Mark Kerf Chips for Trade/Sell

I am looking to sell or trade off my chips. Any of the chips an be bought for the right price, just make an offer of zenny. Right now I am trying to get new upgrades for my navi, they are much needed and I have a long way to go to get them. I am currently only interested in zenny, unless you have a very tempting chip offer. Here are the chips. Enjoy, thanks for looking.


-Mark Kerf
Good day,

I'll keep it nice and short, I'd like to offer 1600z for that RiskyHoney1.

Thank you.

- Scarlet

[Attached: 1600z]
Riskyhoney you say? That's a chip my Navi never really touches. I wouldn't mind parting with it at all. 1,600 zenny seems very fair, very fair indeed. You have a deal.


-Mark Kerf
Time to trade!

Mark GET: 1600z
Mark LOSE: RiskyHoney1

Scarlet GET: RiskyHoney1
Scarlet LOSE: 1600z

Hi Mark, it's Destin. I wish to offer you my FireKnife battlechip and 800z for your DashAttack battlechip. What do you say?

-- Destin.

[Attached: FireKnife battlechip + 800z.]
The dash attack chip is one that Trent uses a lot, but he also needs a fire chip; even more so one that is slashing. You and I have been talking some and our Navi's busting, as such, I can accept this deal its fine by me, enjoy the chip buddy.


-Mark Kerf


Mark GET : FireKnife + 800z : Destin LOSE
Destin GET : DashkAttack : Mark LOSE


- LinkMan.EXE
Thank you.

-- Destin.
Hello there fellow Operators. I am reposting this offer because my folder data has changed recently and I am still looking to trade away some chips. The ones I am mostly trying to get rid of are the following:

x1 Yo-Yo1
x1 LittleBoiler1
x1 AquaNeedle1.

These chips are the least useful to my navi currently. I would trade them for zenny amounts or some slashing chips. I will attach the rest of my folder data, and you may make an offer on anything.


-Mark Kerf
Hello Mark, this is Destin. While I am not looking for the three chips you have listed, I am interested in a few of your chips that I would assume you would be willing to trade.

The two I am interested in:
Boomerang1 [x1]
MachineGun1 [x1]

What I believe you may find of interest:
TreeBomb1 [x1]
LilBomb [x1]
BubbleStar1 [x1]
Sword [x1]
MoonBlade1 [x1]

I believe most of these could be traded 1:1. But I am willing to be generous with the offers if need be.

--Destin Obscura.
Hello there again Destin. The bubbleStar chip is defiantly something that Trent will be interested in. The boomerang chip is a rather good one, making it a challenge with part with on a one to one chip trade basis for the Bubblestar however. The difference in damage, accuracy, and the fact that it is one of few reliable ways Trent has to dispose of Elec viruses with. I would greatly appreciate it if you would sweeten the deal with a few hundred zenny. Not asking for much, just a little icing to make it all worth it.

-Mark Kerf
I would be willing to trade BubbleStar1 + 200z for your Boomerang1.

But I would also like your MachineGun1. What would you like for that chip?

--Destin Obscura.
I don't think that I can trade away the machinegun chip at this time, its effects are too useful for Trent. None of the chips you offered I would like for it.

The bubblestar and the 200zenny is a deal however.

Boomerang1 Chipx1

-Mark Kerf
Very well.

[Attached: BubbleStar1 + 200z.]

--Destin Obscura.
Hm, sounds like a good trade.

Mark --> Boomerang1 --> Destin
Destin --> BubbleStar1 + 200z --> Mark


- LinkMan.EXE
I'm glad you approve.

-- Destin.
Good day. I'd like to purchase that Aquaneedle chip off you. How would 1200 Zennies sound?

-Tsujsa Reise
That zenny amount sounds really good, the chip is utterly useless to Trent. You are more than welcome to have it for that!

Enjoy it!

-Mark Kerf

Aquaneedle1 Chip Data
Very well. Pleasure doing business with you. Linkman, if you please?

ATTACHED: 1200 Zennies

-Tsujsa Reise
Of course.

Mark GET: 1200z
Tsujsa GET: AquaNeedle

Have a nice day, kids.

- LinkMan.EXE