Inside the shop

((From -> A Nearby Cafe, for the last time))

Now toting her bag and looking substantially more relaxed, Jenny passed through the doors to the navi shop for what would, hopefully, be the final time that evening. She grinned and waved at the shop keeper.

"Hi again. Last time today, I promise!" She moved up to the counter and checked off the exacts of the list Courser had shown her. "Okay, so, I need three more of the First Armour parts, and then three more NC expansions to support them, and then that makes room for four more process upgrades as well. I think that's it today..." She double checked then nodded to herself and handed her card across the counter.


First Armour NCPx3 = 7500z
NC Expand v21, 22, 23 = 18750z
Pu v21, 22, 23, 24 = 9000z

Total: 35250z
Courser's funds: 45020z
Funds remaining: 9770z
This is where Julius came from.

Julius kicked the door open, and hurriedly made his way to the counter. Without getting the attendants attention, he blurted out, “Yea, I’d like to get a Hp Memory, and three process upgrades please.”

Julius: 3515 Zenny
Hp memory #2: 1250z, process upgrades #4-6 1500z
Remainder: 765 Zenny.
Suitachi let out a chuckle as Jenny came in again, another round of upgrades for her crazy navi, alright alright. He quickly turned to start grabbing the requested parts and upgrades for Jenny before hearing Julius kicking his door open and blurted out his order. Suitachi rolled his eyes and grabbed those upgrades as well, bagging the two separate orders and sliding them to their respective customers. "Alright then, hopefully your crazy navi's alright there." He spoke to Jenny first before turning to Julius. "And you need to not kick people's doors in when you're in a hurry. Either way, here's your stuff, both of you." He spoke in a bit more stern of a tone before taking their cards, swiping them through the machine and making sure to hand the right card back to the right person. "And you're both done, enjoy."

Jenny lose: 35,250z
Jenny get: PUs 21-24, NC Expansions 21-23 and First Armor NCPx3

Julius lose: 2750z
Julius get: PUs 4-6 and HP Memory 2
Jenny stepped back and away form the more urgent customer and let him rush through before slipping in to claim her own purchase properly. She slipped the last round of purchases into her satchel and nodded her thanks to the shop keeper.

"Think he's fine, but we know where to come if there's a problem! Thanks again!" With a last wave, she darted out the door, heading home finally.

((To -> Jenny's Home))
((From => Rogan's most recent hotel))

While Lyntael was away, Rogan made his way quickly through the open public spaces of SciLab to the navi shop and stepped inside. Even if she didn't remember the most recent events, he knew Lyntael still remembered her earlier troubles, and he had no doubt she still harboured a reservation coming to SciLab herself. Instead, he'd sent her out to collect her bounty payment, and intended to get the other errand done before she was ready to return, if he could. He moved to the counter and produced his card, along with a short hand-written list of things he'd noted down in advance.

“I need everything here, please. The customiser update is version ten, and process upgrade will be version twenty-one.” He passed the card across the counter along with the list and wondered how long it would take Lyntael to run her own errand.



BusterUp x6: 45000z
FirstArmour x2: 5000z
Fast Armour: 5000z
HP+200: 15000z
SetSea: 4500z
NaviCust Expand (v10): 3250z
Process Upgrade (v21) : 2100z

Total: 79850z
Rogan's funds: 80035z (Includes bounty hand-in, so that should probably get done first)
Funds remaining: 185z

((Lyntael's Level returns to 20 and increases to 21, Navicust is now 90, Buster is now 5/4/4, Sig pool is 920))
Picking up the paper a moment later, Suitachi would quickly turn around and begin to grab everything that was requested of his stock, several small boxes and the NC pieces in their own packages would quickly litter the counter before he turned back around, packing them all carefully in a plastic bag and pushing them over to Rogan, picking up his card and running it through his machine...a quick buzzer turned confirming ping setting off before he shrugged and slid the card back to Rogan. "Damnedest thing. It said you didn't have enough, but quickly changed it's tune. Guess you got a quick money injection as it was confirming funds. Well, whatever it was, you're clear to head on out. Have a good day."

Rogan Lose: 79850z
Rogan Gain: Buster UPx6, First ArmorX2, Fast Armorx1, HP+200x1, SetSeax1, NaviCust Expansion 10 and Process Upgrade 21
It did seem like a lot to be spending on upgrades, Rogan found himself thinking as he nodded his thanks to the shopkeeper and shuffled the items into one pocket of his back. Lyntael had earned it all herself, though, and more or less without his help in the matter. It wasn't anything life-changing of course, but by his guess a person might manage to live a single, low-means lifestyle on that much, perhaps. As he left the store he began integrating the upgrades one at a time while he walked. The account that he had set aside for Lytnael's use had needed the extra little bit form her bounty to make the costs, so she'd be back soon, and she'd likely appreciate it if they were gone from SciLab by the time she made her way out again.

((To => The Next Meeting))

{<<< From ACDC Town: 3746 Boykin Road, Lower ACDC <<<}

Without a ride in the form of Stacey, Eric had to take the metro line to get to Science Labs and then take a separate bus to get to the street in which the Navi Shop was located. Eric had told himself that he'd done this twice now and that he would be fine. His previous fear of Science Labs had been abated, he'd now risen above it.

Those words meant nothing as he turned a corner to see the same sight that haunted many a night's sleep.

His body froze right there on the sidewalk, unable to take a single step forward. His confidence disappeared as his breathing became erratic, his heart rate increasing. The sounds around him became less audible as his gaze locked on the same sole tree. People had to step around him as he stood awkwardly in the middle of the sidewalk.

Had he been a fool to think he could do this on his own...?

