Neo-Shogun Lovers! Read~

Hello Neo-Shogun aficionados!

Has everyone heard the latest juicy gossip about the Neo-Shogun Dynasty? Yasu, the first general, recently held an event. Attendance was great! Yours truly was there on the scene gathering all the details. Three new scrumptious girls joined the group LOL! I think everyone will be pleased to see them, check out my website for more. If you know where that is, good for you, if you don't, get around the net more omg.

Alright, so here's the big news: I managed to hack some special info from the girls while I was there. Here's the scoop: the Neo-Shogun girls will be on patrol in the following nets! That's right, here's the schedule:

ACDC- Sake
Electown- Vee
Netopia- Arch
Yoka- Yasu
Yumland- Lee
Beach- Dee
NetVegas - Escort

They seem to be keeping to the more popular nets and avoiding places with lots of authorities imo. I guess I know where I'll be in the coming months. ^o^

So anyways, pay me back for the great info with your own info, huh? I wanna know everyone's fav shoguns!

Oh and trolls, just stay out of this thread, k, and go dirty up some other part of the net.

--The Biggest Neo-Shogun Fan--
I'll keep this in mind. Thanks.

Keep us all updated.


- Anon