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TO: Ellen and Rachna @ ELlewellyn@DenTech.edu
FROM: Holly @ CharityEvent@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

Thanks for sending in your chip. If you like tricky chips, you might know that it doesn't get any trickier than SummonBlack! The little ghost that comes up will take care of your enemies with one swing of his sword. Just make sure that he's got a way to get up out of the ground... But you sound inventive, so I'm sure you'll think of something.


*SummonBlack2 attached*
TO: Ellen Llewellyn and Rachna.EXE (ELlewellyn@DenTech.edu)
FROM: CharityEvent2@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

Thanks for donating! Please accept the attached chip as a match for your own donation!

ATTACHMENT: BambooKnife BattleChip data
TO: ??? (ELlewellyn@DenTech.edu)
FROM: NeoChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Happy Holidays!
Enjoy your new chip!


ATTACHMENT: AirSpin1 BattleChip data