Chip Trade

Am willing to trade my Recovery10 and Cactball1 as well as any othe chips I own if your offer is decent enough.

I am especially interested in Minibombs and such other types of low accuracy high damage weapons such as energybombs.

Give me an offer, I will see what I can do for you.

if you trade me your sword for my energybomb i'll throw in about......400z. how about it?

*nikko.exe is curently fighting some ElecOrge's as a little kitty!*

here's my folder and zenny balance if you want to look at my other chips.

attached:folder.dat and zenny balance.dat
Sorry, but the sword is pretty useful. I would need a better deal than that to part with it. At least 1200z total (normally it is a 1800 value, so that is still 66% of the price).
ok then, energybomb+1200z then?
I can agree to that trade, I will send you the chip as soon as Splitman is done fighting and it is reset.
ok then, i'll do the same once Nikko finishes off the last ElecOrge here in scilab.
I'll trade a heatshot, (worth about 1000-1800 depending on how you roll it) which has higher accuracy than an energy bomb, and also potential splash damage.

I'll also throw in 400z to sweeten the deal, I could really use that sword.

My apologies, however once I have agreed to a trade it is my practice to follow-through with it unless the other individual backs out.

Tim, I am prepared to trade you as soon as you are ready. I am done with the virii here.


PS: In any event I would not have accepted that trade. I am currently seeking zenny or high damage low-accuracy chips. Because split is a recovery type I believe such a chip will be very useful in the future.
here you go, hope you do well with it.

attached:energy bomb+1200z
Hi, would you be willing to sell that Recover10? Admittedly, I wouldn't pay too much for it, but I'd take it off your hands for the right price.

-Brandon Jetto
Enjoy the sword

And what did you have in mind for the price of a Recover10?

attached: Sword
Well, I'm prepared to offer you all of...600z. SIX HUNDRED ENTIRE ZENNY. Negotiable? Maybe. But you shall never know!

-Brandon Jetto
a recover10 is 1600z normaly from the shop, but i'm not one to judge.
Done, 600z

Attached: Recover10

Good, now I've got a form of recovery! And if you were wondering, no, the price was not negotiable.

-Brandon Jetto

(Attachment: 600z)
(bump for trade completion)
People love to make my life hard, and for great trades like "Recov10 for 600 zenny", who can blame them? Well, let's get out our pencil and paper, folks...

Chad ====> Sword, Recov10
Timmy ====> 1200z, Energybomb
Brandon ====> 600

Chad recieves: 1800z, Energybomb
Timmy recieves: Sword
Brandon recieves: Recov10

Wow, it looks like I just missed out on the trade. Well, hopefully we can make a deal. I just so happen to have an energybomb that I don't really use. Would you be willing to trade the Cactiball1 for it?

~ Zanallen
ahh, this will realy help out Nikko here in ACDC town.

thank you!
If you add in 100z you have yourself a deal.