Looking for Chips

No, this is not a buy or sell topic. I'm looking for a chip known as LongSword, would anyone be so kind as to tell me where to find the virus of which you can extract the chip data?
Others can use this place to request for the location of chips as well.

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Hmmmm... a virus that carries a Longsword you say?
Well, I would rather go for oddly colored Mystery Datas to find that chip, I don't really know of any viruses that carry it though, Swordy possibly? Like a higher form of Swordy.
Though Mystery Datas are your best bet, plow through an area for 15 battles or so, I think you'll find one. I've learned this through rigorous training that I did five years ago with my old navi.
It's pretty rare.

Mystery... Data...? What the heck are those?
And about this 'Swordy' virus, can you also tell me where to find it? I mean... Which network?

Oh, and a note... I don't like people 'plowing' into me.

Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE AreaDD@chipshop.net
((LOL XD))

From my past experience I believe Swordys can be found in Yoka's Net Area, so you might want to start there.

You didn't answer my question. What are Mystery Datas?

Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE AreaDD@chipshop.net
Mystery Data is basically a net anomaly. It is sometimes formed from left over data from viruses or even excess Netspace. Generally, they look like crystal formations of various colors. Inside can be BattleChips, zenny or all manner of things. They are pretty rare and quite fragile so you have to be cautious around them, especially when viruses are present. I hope this helps.

~ Det. Zan Espial
Any idea what creates these 'net anomalies'? Might there be a way of manipulating the process of the creation of one such thing... So you can generate an infinite amount of NetBattling goods?

Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE AreaDD@chipshop.net
Heh, that would be something. Unfortunately, I do not know of any such process. Much like the CyBeasts, Mystery Data is just another enigma crafted from the Net. However, I believe that their formation is much like that of diamonds and other rare stones. Perhaps fragments of data from deleted viruses or defunct areas of the Net gather together and slowly form into these crystals. Honestly, it is all rather beyond my expertise and I have little first hand experience. Perhaps you would do better to address these questions to SciLabs? I have a few contacts there, but I don't know if they would be able to help you. Anyway, the best way to discover the truth of Mystery Data would be to go out and find some for yourself. My Navi and I recently found one deep in ACDC Net, but I was unable to examine it closely. Perhaps you will be able to find one there as well.

~ Det. Zan Espial
Hmmm.....mystery data.....i hope that this next time me and my navi go through the net we can find some.......the only question is how to keep it protected until a battle is over.

Well, Guards might work well, but something like what EAV had.....what was it? a Barrier or something like that? i can't remember, i was too much into the battles to check it out.
Area, you working on hacking real life? Remember to put the chip sixth, okay? Even if you find the right conditions, though, there's the matter of raw material. You'd have to kill a bunch of viruses to get what makes them tick.

Killing a lot of viruses... This is sounding a lot like your average grinding run, isn't it?

I'd grind. Trying to get yourself endless chips, you'd put in about the same effort for about the same gain. And grinding's probably more legal; there's gotta be some rule those government killjoys have made against getting chips that way.

... I know you guys mean well, but I really don't know enough about all this to put in anything but a "huh?"

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