Battle BattleChips

Hey Rogan, it's me. I've already said everything I wanted, so let's get this trade on the road. Oh, and my end also includes one small favor IOU. Just making that official and whatever.

- Leslie Battle
ATTACHMENT: ShockWave BattleChip
Indeed, Much as the formality grates.


ATCH: MeteorKnuckle1

I can't swap favors, you'll have to handle that on your own!

Rogan GET/Leslie LOSE Shockwave Battlechip
Leslie GET/Rogan LOSE MeteorKnuckle1 Battlechip


All right, here's the deal. I've got this chip, BoyBomb1. I bet it'd be really good, but it's kinda not the kind of chip my Navi likes. Or me, for that matter. And I could use a little extra cash, so I'm putting it up for sale. The first offer that isn't insultingly low gets it. Actually, I'd probably do insultingly low too, so long as it's not just embarrassing. So, any takers?

- Leslie Battle

My navi, Sleuth, is trapped in a desperate conflict with the ghosts occupying a certain manor. I feel partly responsible for the fact that she has little to defend herself with and would like to make the situation right. I can offer you 1400z in exchange for the chip. That's a decent offer, isn't it?

Afterwards, I'm sure Sleuth will explain to me what a BoyBomb is. That's a cute name for a chip, isn't it?

Yours truly,
Jocelyn Yard know what? I need the cash. Sold.

- Leslie Battle
ATTACHMENT: BoyBomb1 BattleChip data

Thank you very much. I've attached the money. Sleuth will certainly be pleased when she learns that I successfully mastered the art of haggling!

Yours truly,
Jocelyn Yard

*1400z attached*
Doesn't haggling normally involve changing the price? Oh well, not my business.

Jocelyn GET/Leslie LOSE: BoyBomb1
Leslie GET/Jocelyn LOSE: 1400z

Consider yourselves traded!