"ERIC!" his navi's voice yelled out from the PET speaker. Partly out of concern and partly out of embarrassment, Amy needed her operator to keep moving, and only after a minute of loud screeching did her voice break through Eric's stupor.

"I... I..." Eric tried grappling for words, but nothing came out.

"Eric, do as I say, and nothing else," she ordered from the confines of her PET home.

Eric's hands gripped the PET with force as his eyes locked onto the screen.

"Good. Focus on me." Having his attention would be important. "Don't worry about what's around you, just walk forward. One step at a time."

Eric's gaze did indeed remain on Amy as he took one tentative step after another. He didn't notice the looks he was receiving from the surrounding pedestrians, but to Amy they weren't important.

"Alright. Now stop, turn to your left and open the door."

Amy realised that she was going to need to do all the talking as they entered the shop. Eric's hands were still tighly bound to the PET, but Amy needed his hands for two more tasks.

"Eric, you need to take out 1500 zenny from your wallet and put it on the counter please."

Again, Eric did as instructed, opening the wallet and depositing the requested amount in front of him.

"Thank you." For the next step Amy had to hologen herself into existence to properly greet the shopkeeper. "Apologies for this, but can we please get two Process Upgrades?"
(Just a quick thing, please specify which level of upgrade you're purchasing and your current and then total zenny underneath the post next time, just to help with confirming what is being bought at a glance)

Suitachi was busy in the background as he was putting a few boxes worth of things onto the shelves, a few HP Upgrades here, some Processor Upgrades there, oh and don't knock down those dusty NCPs, really needed to have a sale on those again one of these days. But his attention was caught was Amy had hologened herself onto the counter, the shopkeeper scratching his chin at the sight of the wordless op and his navi taking charge. "Huh, usually the OP makes the purchase, but I guess things change? Eh, whatever, money is money regardless of who's spending it." He mused with a chuckle, Suitachi slowly turning around to pluck a pair of upgrades out of their areas, sliding them towards Eric and taking the Zenny, counting it out really quick before nodding and putting it in the register. "Thank you for the patronage. We also have an online shop if you're not comfortable going out in public or need something really quick, Tempoman is happy to help you too."

Eric Loses: 1500z
Eric Gains: Processor Upgrades 7 and 8
(((Understood; I think I confused previous in-character shop banter as future instructions...)))


An online shop? That information could be very useful to the both of them, but more pressing matters needed resolving first.

"Thank you very much," Amy directed towards the shopkeep in a formal tone, before switching back to her more assertive voice. "Eric, pick those up please."

As directed, Eric's hands removed the items from the counter.

"Put them in your pocket."

The items entered into Eric's left pocket.

"Now turn around and head outside."

Amy was ready with more directions, but her desire for Eric to leave was now in line with Eric's desire to flee. It took no further encouragement for the red-haired man to dash forward, burst through the door, almost knock over a postal delivery serviceman in his haste and then run down the street back in the direction they came, ignorant to the passersby he almost knocked over and a few choice words directed at him as he blurred past people, buildings and cars.

It was only after Eric had run for three blocks that his body finally sought a place to rest. A park bench provided him with a chance to calm his nerves as his breathing returned to normal and his eyes no longer looked panic-stricken. It certainly helped that across the road from the bench was a pet store; perhaps the imagery of kittens and puppies helped to dissolve the turmoil in his head.

Once Eric's thoughts became rational again he surveyed this new area, noticing it was far from where he'd been only moments ago; at least, from his perspective. A nearby clock helped Eric to realise that twenty minutes had gone by since his last watch glance. Upon noticing the sweat lining his shirt collar and his clammy hands, he finally connected the dots.

He raised the PET to his eyeline again. "I'm sorry Amy."

"For what?" she enquired, although her tone suggested a lack of sincerity.

"I thought... I thought I was ready to... to do that on my own," Eric admitted, like he'd failed an important test.

"But you're not on your own," she fired back. "Not anymore. We're both here for you."

An intense warmth started growing in his chest, spreading quickly to his face. Words failed him as he desperately tried to stay the well forming in his eyes. Amy and Lily remained silent as he successfully fought back the tears, and eventually the smallest of smiles began to creep onto Eric's face instead.

"Thank you," he slurred his words in resignation. Perhaps he wasn't fully in control of his emotions yet. "I'll try harder next time."

"Hey, we've got this, remember?" she reminded him as he lifted his body off the seat. "Besides, if that place bothers you that much, it sounds like they have an online store. We don't have to go back."

"...Really?" Eric's ears pricked to this news, his eyes flashing with new energy. "I didn't think they were big enough to have an online shop?" Surely Stacey would have known about this if it was true...?

"I don't know. The shopkeep said something about being online, so maybe we can check it out later...?"

Eric smiled again, the remainder of the earlier grief vanishing from his face. Having to never go back to that street again was the best news he'd heard in a long time. "Please... please do that... for me," he almost pleaded in response.

Amy nodded, but was then distracted by a whispering voice.

"So are you going to explain to me what just happened?" Lily piped up from the shadows.

"Another day Lily, another day," she whispered back.

But truthfully, Amy didn't know much more about Eric's reaction than her partner; Amy wanted an answer as well. There was something about that street that affected Eric deeply. Stacey knew something about it, of that she was sure, but as she wasn't exactly on the best of terms with his sister, they'd both have to wait until Eric felt like enlightening them.

"Alright Eric, let's keep moving. You can install the upgrades while we're on the metro."


Zenny: -1500 (1920 >>> 420)

Process Upgrades: +2 (6 >>> 8)

{>>> To Kotobuki Town: Osanajimi Plaza >>>}