The Weekly Netvegas Open: Week 5-2

((Auction ends at 00:00 EST (The first minute of the day) on April 23rd.

As a note, please only post in this thread if you are bidding.))

Welcome, one and all, to the fifth week of the Weekly Netvegas Open Auction! This auction will be held, as the title states, every week! So if you don't win one auction, save up and come in swinging for the next!

Except last week. We ran into some difficulties procuring that week's chips, so we have decided to make it up to you this week with something very special: A quad-auction!

How this will work is very simple. Every auction, a single chip will be posted; each auction will start late Sunday night, at least for you Netopians, and will conclude on the Monday of the following week (~7 days, not one day!), with whoever has the highest current bid getting the chip!

It is also worth noting that if a bid sits unchallenged for 48 hours, that bid automatically wins.

And on this particular week, you may only bid on ONE of the four auctions, so choose wisely! If you wish to drop out of a bidding, simply edit your last bid to state so!

Increments for bidding will be set on a per-chip basis, as will the starting bid price, so don't fret if a chip is too rich for your blood; they won't all be that way!

And now for this week's chip!

--Week 5-2--

50 Fire + Ground Attack + To-All-Clause + Lava Terrain Boost 50
B Accuracy
Creates a wave of lava to burn all enemies. Can be jumped over, but requires perfect timing. More effective if there is lava in the vicinity to fuel it.
Fire elemental

Starting Bid: 2400z
Bid Increments: 200z (2000z, 2200z, 2400z, etc)

Let's get the bidding started!
Not bad of a chip. 2400.

- Scar
Not as good as the version i have, but still useful~ I'll take it. 2600z.

- Sylk.exe, owner of OBS chip trading company
Seems we have a first time winner! Congratulations, Ms. Sylk!

Sylk GET: RedWave1
Sylk LOSE: 2600z