Selling Extras

Well, I have more chips than my folder can make use of at a time, so I guess it'd be best to sell a few. Take a look at my chip list and tell me which of my extras you're interested in, except for my Cannon. Also, I may be willing to sell or trade a few of the chips I currently have in my folder, though the AquaSword and GrassZone are pretty much off limits. It'll take a pretty decent offer for me to let go of any of my chips in folder right now, though, so don't make an offer unless have something good. Sorry if that sounds rude. I just don't want a dozen-some posts wanting me to trade my SideBamboo1 for a Ringlog1 and a handful of zenny. Also, I'd like to keep my folder count at 30, without needing to put my Cannon in, so unless people start throwing chips in with deals as well, I'll probably only be accepting seven trades. Please keep this in mind before asking to buy half my chips on the list or something crazy like that. In any case, I guess we can get down to business.

Ooh, AquaNeedle1! And I kinda want that LilBomb, too. How would two Shotguns and 500z sound for them?

-Sabrina Jetto

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Hmm...such a wide variety of chips indeed.

I would like to take interest in the following chips if you shall kindly label an offer.


That would be quite it. My humble apologies as my navi is waiting for our exchange. She's awfully anxious to battle as to mind her manners because of her lacking patience.
Hey, Wes. Not sure what you might think of this offer, but how about a Cactiball1 and up to 400z for that Zapring?

-Shigeru Yamada
Jetto, a Shotgun is one of the chips I plan on ditching. There's no way I'm trading chips I actually use for copies of them. Yamada, while I have no need for a Cactball1, I have no need for a Zapring1 either. As a favor, I'll swap the two for you along with whatever amount you feel like sending. Its your call. That means that another Cactball1 will be on the sale list once the trade goes through. Nameless, I don't have a very good idea on the price for each chip and I'm basically just trying to get some money for upgrades, so offer what you want. It'd also help if you gave your name, since, as you saw with Yamada, I'm willing to do some favors depending on who you are. In any case....

Attached: Zapring1

Oh sure, pick on me for not being able to read your mind. In that case, forget the Shotguns, and how about 2400z for both chips?

-Sabrina Jetto
Hmm...rude of me rather than my navi. I rather not give a name, but I'm no threat, yes? Just call me Shadowess.

It seems like you need funds and not just some out of the ordinary chip. I tell you what, I'll take that ZapRing1, RingLog1, and Guard1, and I'll fund you 1750 Zenny. That should be somewhat the amount to squander with, yes?

My navi kind of really likes his Aquaneedle1. He'd probably get ticked if I pawned that off for a small sum of cash. LilBomb I can probably let go of, though, since its mostly just a Minibomb with a larger blast radius and I only got those for smokescreens. I could ditch that for 1100z or something around there. Now Shadowess, there's a few things that worry me about your proposal. First, I just agreed to hand over my spare Zapring1 to Yamada, so I'd have to sell my spare one. Second, while you're not using your real name, I believe that there is another topic on here with the name Shadowess, in which the owner is planning on selling a Ringlog1 and a Guard1 for around 2000z combined, if I'm not mistaken. While I don't mind being generous, I don't want people to buy from me only to immediately sell them again for a quick profit at my expense. Understand?

Hmm, you don't miss a beat, and very observant.

Very well. My only real interest was in your Zapring, but I'll back down seeing there's a reciever. Perhaps you shall know my real identity sometime soon.

Sigh...well, if you really don't want to give up AquaNeedle. 1100z for LilBomb works for me.

-Sabrina Jetto

Attachment: 1100z
Ah, thankees, Wes. This'll help Volt a lot more than the Cactiball chip. We use Zaprings much more, anyways. But, since I'd like to hold onto the small amount of zennies I have, I'll agree to a chip-chip trade. Data attached!


<Attached: Cactball1>
helo there, i was looking at your chips and, i want your boomerang, with Siren being a wood type, she would be able to power it up, so, i'll pay you 2000z and most anything from my folder, the bubbler is being traded, i MIGHT let go of my aquaneedle1 if you are willing to let go of your cornshot1.

Unfortunately, we kind of use our Boomerrang1 and Cornshot1 a lot, so to trade them, we'd need something in return that could effectively replace them. I'd probably swap you for a Pheonixshot or FLameline, though I'd prefer the first one mentioned. Also, for Cornshot1, I could go for the Twinfang1 and compensate you 200-400z for the damage difference. Though now that I think about it... guess the name Siren means that things didn't go as well as I hoped.

Also, Jetto, I'm in a battle right now, so I'll need to wrap things up before I can alter my folder in any way. I'll send the Lilbomb once my navi is done.

i'll trade you my pheonixshot1 for the boomerang1 and my twinfang1 for your cornshot1, though i do lose a little accuracy with the cornshot, but it's worth it, and ya, things didn't work out, Nikko is currently being repared by a friend of mine, so i know she is in good hands right now.

*siren.exe is currently in battle*

Done my battle so here comes the other three chips. We should be ready whenever.

attached: LilBomb1
Cornshot1, Boomerrang1

This might be a bit of a stretch, but I don't suppose I can get the spare Shotgun and Ringlog off of you for say...1500z?

-Z (also known as Zanzo)

Hmmmm...... that seems a bit low but.... well, you owe me a favor at some point, I guess.

Attached: Ringlog1, Shotgun


Your RiskyHoney seems like a good chip. How about I trade up to as much as say 1600z for that chip, yes?
i would like it too, it seems like an interesting chip, so, i'll put up 2000z for it, it seems like you have a bid on your hands wes.

*Siren.exe is currently in battle*
Hmm...fine bid indeed. I'll say no more. I can only remain at my current offer.


(Still not use to the labels)