Parasite Research

((From Chip Shop))

Entering SciLab's lobby, Henry headed for the reception desk. Once there, he addressed the individual manning it, "Hello, I'm Henry Chronosky, and this is my navi Delta. We're here because we encountered a navi that had been infested by a parasite yesterday, and we thought that someone at SciLabs might know more about it. It didn't come up on the virus scanner, oddly enough."
A few hours later, Henry was exhausted, with very little to show for it. "Well, that was a bust."

"Why don't we go virus busting then, and check out the BBS' while we're at it?

Henry smiled, already looking for an access point. "That sounds like a plan."

A few minutes later, Henry had sat down at an Internet cafe nearby, and logged in.

((Delta.exe, jack in!))
((From Chip Calibration))

Henry stood up and stretched, then started towards the SciLabs navi shop.

((To Navi Shop))