Random Transitions

Nikko walked into the net square, but quickly left through to the ACDC network, timmy scratched his head on why she was doing this.

(transitioning to ACDC net, anyone can use as transitoning to other areas)
Daisy comes out of the ACDC portal, and right trough the portal to Sharo's network.

((Going to Sharo, with love))
Capuchin leaps out of the ACDC portal and dives through the Sharo portal.

siren flies out of the ACDC net and heads into the netfrica one.

Siren then headed out of the same portal she came into and headed down into the one that headed twords ACDC net.
Junior walked silently through the Square, heading directly into the Electown link.
Voltman walked calmly through the Electown portal, looking around. The Netsquare didn't seem to have suffered severe damage. Looking for an area to go, he saw a row of portals, and leapt into a random one.

(To Netfrica!)
Splitman ran across to the Netopia area, hopefully it would have more interesting virii...
From the opposite side a bulky figure in dark red began running across the Netscape before finally leaving through the YokaNet.
Koumori jacked into the net at this point and headed quickly towards the ACDC town link. (TO THE AC OF DC TOWN!)
Voltman arrived in the Netsquare amid a bolt of lightning, surprised to see links to new net locations around the edge. Choosing one at random, he jumped in.
Koumori, walking out of the ACDC net portal, quickly heads towards the portal that will direct her to Yumland.

Pianissimo jacked in from the Colosseum and glanced around. "So jacking in from there just sends me here?" he asked. "Convenient. Though uhh...what happened to that sword?" When he had jacked in for the first tournament battle, it had simply appeared next to him before the colosseum officials took it for...the duration of the tournament or until he dropped out. Right.

Shrugging, the assassin wandered off into Dentech net.
Validus came through the ACDC portal, looked his way around the directory, and made his way to the Electown portal.

[[Moving to Electown.]]
Validus warps in once more, and looks for the Beach Net portal thi time around.

[[Heading to Beach Net]]
Rhea tumbled out from the ACDC portal, rolling straight into the portal reading 'SciLab Net', and disappeared without a trace.

Running out of the Electown portal with her SP right behind her, Freya and Mask entered the ACDC portal.
running out of the ACDC area, Freya and Mask quickly headed to the portal that would direct them to Dentech.
Quickly jacking into the network, Freya and Mask proceeded towards Netfrica, hoping their luck was better than in Dentech.
[From Electown Net]
A beam of red light strikes the ground and reforms into the shape of a red armored navi.

Delta walks forward, looking up at the tower, then says in awe, "That thing's big..."

Henry looks through the PET's camera at the tower, speaking in a similarly awed tone, "Wow...."

Delta finally looks away from the tower, before looking around for another network to explore. Finally, he picks a portal and starts walking towards it.

Henry takes one last look at the tower before his navi enters the yoka network.
[To Yoka Net]