Inside the shop

Jenny tried to wave quickly, card held in her mouth as she collected the new upgrades with hurried motions and struggled to put her purse away.

"Mmph! Yep, we're being careful! Gotta get back now, see you later!!" She passed out of the shop, slinging her back over one shoulder, then started running again as she headed back towards the cafe.

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As Jenny darted in through the shop doors again, for the umpteenth time that afternoon, she paused to take a breath and grinned towards the counter. Her leg muscles were really starting to compain about the number of times she'd run up and down the flights of stairs between the navi shop and the terrace cafe now, but she tried to focus away from it. Courser needed her to be really quick this time, and it sounde dlike he was at the serious end of whatever he was wrapped up in.

"Hi again! Last time this evening, probably, I think. Whew... Okay... one second, here..." She caught her breath and walked up to the counter properly, producing her card and reading the list carefully. Not enough for the list he'd set up, but just enough if she dropped out number twenty-one... soo...

"Okay, so I need... NaviCust expansions, three of them, please... I'm up to... now... versions 18, 19 and 20. And then I need another copy of the Shield program to go with them, and then the next three tiers of process upgrades as well... um, they'll be 18, 19 and 20 as well." She double checked the list and her maths. "So... I think that's twenty-five two hundred, right?" She handed her card across while she gave her heart rate a chance to slow down again.

Shield NCP (3000)
NC 18, 19, 20 (5250 + 5500 + 5750 = 16500)
PU 18, 19, 20 (1800 + 1900 + 2000 = 5700)

Total: 3000 + 16500 + 5700 = 25200z
Courser's funds: 26810z
Funds remaining: 1610z
Looking up from his stock lists, Suitachi lifted an eyebrow at the girl rushing into his shop for the third time in the same day. He lets out a chuckle as he began to grab everything she requested, placing them in a bag and sliding them over to her before picking up the card and swiping it, pretty much dumping 99% of her funds into his. "Haha, been doing well with the busting I see. Enjoy, hopefully your navi's doing well after all this. Have a good evening."

Jenny get: Shield NCP, NC18-20 and PU18-20
Jenny Lose: 26,810z
Jenny shuffled the new parts into her pack as quickly as she could, fumbling with her purse as she put her card away and waved with one hand as she made for the door.

"Hopefully! Thanks again!" She slipped her bag back over one shoulder and darted out of the shop, taking off running again.

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Stepping through the doors with a sigh, Stephine rubbed the back of her neck and let it pop, worried look on her face. Hooo. Hey Suitachi. Gonna make this quick, my navi's not feeling great right now so I left him at home with the programs. I need a Slashing Buster Effect, a Millions NCP, Navi Custom Expansion 1 through 4 and Processor Upgrades 16 through 19. She spoke, simply as she slid the card forward on the counter. After that mission, I should have enough for the upgrades.

Have: 23.5k
Slashing Buster (1000)
Millions NCP (2500)
Navi Customizer Expansion 1-4 (2000, 2250, 2500, 2750=9500) (5 prior HP upgrades)
PU 16-19 (1600, 1700, 1800, 1900=7000)
Cost: 20k
Leftover: 3.5k
As Stephine approached the counter with her order, Suitachi paused and pushed some of his paperwork aside, nodding to the woman with a caring, serious expression. Displays of empathy were good for business, after all. Emotive duty fulfilled, he quickly retrieved the requested items from behind the counter and a couple of other places, before putting them together into a neat bundle.

"Hope the upgrades get your navi feeling right as rain again soon, young lady! Here you are, best of fortunes to you." He completed the transaction, pushing the product towards her as he returned her card. "Do come again if you need anything else."

Stephine GET: Slashing Buster upgrade, Millions NCP, NC Expansion 1-4, PU 16-19
Stephine LOSE: 20000z
She nodded. Thanks. This should cheer him up at least a little bit.. She spoke simply before leaving the shop and heading back to her apartment.
((From -> A Nearby Cafe, once more))

Less than a few minutes after she had left the shop, Jenny burst back in through the main doors in a mild panic and quickly began scanning the catalogue of products for something useful. What would help? There had to be something else she could sort out with the amount she had spare... What was best?

Without too much time to debate, she focused on one part that would at least smooth things, given the way she knew her navi liked to fight. Just in budget, but she'd have to swap some parts on the fly to make it work. Worry about that in a minute... She rushed across to the counter, breathless.

“Hi. Again. Um... I need a copy of that aqua adaptation custom part, with the silly name.” She handed her card over, fidgeting in her hurry to get back again.

“I'm Fish!” NCP (5000)

Total: 5000z
Courser's funds: 8610z
Funds remaining: 3610z
Tilting his head, Suitachi blinked once before turning back to his stock, scanning her card quickly before returning it and sliding the requested part down into her waiting hands before letting out a sigh. "Navi about to bite off more than he can chew?" He asked simply, seeing how manic she seemingly looked.

Jenny get: Fish NCP
Jenny lose: 5kz
Remainder: 3610z
Jenny tried to grin, though her expression mostly ended up at exasperated as she accepted the part and immediately turned her PET over to begin swapping parts.

"Ah... yeah. You could say that! I've got to get back before he does something even more stupid. Thanks again!" Still clicking parts in and out, for integration, she spared one hand for a quick half wave as she fled the store.

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