Cursed Chips

I got these chips from a weird book in the internet, which has been burned, thankfully. I'd like to throw these chips out because they don't feel right coming from this stupid book. It was horrible, and they might be glitched or something.

So I'm selling them as secondhand chips, along with a couple I really don't need.

[OOC: These chips have predetermined owners, please do not offer unless I have informed you that you are the recipient of one of these. Thanks.]

Poltergeist [Throws up to 3 Objects at selected targets]: 1500z
Meteor12 [Creates 100 HP rod to attack randomly for 15*12 Fire]: 1400z
Meteor12 [Creates 100 HP rod to attack randomly for 15*12 Fire]: 1400z
Icewave2 [100 damage, A rank Aqua]: 1000z
Sonicwave [80 + Piercing + Ground Attack + Line Attack]: 1500z
Cannonball [160 Break + Panelbreak]: 1400z
Elecreel [80 + Group attack Elec]: 1600z
Phoenixshot [70 + Wide Attack Fire]: 1200z
I'll offer you 3 chips to put into the chip trader for the Poltergeist.

Will DoubleBomb, Energybomb, and Vulcan1 work for you?

-- JT

*Poltergeist Chip Data Attached
Alright. Uploading data.

-- JT

It's been a long time since I last used one of these. I miss those days.

-- ???

[Energybomb, Doublebomb, & Vulcan1 chip data attached]
Cursed chips? Well... I think I'll take my chances. My wallet's a little light right now, so how about a Wind chip for that Elecreel?

-Mill Alidine

*Elecreel Chip Data Attached
Alright. Thanks.

- Attached: [Wind]
Cursed chips? That sounds like nonsense to me. Well, I suppose you're free to do what you want.

??? LOSES: Poltergeist, ElecReel1, GAINS: Energybomb, Doublebomb, Vulcan1, Wind.
Mill LOSES: Wind, GAINS: Elecreel1
JT LOSES: Energybomb, Doublebomb, Vulcan1, GAINS: Poltergeist

Have a nice day.

Oho, that Cannonball looks pretty good to me. I'll buy it.


[Attached: 1400z]
Meteor? That sounds like something that'll explode. I've got this chip here on my chip pack's side road. But I've heard it's rather powerful. So I'd like your two Meteor chips for it. The chip is called StepSword, maybe you're interested in it. It's not really suited for my Navi after all.

Hmmm.... drat that elecreel would have been great for my navi... I don't suppose you don't have another one huh?
For Shin:
*Cannonball Chip Data Attached

For NBS:
*Meteor12 Chip Data Attached
*Meteor12 Chip Data Attached

Yes I would, mysterious other person.
Oh fudgebunnies, where are my manners... now where would you price your Elecreel then?

- Polonius
Um... Linkman... you there?

Very busy day today.

??? LOSES: CannonBall, Meteor12 x2; GAINS: Stepsword, 1400z
NBS LOSES: Stepsword; GAINS: Meteor12 x2
Shin LOSES: 1400z; GAINS: CannonBall

Have a nice day.