Appearance: Hes abot 5'10" and wears a red shirt with light blue baggy pants, he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a long black cape with red lighting bolts on the cape.
Personality:Hes outgoing and cool. He loves playing hard videogames and beating them over and over again. He loves hanging with friends and meeting new people
PET Modifications: quick chip select


Element: wood
Type: recover
Appearance: A black and white mini skirt normal body somewhat hot and blue and black flowing hair, 5'7", green eyes, her armor is light and shes fast because of it. She has a light pink tanktop with her symbol on it which makes her a navi admired by many male navis.
wieght: 110 lbs
Personality:Flirty and somewhat outgoing, she likes to play video games online and have long walks on the cyber beach, also she likes to keep her hair down to feel the cyber wind in her hair. She likes hanging with others and going to cyber parties:).
Custom Weapon:heart cannon(puts hands that look like half hearts together and make a full heart then shots)
Signature Attack: Big Heart(restores 60 HP)3 turn cool down
Okay. You have a LOT of work to do.

-add a ton more detail into EVERY category. "Cool" is not a good personality description, and you haven't even physically described your Operator.

-I don't think that "quick chip select" is allowed as a PET modifier.

-If your Navi's subtype is "Sword", then why is her custom weapon a buster? Either change the subtype or the custom weapon.

-Add how much damage and how many turns of cooldown apply to the Signature Attack.

In short, go back to the rules and read them all over carefully, and then apply what you learned to your registration. There's no chance of you getting in with this level of character.

[I REALLY hope I'm allowed to post here.]
i changed my stuff up now

Quote ()

normal age weight,blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'10"
This is exactly what we're avoiding by bitching at people to add more detail.

*DO NOT COPY PASTE THIS,* but watch me turn that little bit of information into a paragraph. Do this with all your information.

Quote ()

At 5'10'' and 130 lbs, his physical build is unremarkable for his age. His golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes mark him clearly as a native to ACDC (or wherever, assuming ACDC is mostly Caucasian.)

And even that isn't close to long enough. It should be as if you're writing a story. I recommend reading some other, already approved registrations, and doing like they do.
Eh, sword types can have differing weapons than swords.

It's just a bit unusual.

But- um.

You need more of everything.
Why so much mi mean less is more right
While it's true that less is more in some cases, this isn't one of them.

Please buff up your descriptions some more, and possibly think of a better name than Omegagirl, since its not very different from megaman.
Sentences, boy, sentences!
someone tell me exactly what i need to change and what to change it to, plaese
They did. Add more. One word for personality doesn't say much. Also, uses sentences instead of just listing attributes. As it was advised, look at approved registrations to see what exactly you're missing.
Thank you
ok i kinda changed it up a little
now check it

Quote (Rayman)

Stats: speed+2 attack+3

You're on the right track.

I was hoping your NAVI was going to be "Rayman"

But anyway.

Here's an example (I'm sorry Darkstar!) Of a "Minimalistic" NAVI profile:
Also as a new navi you get no legacy items, your starting with basic only.... sorry, but the legacy was made for those who had been users on the old forum. So don't put any k? (I know you didn't but this is reassurance you don't have to wait longer to be approved cus of single error)

Adding an extra word does not qualify as a longer description. You need at least two good sentences.
what else should i change?
i think ive broken the views record for new users
i dont think i need anything else
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