Inside the shop

As the pair entered, Suitachi cast one eye up from where he was reading, though he didn't try to appear too eager at first... but there was no escaping the distance sense of interest that emanated from the counter as Sabrina and her friend worked out their orders. By the time they approached, he was already standing at the counter with a welcoming smile.

"Welcome back! What can I get for you today?" the prospect of a generous return customer was matched by the enthusiasm with which he gave her PET a quick check to confirm its upgrade point, and then busied himself with the large order. The sizable pile of upgrades made an impressive monument on the counter in front of Sabrina as he processed the purchase.

"There you are! A pleasure doing business with you, as always! Enjoy your upgrades!" He nodded to her once more, then turned his attention to Sabrina's friend, checking if she had any requests of her own to make.

Sabrina GET: HPMem 13-20 (combined upgrade total now 28), PU v25-29
Sabrina LOSE: 68500z
((From -> A Nearby Cafe))

Jenny slowed to a more respectable walk again shortly before she reached the doors, but she was still a little flushed and breathing harder as she stepping back into the navi shop and made her way to the counter.

“Hi again... hahh... Um, could I get ah, the... version six customiser expansion, another copy of the 'First Barrier' customiser part, and the eleventh and twelfth process updates, please?” She fished for her purse and presented her card in between swallowing and taking deeper breaths.


NC Expansions V6: 2250z
First Barrier NCP: 2500z
Process Upgrade V11, 12: 1100z, 1200z
Total: 7050z
Funds Remaining: 210 z
Raising an eyebrow at the girl running into his shop, he quickly processed her purchase, putting them in a small plastic bag for her to sort through once she left, her card being swiped and all the costs deducted from her account, he handed her card back and put a little chocolate mint on top of the bag. "Have a good day. Might wanna invest in some cardio, helps you get to your navi faster when you gotta make a run like this. Have a good day." He spoke bluntly, as he turned around to go through his stock. "Okay...need to buy some of these...this...that..."

Jenny Lose: 7050z
Jenny Get: PU 11 & 12, First Barrier NCP and NC Expansion #6
Jenny only took the time to raise a quizzical eyebrow at the shop-keeper as she took the bag.
"That's kinda rude for a store clerk, you know... Why do you think I choose to run over walking?" She shook her head as she took the back and put it away in her backpack, then made her way out of the store, breaking back into a run once she was away from the entrance.

((Return to -> The Cafe))
((From -> A Nearby Cafe, ten minutes later))

Jenny took a moment to straighten her shirt and run hands throughher hair before she steppe dup tot he doors of the navi shop again. It wasn't a terrible way of doing things, she supposed; Courser was doing the busting that he wanted to do, and getting his mind off... whatever it was that was bothering him, and she was being good and getting a decent amount of exercise against the tasty drinks that the cafe was supplying her with while she operated for him. It all worked out.

He crossed to the counter and double checked the list she'd scribbled down quickly after Courser had sent it to her, then pulled out her purse and fished out her card.

“Hey again... more upgrades! So, this time I need... the next two customiser expansions, that's seven and eight, another 'First Barrier' program part, a 'First Armour' program part, and the next two process upgrades as well. um, that's... versions thirteen and fourteen, please." She handed the card across and took the time after ordering to focus on breathing more deeply and evenly while she waited for her purchase.


NC Expansion V7, V8 (2500 + 2750)
First Armour NCP (2500)
First Barrier NCP (2500)
PU Version 13 & 14: (1300), (1400)
Total: 12950z
Courser's funds: 13110z
Funds Remaining: 160z
Suitachi looked up from carrying a box to a shelf when Jenny came in, looking slightly less out of breath than the last time she had been there. The shopkeeper smiled to himself in small amusement and slid the box into a corner next to the shelf, brushed himself off and made his way back to behind the counter. "All right, let me get those for you, then," he said, taking the card and pinging it onto the counter to scan it with one hand, while moving about behind the counter and deftly picking out the upgrades with the other. Stacked on top of each other in front of Jenny in five seconds were the upgrades she requested.

"12,950 zenny in all... Alright, that looks right. Thanks for coming! Have a nice run," he smiled.

Jenny GET: NC Expansion x2 (#7-8), [FirstArmor] NCP, [FirstBarrier] NCP, Process Upgrade x2 (#13-14)
Jenny LOSE: 12950z (13110 -> 160)
Jenny Nodded and scooped the purchases away into her bag along with her purse, then waved as she headed for the door again.

