Inside the shop

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((From => Stormy Weather))

As the door to the navi shop gave way to Rogan's nondescript form, a small point of bright colour had just climbed back to his shoulder from the device presumably somewhere else on his person. She glanced around the shop with distracted interest.

"Bounty is all taken care of, sir. So, I think that means my account should have the right amount set aside now." He voice was cheerful, but still quiet and softly spoken; Rogan nodded and paused for only a brief extra moment before approaching the counter and pulling a card from his wallet. Lyntael's appearance had caught him a little of guard, if he was honest. He'd done as he had before, and sent the girl off to the bounty shop while he made the necessary purchases here, but even with her back early she wasn't showing any of the hesitation or nerves he'd expected of her, being in SciLab. He shook it off and gave a small greeting smile to the shop-keeper.

"Lucky to be working inside on a day like today, it's pelting down out there... could I get four customiser expansions, for updates eleven through fourteen, please, and four process upgrades to go with that, versions twenty-four through twenty-seven." He passed the card across the counter as he spoke, though his own expression was mostly calm and disinterested.


((NOTE: Out of Character, I'm also purchasing a BugStopper NCP, for 10000. This is intended to be added to Lyntael as part of a future story beat, and would not be deliberately 'purchased' in universe; I'm making the transaction and deduction now for the system mechanics and fairness, if that's alright.))


NaviCust Expand (v11, 12, 13, 14): 3500, 3750, 4000, 4250 = 15500z
Process Upgrade (v24, 25, 26, 27) : 2400, 2500, 2600, 2700 = 10200z
Bug Stopper NCP: 10000z

Total: 35700z
Rogan's funds: 35785z
Funds remaining: 85z

((Lyntael's Level becomes 27, Navicust is now 110, Sig pool is 1160))
(I'll allow it, since you're paying for it now anyways)

"Oh no doubt, been hearing it come down in sheets today." He spoke, Suitachi doing a little inventory as Rogan began to make his purchase, the shopkeep grabbing the requested items as he was asked for them, deftly putting some between his fingers and the others into his other hand, turning around and setting it all in front of them in one decently sized pile, pushing them forward and taking his card, sliding it through with a beep, and handing it back as he grabbed a small bag and began to put them into it. "Hope you have a good day." He spoke simply before turning back to his stacks of items, to get them all jotted down.

Rogan get: Navicust Expansions 11-14, Process upgrades 24-27 and Bugstop
Rogan Lose: 35,700z
Rogan accepted the products with a brief nod and slipped them into his own bag after double checking them.
"I will, lots to do. Have a good day yourself." He turned and headed from the shop. Much to do indeed.

((To => A dark tower, far distant))
The electronic door buzzed, announcing the arrival of two giant, spiked boots and the gangly girl that they hauled around. Hippie’s black hair, streaked with violet and yellow, fumed about their unjust imprisonment beneath a lime-green bike helmet. A large delivery box from Cafe Castel bowed her back like a turtle’s shell, the straps snug against her ebon turtleneck. Her bunched, frilly black skirts bounced as she bounded towards the counter like a dancer mid-performance. She clutched a bag of donuts in one hand, a shopping list in the other, and offered them both to the proprietor of the shop.

“Good evening! I hope you’re doing well! Are you hungry? I’ve got some spare donuts here! And if you don’t take some I’m going to eat them all anyway!” Hippie beamed, radiant with dark makeup. She sounded more interested in proffering her donuts than the shopping list that lay half-forgotten on the countertop.

Shopping List Contents:
-HP Memory 2: 1250z (+1 Lvl, 5)
-HP Memory 3: 1500z (+1 Lvl, 6)
-Process Upgrade 3: 300z (200)
-Process Upgrade 4: 400z (240)
-Process Upgrade 5: 500z (280)
-First Armour: 2500z
-Buster Aqua Shot: 1000z
Total: 7450z
A clatter from behind the counter announced the sudden waking of a napping Suitachi, startled back to wakefulness by the enthusiastic arrival. He straightened his chain and made sure the small Tv set he'd dozed off watching hadn't been jostled before blinking a few times across the counter at the strange clashing of styles that was... offering food? He tentatively reached for one of the proffered snacks while eyeing up the list.

"Just these things...? Right, right... coming up." Donut in one hand, he turned back and rummaged quickly, transferring the pasty to his mouth as he began to dig up the items on the list. It was mostly gone by the time he turned back, pushing the small stack of parts across the counter and holding out his other hand for Hippie's choice of payment method. "Mmff... Mno dishcounts" The warning came muffled around confectionery, added as an after-thought.


Hippie GET: HP Mem v2 & v3, PU v3-5, AquaShot, FirstArmour NCP.
Hippie LOSE: 7450z

((Mod note: Hippie's level is 3 currently – so the HP mems take her to lvl 5; this still allows you to get PUs 3, 4 and 5, so you're all good, cost and purchase-wise!))
((Thank you for the mod, and helping sort myself out <3))

Hippie's eyes glittered as she beheld the treasure trove that was her purchase. She scanned her card over the reader in Suitachi's palm and gathered up the boxes of electronic goodies in her hands. This was every last penny she had budgeted for this month, and she was sure to make good use of it.

"Thank you!" She squealed, clob-homping her way out the door. "We hope to see you again- Wait." She caught herself, and turned to give Suitachi a wink just before the threshold closed behind her. "That's your line this time!"

Hippie had departed, but the unclaimed bag of donuts and assorted pastries remained on the countertop, living out it's own short-lived adventure.
The door of the navi shop barely had time to herald a new arrival before a blue and yellow uniformed courier darted in and paused by the counter to check his order manifest. His eyes scanned the print out and he nodded to himself.

"Got a dispatch order here for two Process Upgrades and two NC Expansions. Versions twenty-eight and twenty nine, on the PUs and version...." he checked the sheet again quickly. "Fifteen and sixteen for the customisers." He paused for a moment to pull out a small disposable transfer card and hand it across the counter. "Here's payment confirmation, and here's the order form. Can I get a signature?" He held the manifest out as well; the order was for an address half the world away, with a confirmation to release the stock listed to the courier company, from a storehouse in the same city as the order address.


NaviCust Expand (v15, 16): 4500, 4750 = 9250z
Process Upgrade (v28, 29): 2800, 2900 = 5700z

Total: 14950z
Rogan's funds: 15385z
Funds remaining: 435z

((Lyntael's Level becomes 29, Navicust is now 120, Sig pool is 1240))
Looking up from a manifest he had just gotten from his suppliers, the owner would give a grunt of acknowledgment as he looked through the dispatch real quick, making sure all the t's were crossed and i's dotted, with all the usual stuff along those lines. "Hmmmm...alright then that all looks good, let me just get my signature down here..." He mumbled as he gave a quick penning on the manifest, money being transferred into his account almost immediately after. "And there we go, they can make those avalible to the customer, thank you. I really should open up stores out across the world, but this is just so much more cheaper, fees and all..."

Rogan loses: 14950z
Rogan Get: Navicust Expansions 15 and 16, Processor Upgrades 28 and 29
The courier reclaimed his documents and tipped his hat with a nod to Suitachi.
"Thank you, we appreciate your on-going business! Have a good day." He re-shouldered his delivery back as he tucked the manifest away again, then quickly darted from the store to get on with the rest of his own working day.