Bloodsong Dice

Dice-rolling rights in this campaign belong to me. When you need dice rolled, please post here with your modifiers. You are on your honor.

Hit dice should have already been rolled.
+2 Gather Information
+2 Search (Signs of enemies)
Results IMed to RoboTek.
Rolling Wilderness Lore, +3 modifier. Looking for signs of the nearby orc camp, so I can chatter about it IC.
+2 Gather Information
EN has been PMed.
Demon has been PMed.

+2 Modifier
Gather Information
Results PMed.
+3 Charisma Modifier
Complete; rolled in secret.
Your bad luck, by the way. That would've been a really easy check, but...
Uh, I guess I need to roll a tumble check now? That's +5 for total modifier, -2 for armor check, for a total of a +3 modifier.
Attacking whoever is the leader of the group, bonus of...

+3 BAB +3 Dex +2 Ranger bonus

New house rule: No Improvised Weapon penalties for throwing stuff that weighs <2 pounds.

Dethis' Ranged Attack Roll: 14+3+3+2=22


Nonlethal Damage dealt: 2 -1(Str) +2(Favored Enemy)= 3
1: DC to escape a threat radius: 15
2: DC to escape another threat radius: 17
3: DC to roll under the table: 10

Tumble Check 1: Fail

Attack Roll: Fail

Tumble Check 2: Success
Tumble Check 3: Success
Would I be able to roll for a bluff on my next turn if it comes to it?

Charisma Modifier: +2
+6 Listen Check, and I am an elf.

I think you might keep forgetting that, but I might have just rolled poorly.
I'll take 3 rounds of consecutive listen checks at +6 each.
After a while, Pally hears a commotion, but discerns nothing further. Sorry, you had three really terrible rolls.