Looking for necessary chips

Hello there. I'm requesting for the chip "Firehit1" or any other fire element chips. But, I also have another request not to offer me any "HeatShot", I already four of those.

ALSO!! we'll only give you guys money, no chips...and we're also looking for guard chips!!

Trade Proposal:
Zennies <===> Firehit / Fire type chips / Guard

i have two heatshots and i am willing to sell one guard, what is your offer?
Sorry, but I have no interest towards the heatshots. I already have four of them so I don't necessarily need any more of them. But for the guard chip, I'll be willing to trade a Vulcan1 chip with...800 Zennies?

Trade Request
Vulcan1 + 800Z <===> Guard1


Fine fine, whatever.

Timmy Get: Vulcan1 + 800Z
Alphonse Get: Guard1
If you want another one, I can spare a Guard1 too. What would you offer for it?

-Sabrina Jetto
thank you for the trade.
If you would like a guard, I would be willing to part with one for a far more reasonable price.

No, I think having two guard chips is fine with me. My real interest is my original request for fire chips!

All right, if you say so. I don't really have any interest in Fire-element chips, so if I get one, I'll know what to do with it!

-Sabrina Jetto