Alrighty, with another upgrade I'd actually like a real picture of Frag now. Here's a headless version of how I pictured his blocks being arranged, with colors to boot--

500 z to all those who submit decent entries, with an extra 500 z going to the one I deem the best. :'D
Hmm. Decidedly little response.

Well, let's make it interesting, shall we?

I'm amping up the rewards. Killing two birds with one stone. >=3

See, along with the measly 500 z and 1000 z for participants/winner, I'm throwing in...

GRAND PRIZE: Leafshield. That's right. One of the few.
2x FIRST PRIZES: ElecReel1. Hmmhmm. 100 Elec damage, hits multiple targets.

I figure I need at least 3 entries. People do want awesome chips, right? >=3

So to reiterate:

THE GRAND PRIZE: Leafshield and 1000z.
2x FIRST PRIZES: ElecReel1 and 500z.
Everyone else that participates with a decent picture: 500z.

*cackles madly*

Post if you're entering! This little challenge is closed to newcomers in... 24 hours!
I'll try something with spriting. Can't say it'll come soon or something, as I'm booked with school too. Not to forget, I still love gaming. Don't expect it to be awesome.

Damn, now I gotta XD

I probably would have if you had asked, but I dun mind competeing for some goodies too! Do they have to be blocks exactly, or can we have fun with them?
Lulz. :'D

I'll mention that if that's your envisioned block layout, you have some changes to make in your written description.
In any case, I might enter this some time, seeing as I still owe you a completed drawing by word in the first place.
I was actually thinking of spriting something for you as well, to alleviate some boredom, but I may end up trying something new entirely...
Yup. The description in the profile is outdated. I'm just too lazy to type this up.

Go by the picture for general idea. 3 Blocks of each color now.

Blocks don't have to be "blocks", per say. Have fun with it.
Meh, if I have time I'll throw something down....Pfft....It'll be awesome....haha...
Hey, I still cherish my Zan-Style Druidman picture...
Heh, that was one of my best works.

Lesse, Leaf Shield is nice, but...I have enough defenses currently. I could really use an ElecReel though to combat those pesky Aqua Navi...Man, I need to get back to busting and expand my BattleChip base. Too bad no one is modding the mission requests...
Huzzah! I'm in!
I shall join, because I'll get to practice my polygonal drawing abilities, and I'll get either a prize, or a doorprize.
I lose.

Eh... well, I'll keep working.
Done, enjoy ^^

Holy shit, Frag turned from some lego monstrosity to a suped-up Cubix! :0
Yeah, I figured you'd come up with something cool. :'D Nice work, I'll have to work pretty hard on my version when I get a chance.

Oh, and... TETRA HEAD. D:
Yeah, I used Tetra's head as the ref for this one, nothing like getting back to basics XD
Its just like a talking hamster, aka:

Hey, Cubix! Rearange into a helecopter! Get to da chopa!
Alright, after some consideration:

The contest ends in 3 weeks. The last day to get your entry in is October 26th.

There's a special reason for that--I'll leave it to you all to figure it out.

Get drawing! :'D