Sharp Chips

Ah, it's been a while since I posted here...I've got several chips my Navi isn't exactly enthused about, so I'm putting them up for trade. Chips with Slashing and cash are preferred.


- Hector Guerrero
Hey I don't think I'll be using this in forever and Red doesn't really mind and you look like a beginner so why don't you have this chip for the price of your MeteorKnuckle and Satellite?


[ATTACHED: WideBladex1]
Beginner...heh. I'm sure my Navi will be pleased with it.

- Hector Guerrero
ATTACHMENT: MeteorKnuckle1 BattleChip data, Satellite1 BattleChip data
Hrm, haven't seen the OP before yet. Glad to see another fine NetBattler is taking use of our services!

Hector GET: 1x WideBlade chip.
Shin GET: 1x MeteorKnuckle1 chip; 1x Satellite1 chip.

Have a good day, both traders.

- LinkMan.EXE
Alright later then.

I've noticed that AquaBalloon chip of yours. That's a rare chip and I wish to get it for myself. I have an AquaKnife and a Boomerang chip, and I'll even throw in some cash for it. Are you fine with this offer?



    [li][AquaKnife] Battlechip
    [li][Boomerang] Battlechip
  • 2,000z
AquaBalloon's rare...but my Navi's not a fan of waiting, and those chips are among those he likes, so I accept.

- Hector Guerrero
ATTACHMENT: AquaBalloon BattleChip data
Rare stuff being thrown around here. Makes me happy.

Hector --> AquaBalloon --> Marius
Marius --> AquaKnife + Boomerang1 + 2000z --> Hector

Have a good day.

- LinkMan.EXE
hey guy I need to trade for that needlecannon cause I want it for ANTE TO try since I away before we got to use it last time. I will trade you a cool ninjaq knife for it


((Kunai2 attached))
A most generous offer, and one I'm sure my Navi will appreciate. I accept.

- Hector Guerrero
ATTACHMENT: NeedleCannon1 BattleChip data
Weeeeee- haha, fooled you. I'm better now.

Hector GET: Kunai2
Teruko GET: NeedleCannon1