"Thanks! See you later!!" She quickly started running again as she headed back to the cafe before someone else could grab her table.

((Return to -> The Cafe))

[<<< From Science Labs: Small Steps <<<]

"This is twice in one day. I know I said this before, but are you sure you're ready for this...?"

For the second time that day, her squad car was parked a small distance away from the Navi Shop. Eric wanted to add some more upgrades to Amy, given the effectiveness of the ones he installed earlier. That was the cover story, anyway; he just wanted to make sure she was as strong as possible with their newfound money.

"Yes... I think so..." he replied shakily. Gripping the purple PET tightly, he struggled to maintain his composure. If he at least had Amy with him, he felt this would be easier.

"Okay..." Stacey wavered in response. "In that case, if you want to add some more upgrades to Amy, I'd probably recommend another two HP Memory upgrades and two more Process Upgrades. It'll compliment the previous upgrades rather nicely."

"How much would that cost?" he asked. "2,500 zenny?"

"3,850 zenny. The two HP Upgrades will cost 1,250 zenny and 1,500 zenny, and the two Process Upgrades will cost 500 zenny and 600 zenny, so that's... yeah, 3,850 zenny total," she confirmed, checking she'd done her math right.

"Why aren't they the same cost as before?"

"Because you're not getting the exact same upgrades as before. You can't just stack your PET full of the same specific upgrade, they wouldn't work in unison. Therefore, the more complex the upgrade, the more expensive the part. Naturally," she added, as if it was common sense. "So make sure you ask for a HP Memory Upgrade #2 and #3, and a Process Upgrade #5 and #6."

"Okay..." With shaking hands he once again opened the back door and begun his walk to the store's front door, doing his best to keep his eyes firmly planted downward towards the pavement.


Once inside he approached the same counter as before and placed the 3,850 zenny on the counter, just like last time.

"Sorry to bother you again, but could I possibly get two HP Memories and two Process Upgrades please? This should be enough, yes?"

"HP Memory Upgrades #2 and #3, and Process Upgrades #5 and #6," Amy added, as Eric had forgotten to mention which ones he required.
As the nervous operator returned to the store, he was almost bumped into by another customer leaving at a run - a teenage girl in casual clothes who grinned and offered him an embarrassed apology and a wave before running off. The store seemed well frequented today. At the counter, Suitachi looked to the new arrival and his eyebrow quirked at the top of a wry expression.

"There some sort of busting tournament on here today that I missed? All these kids and their repeat visits all at once... Well, what can I get you this time, young sir?" He eyed Eric up and then his PET, while the boy placed his order. The corner of a knowing grin twitched at one corner of his lips as Amy filled in the extra blanks, though curiously, Suitachi had already been reaching below the counter as she spoke, almsot like he had known in advance which ones they'd need.

"Sounds about right. One second... Ah... here we are." He stood again with a neat pile of slim packages, each securely sealed, and slipped them into a larger paper bag with the store logo on it. "Enjoy your upgrades, and good luck out there. Come back if you need anything else." Payment was exchanged and the bag crossed the counter towards Eric and Amy.

Eric GET: HPMem v2&3, PU v5&6
Eric LOSE: 3850z
Eric again thanked the man, took his purchased goods and raced back to the squad car. The whole ordeal had again put knots in Eric's stomach, but this time the nerves weren’t as bad. Perhaps in time, these feelings really would subside.

But what was that comment about a tournament all about? And he hoped that the girl he’d ran into didn’t think him rude; she’d at least offered an apology, while he’d been completely silent, too occupied with his task to really pay attention to proper etiquette until it was way too late.

"So, install the parts now, or later?" Amy spoke up from his pocket.

"I'll fit the parts in the car, don't worry," he responded, even though he was the one worrying about installing them correctly, in a moving car no less.


Upgrades Acquired!
HP Memory x2, Process Upgrade x4
Zenny: -3850 (5020 >>> 1170)

HP Memory: 1 >>> 3
Max HP Increase: 170 >>> 210

Process Upgrades: 4 >>> 6
Signature Pool: 240 >>> 320

Level Up! HP Memory x2
Amity.EXE: Level 4 >>> 6

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