IMPORTANT: Those in the NetSquare

Gaeherris here, requesting doorprize and defender prize


You guys owe me, now pay up!

The sunshine chips...I'm assuming that's what they were...are gone. Oh well. We'll take the door prize and defender prize.

-Duke Rigel

Also...should you ever see Swing again...I'm sure he deserves something for his efforts.


"Huh? Netsquare? Yeah, I was there. But I thought that access was blocked, so I didn't come back. Sorry dudes."
Thank you for the generous door prize, and my gratitude goes toward all those who helped defend Netsquare from the attackers.

Umm....We were there.....I suppose......that means we get both?

Thank you....

As one of the two people who stayed to defend the net square, I am requesting the door and defender prize...

((Collect as you post, please! Going by honor system here. :P))
I was in the Netfrica group along with Alexander. I thought it was strange for him to just want me to help him delete, what I thought were, randomly weak viruses. Boy was I wrong.

Titania and Oberon were part of the Sharo group, and one of those who returned to the Square. I believe we qualify for both packages.

Moonlight and myself aided in defending Electown's net, but were unaware of the ongoing battle back at the square. I formally apologize for us both, as Moonlight is unavailable for comment. We humbly request the doorprize.