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FROM: Holly @
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

This is actually my regular costume... I just like to be festive! Don't be too hard on Waltz, though, she probably got stuck on this assignment and didn't really want it. I'm sure she's just a little upset that she has to dress up in something that shows off her butt so much.

Anyways, thanks so much for your donation. In return, you can have this nifty electric chip. Throw it at your enemies and they'll be held in place; it's got a lot of utility.


*MagBomb1 attached*
TO: Burt J. Blanchard (
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

Thanks for donating! Please accept the attached chip as a match for your own donation!

ATTACHMENT: Drain1 BattleChip data
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SUBJECT: Happy Holidays!
Enjoy your new chip!


ATTACHMENT: DoubleJump BattleChip data