Rare Chips for Trade!

Hello, everyone. My name's Rachel Tholmes, and my brother Guy and I operate a pair of Navis named Titania and Oberon.

We've recently picked up some rare chips that we're hoping to trade off.


Please post your offers! I would appreciate offers of two chips for one of these, to help us fill out the folder.

-Rachel and Guy Tholmes.

P.S. If you're interested in anything else in our folder, feel free to offer on that, too, but no promises!

Cannon [40+Knockback]
Cannon [40+Knockback]
Shotgun [50+Spread 1]
RageClaw [40/?; 6-use]
Minibomb [50/?]
Minibomb [50/?]
Minibomb [50/?]
Energybomb [40x3]
Energybomb [40x3]
Energybomb [40x3]
Vulcan1 [10x3+Spread 1]
Vulcan2 [10x5+Spread 1]
Sword [80; 6-use]
ElecSword [80; 3-use]
TwinFang1 [70x2; 2 targets]
AquaNeedle1 [20x3]
AquaNeedle1 [20x3]
Zapring1 [40+stun]
RingLong1 [50+Ground+Wide; 2-use]
Icewave1 [80]
Guard1 [Reflect 60]
Guard1 [Reflect 60]
AreaGrab [Teleport]
Pulsar1 [70+Spread disc]
BubbleStar1 [3(20+Trap)]
BubbleStar1 [3(20+Trap)]
SandWorm1 [80 Impact+Ground+Backstab+Sand boost 50]
SideBubble2 [2(90+Break)]
Actually, both of those chips look cool. Unfortunetly, I don't have a lot in the ways of extra chips nowadays...


That's all that I have laying around right now. I also have a couple of Bubblers that I don't really use a lot, and maybe some Thunder1s. That SideBubble2 looks useful, and the Sandworm seems helpful enough to at least try to snag it, too.

And, of course, I could always bolster some of this with some Zenny, if needed.

-Steve F.
I apologize for cutting in but something caught my eye. After this I'll leave you to your business and fly. Steve F, would you trade your Machinegun for my Tankcannon chip? Me and my Navi prefer more bullets for the trip. So what do you say? Does this trade receive your OK?

Uh, sure, I guess. I can just as easily get rid of a TankCannon as a MachineGun, and saying no would just make me a dick.

-Steve F.

Tholmes, I'm interested in the BubbleStar1s and your SideBubble2. Perhaps I could interest you with anything from my folder?


[ATTACHED: ZanzoFolder.dat]
I thank you.


[Attached: 1x TankCannon1 chip @ Steve F.]
Another trade, and we are a-GO!

Na'im GET: MachineGun1: Steve LOSE
Na'im LOSE: TankCannon1: Steve GET
Umm...Good evening!

Sorry, posting makes me kind of nervous. I'm new to this BBS thing, and netbattling, but my NetNavi is always complaining about me not having any attacking chips since I'm always relying on defense, so she can be a handful when she has a hissy fit. I have a Wood-Type Navi, so I guess what sticks out most for me is that you have a Wood-Type Data chip displayed.

I really don't have that many chips to part with, so I think I would prefer to buy it. I don't know however how much you would want, so can you perhaps name a price?