Resolutions 4: KaijuMan and Ante

Welcome! Thank you for participating in the Donation Drive by offering your resolutions. I hope you two will encourage each other to be your best in times to come!


((Post here only if your navi's name is in the title. To be eligible for FXP once the event's over, you will need to post at least twice: once to set up your navi's resolution and an example this year that shows they need to make this resolution, and then a second with your navi's encouragement to their BBS partner. The threads will remain open until around January 15th. You're free to back and forth as much as you'd like until that time! Note also that this is a BBS thread, so your navis are not going to be physically meeting. You may have them connect with video or such if you want, but they're not actually meeting in person.

For any questions, ask Aim. And have fun!))
Hrngh, I could be spending my valuable time crushing things, but John insisted I participate... At least it's with someone who isn't a complete weakling. Do your clothes still explode?

This year I resolve to become even stronger, and smash everything in my way! The rules said I should describe how I didn't make my resolution this year, but I smashed everything in my path, so I have NOTHING to apologize for. I want more, and I will have more!


Hello again, KaijuMan. What a coincidence it is that the two of us should come back into contact in such a roundabout fashion! It's funny how these things happen, isn't it? As for the wardrobe malfunctions, I'd rather not talk about them, but since the cat is out of the bag, yes: they do still explode from time to time. I'm hoping to get around to fixing it eventually... though I can hardly make that my resolution.

As for resolutions, I believe the quest for self-improvement is never-ending. My goal is to become more capable in combat... I've hopefully graduated from "not a complete weakling" to something a bit less disparagingly since last we spoke, but I still feel like I am too much a princess and not enough a warrior. Recognizing the need for strength when in a position of power, at least as a navi, I hope to become a powerful navi that people can rely on.

As for your resolution, think of it this way: you smashed everything in your way, but did you smash other things that needed to be smashed as well? Maybe there's somebody out there who is just waiting for a strong, capable navi such as yourself to come along and help them by helping them smash a barricade or virus? I'd say the best way to improve would be to really go out of your way and seek out even more things to smash. Only things that deserve to be smashed, of course. I'm going to trust you to differentiate between the two. At any rate, there's no such thing as "a perfect record." Once we stop striving for self-improvement, we're lost! I encourage you to reflect over past times and find opportunities to go above and beyond.

Also, you should meet my SP, Fold. I'd love to get the two of you properly acquainted, but there's only so much I can do here on the BBS. Perhaps the two of you can meet face to face another time?

Your friend,


Hello there. Charmed to meet you, I believe. I am Fold, Ante's personal protector. I served many years as her protector, before it became impossible for me to do so. Recently, we've sort of... "pulled me out" from her programming, where I was locked, and now I serve a more active role. I'm sure we'd get along swimmingly, as long as Ante isn't in that list of things you mean to smash.

Heh, if your clothes still explode, might as well make them blow up other stuff too!

Don't take this the wrong way, but I respect how you wanna get stronger, even though you have a "personal protector" now... It feels good to bulldoze anything in your path. If others want to follow in my footsteps to greatness, more power to em! Just don't be disappointed when you still can't survive after standing toe to toe with me, my bloodline is hundreds of millions of years old, you're behind the power curve. Heh... power curve...

Now, I'll smash whatever is in my way, if my path happens to be the same one others will take, they can wade through the path of destruction I've plowed. No one's gone out of their way to help me... except for maybe John... so I ain't gonna go outta my way unless I feel like it. But believe me, I ain't going to sit on my haunches, not until I'm the tallest thing standing in every network!

So... "Fold," you say we'd get along. I'm more about bashing stone to dust and melting steel to puddles, not poking things with pointy sticks. But if you can hold your own, you just might be decent competition.
Well, I hate to play the "royalty" card, but I have a lot of pride in my bloodline too! When next we meet, we'll have to find something well-suited for smashing so that the two of us can catch up properly and I can show you just what I mean.

I suppose I can understand if you don't feel compelled to help others. If that is the case, I do hope you'll at least use target identification. Some things are best not smashed! But you understand that. Right?

Good luck on your quest. May our paths cross again soon,



I can bash stone to dust too! Or well, I did in the past. I've honestly lost a lot of my physical strength. I didn't even have a body until just recently! You can believe I'm spending a lot of time in the gym to get back into shape. Although, the gym can only do so much. I need Teruko to give me more assistance if I'm going to get all of my former combat ability back. I'm not much good as a protector if my physical form is nearly still ephemeral. But yes, give me some time, and I'd be happy to join you on your leveling spree. With the princess' permission, of course.

Haha, I'm looking forward to seeing you two back up your words with some firepower! Might not be able to hold a candle to my own, but you two might learn a thing or two from me, heheh! Thanks to John, the netspace in my PET is now a 24/7 training ground for smashing stuff, you should visit and watch me reduce it to rubble some time. Oh, or maybe a race to see who can destroy a dozen city blocks the fastest!

Heh, all this talk of destruction is getting me fired up! Happy smashing to you! Don't be afraid to contact me, I'm starting to enjoy having an audience. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to blow off some steam and pulverize a zip code.

((Ante and KaijuMan get +7FXP!))