null attack)
PulseBulbB: 180HP (cursed) (1-hit shield/slow x2)
Dominerd2EX: 169HP (glass) (invisible)

Terrain: 33% Glass, 33% Cursed, 34% Glitched (Random smatterings about)

SplashMan.EXE: 150HP (Glitched) (Slow)
Shake1: 90 [1 Turn Left] (50% accuracy)