Resolutions 11: ClampMan and Exorcist

Welcome! Thank you for participating in the Donation Drive by offering your resolutions. I hope you two will encourage each other to be your best in times to come!


((Post here only if your navi's name is in the title. To be eligible for FXP once the event's over, you will need to post at least twice: once to set up your navi's resolution and an example this year that shows they need to make this resolution, and then a second with your navi's encouragement to their BBS partner. The threads will remain open until around January 15th. You're free to back and forth as much as you'd like until that time! Note also that this is a BBS thread, so your navis are not going to be physically meeting. You may have them connect with video or such if you want, but they're not actually meeting in person.

For any questions, ask Aim. And have fun!))
Er, Hello. I'm ClampMan... I'm not quite sure how this works, but here goes nothin.'

My resolution is to be more flexible, or "not be so damn stubborn" as my NetOp so kindly put it. I've been kinda set in my ways, I mean I was just in charge of keepin' all the Widget's electronics and engine running for what, 5 years? Now she's been dry docked for the long haul, and now I gotta go out and tussle with viruses?! Why in the hel- er sorry, gettin' all steamed up again... Guess me temper could use a bit of an adjustin' as well...

Enough about me, how about you, miss?

It's nice to meet you, ClampMan. I understand what you're saying and that's a great resolution! Fighting viruses is critical to ridding the world of evil, as all viruses are really crystalizations of evil that only manifest on the net. The net is our 'web,' if you will,' to capture evil and eliminate it. Therefore, anything more you do to rid the net of viruses is part of the fight for a perfect, peaceful world.

I should explain: I'm a Counterinfectualist, a religion devoted to ridding the world of evil at the source as just described. To that end, my resolution is to eliminate more viruses going forward! Sometimes my operator and I get a little sidetracked... or, sometimes, I find myself sparing viruses under particular circumstances. If I really have faith in my cause, I need to think about destroying viruses all the time! But it's hard sometimes... For instance, with virus puppies... I don't want to destroy virus puppies. That's still something I'm struggling with.

At any rate, I wish you luck with your resolution. Hopefully we can both get more in tune with our virus-hunting sides! My SPs have some resolutions as well, so I hope you'll keep them in your thoughts too.



Hey ClampMan. I read your resolution and good luck with that! My resolution is to get rich! I've been meeting all kinds of rich navis recently and wondering how they do it! How about you, ClampMan? You got any tips?

P.S. My other resolution is to be a better Buddhist and stop being so materialistic, but I figure I can do that one after I get a nest egg!



Hello, ClampMan! I know how it is to be stuck in one's ways. I wish I knew how to help, but I'm having the same problem myself. You see, my problem is that my mind wanders and I find myself thinking some very ungodly thoughts. Sometimes, I speak those thoughts. Sometimes, I act upon them. Sometimes, I even act upon them and encourage other people to do the same, dragging them down with me. I'm quite a sinner, you see... But look at me, using you as a confessional. I wouldn't protest if you held something against me. It's all my weakness, a hole in my faith... I guess I should say my resolution is to find something that will fill that hole.

So, you have clamps? What sorts of things do you normally use your clamps for?

Woah, there are three of ya? Jeez, at give a warning before ganging up on a guy! Right, right, gotta lower me PSI...

Better. Now, I'm not sure about yer whole religion thingamajig, but I guess I get yer idea about riddin' the place of viruses. Although, funny you say you find yerself sparing viruses; I helped one out recently. It scurried away without so much as a thanks, but at least it didn't put a knife in me back on its way out. It looked scared though, stuck in that hole, I dunno if I could really clamp the thing. Seems I don't have much advice for yer resolution, but er... best of luck to you too.

Nice to meet ya, Bhikkhuni. I'm not quite the crab to ask about gettin' rich, I work me claws off, but it hasn't earned much of a "lap of luxury." Though I guess if we expanded our operations to have more than just one old boat, and were more like cap'ns than deckhands, I guess we could net some decent hauls. Not sure if that's for me though, hard work keeps me focused, and I already get enough hassle from the cap'n for bein' "lazy," feh. I'm only idle cus me ship's on dry dock.

And hello to you too, Mary. Seems like I'm not much good for yer resolution either, I'm not much of the religious type, and don't have any real vices, save for the claws. ...sorry, tool joke. I guess you should really do whatever floats yer boat, if you catch my drift. As for my clamps, they're handy even if they're not literally hands, I use em on valves, bolts, nuts, bars, and can pinch together wires or pipes if anything springs a leak. Not to toot me own horn, but I've gotten pretty good at using them even for delicate or low-tolerance work. If I'm laying pipe or ductwork, I usually can get it done first try, thanks to careful measurements and placement with me clamps.

I don't know if I'd want to delete a virus that ran away from me and hid, either... Though Burt's teachings say that's a defense mechanism the evil uses to prey upon our good nature. I'll just have to meditate on it... Good luck with your resolution, though.



Aw, well there's your problem! If you're working that much, you're doing it wrong! Part of luxury is not having to do that much work! The two of us just each need a good "get-rich-quick" scheme. Then we retire and live like kings! No more need for materialism; that means we're ideal Buddhists. Kinda nice, huh? You could reap all the rewards of Buddhism, just like that, without ever really practicing it!

Anyways, my advice: try using your head instead of your hands! Work smart, not hard! Don't do yourself what you can get someone else to do for you! My mantras! Well, besides the Buddhist mantras, of course.



Thank you for that very thorough clamping description! Although, I shouldn't take you up on that 'whatever floats my boat' suggestion. Again, it's rather ungodly. Quite ungodly. I'd paint you a picture just as thorough as your clamping description... but I think that would be breaking my resolution right away.

((Exorcist and ClampMan get +6FXP!))