You're New Favorite Bar!

Julius had just managed to open up his bar in a nice down town spot of NetVegas, today was the grand opening. He had been open all day, and hand't had a customer yet. It was getting late, and he was feeling slightly depressed. Julius had a always dreamed of being his own boss, and what better way then to open up a bar, in a huge party location like NetVegas. The depression came from no customers, and the thought of the over whelming debt he had taken on due to the loan he used to open his spot. No customers, means no money.

"Cheer up Boss, they will come. What do you say we surf the net just to pass some time." A voice came from the white/gold PET at Julius' side, "I can make us some money on the net probably. Just jack me in and let's get to work."

"Hmm, Yea atleast we can make something back right." Julius aimed his PET at the register behind the bar, wirelessly sending his Navi into the web to hopefully make a little money today. "Let's head to Netfrica first and pick up a bounty. GigaMan.EXE jack in, execute."
After his Navi had been possesed by the spirit of the anicent super virus, Julius had shut down his opening day. Dimming the lights, and flipping the open sign to closed. Sipping away over half a bottle of whiskey to drown out the pain basically losing his navi, it wasn't enough though. Julius was a drunk at heart, it would take more then that to find the help he needed. He shoved the bottle away, a little to hard though, it tipped off the bar, fell backwards and cracked against the floor.

It hit him though, Julius was a guy who liked his money, and this new GigaMan had provided him with the most money he had seen in a while. It seemed there was a small prickle of light in the day of darkness. Something that would allow him to grasp on to his situation, and make the most of it. Making money, and finding enjoyment in battle. Combined with the alcohol at his bar would help him make the most of this situation. There wasn't hate anymore... yet a longing to find out more about his new "partner", to understand him, to befriend him even.

"GigaMan, what do you say we go get you some powerups, and you can show me more of that power you talk so much about."

No words came from the Navi, he seemed to be taking a nap to tune out any events of the real world, even if they revolves around him.

To the Navi Shop.
Coming from the ACDC Chip Shop.

It was late in the evening now, and Julius didn't feel like opening back up. Opening day had been a failure to say the least, but it was filled with excitment and sadness all in one. He was eager to get his newly changed Navi back on the net, and get more taste of battle. Walking behind the bar, he grabbed a bottle of his favorite whisky, and a drinking glass. A few ice cubes clanged against the transparent cup, followed by a soothing pour of the dark liqour. He carried the glass and bottle back around the bar, and took a seat, as if he was a regular customer. "GigaMan, enough ignoring me. I've made you a little bit stronger with the money you made me, let's go make some more. Jack in, execute!"

"I want to see this new power you speak of." GigaMan yawned just before being transferred into the net.
This is where GigaMan jacked out from.

“We made some progress today. Let’s head to the shop, and make you even stronger.” Julius said.

GigaMan was unhappy that the virus busting had ended so soon, but just like last time, the mention of becoming stronger lured him in. “Maybe this body, and your operating will be beneficial after all human.”

“Whatever you say. Let’s get some upgrades and get back to making money.” Julius chuckled a little bit, grabbed his things and headed to the Navi shop.

This is where Julius went.